What a week!

What a week, right?!

I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Good grief this was the longest week ever and Where the heck did this week go?? Maybe because I look at my calendar and it’s jam packed over the next 3 or 4 weeks. Lots of fun, FUN stuff on the horizon and this Sunday kicks off Birthday Week for my two favorite little people. You guys…how do I have two year old children?? I seriously can’t even….

So rather than bawl my eyes out, I’m going to recap all the fun of the week.


Who is this giant child riding a bike with a helmet on???

Greyson spent the day with the Big kids in the Twos class. He’s ready to move up.


We had a bright sunny day which meant a ride around the campus in the big buggy.

Think they like this activity?


Rainy day = playtime in the MMZ


Still rainy but she won’t let that get her down.

He makes friends where ever he goes.  Plastic people are no exception.

The afternoon cleared up and that meant a walk in the sun.


Never to young to start some light yard work. She takes her job very seriously. 

Him….not so much. 

It’s all fun and games to Greyson. 

I’m headed to Hershey PA for a girls weekend. Can’t wait to hang with my BFF, hit the spa and eat lots of chocolate! Happy weekend to you.

The Beans, Weekend

Easter 2017

Technically it’s still spring but with temps in the 70s, I’m calling it the unofficial start to summer! It was blue skies and sunny days with a few rain clouds at inopportune moments…but we filled this Easter weekend with so much fun and family. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Friday – Birthday cookout for yours truly filled with food and family. My Dad & Anna, my aunt Patty, Kevin, Katie and the kids, Jarrad’s parents and the Beans. We grilled up burgers, dogs and shrimp and face planted into TWO cakes. It was a good day.

Saturday – The Bean’s first Easter egg hunt proved that they are still a bit young for the festivities. They were more interested in the bubble machine. Grandma & Papa hid two dozen eggs at their house but we got rained out before we could start looking. We were pretty disappointed but the stuffed shells and ricotta pie more than made up for it! Our twinsies were spoiled rotten and got their very own yellow bouncy balls.

Sunday – A nice quiet morning, a long nap & Easter dinner at Grammy’s. We had ham, lasagna, cheesy potatoes and deviled eggs. And Ryan & Kendall made me a bunny cake for my birthday! The kids ran circles around the house (literally) and crashed hard on the way home.

Snapshots of our days…

My heart is full and so is my belly! Jerry and I are hitting the diet hard because we leave for Las Vegas in 3 weeks!  My two favorite little people have a birthday between now and then and I’m headed to Hershey this weekend for some girl time.  Its a busy time of year and I love every minute of it!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Catch up

Who wants to see what the kids were up to last week at school? I thought you might.

Monday – Sunny day spent on the playground

Tuesday – Drawing and playtime in the MMZ

Wednesday – exploring a birds nest with our magnifying glasses

(These 3 musketeers have been friends since day one of their daycare days. Vivian is a few weeks younger than our kids but they have basically grown up together.)

Thursday – lots of play and stories

Friday – Crazy weather for our Pirates home opener. We still wore our gear.


So the weekend was a bit of a bust due to Fynnlee’s current “digestive” situation. She was still refusing to go to the bathroom and her little hiney was raw and so, so sore.

Saturday – Jerry took Fynnlee to the doctors and I took Greyson to the playground.

Then Oliver and baby Ellis came over for a playdate.

We had some lunch

And my ovaries basically exploded when I saw Jerry holding Ellis. He is so dreamy. Ellis is pretty cute too.


High of 35 on Friday….75 on Sunday. Western PA has a split personality. Jerry took Greyson to swim class and I stayed home with Fynnlee. She was feeling a little better and we had fun playing on the deck.

Once they got home, we loaded up the kids and went to the playground. Yes, front facing seats…I’m a rebel.

It was a gorgeous Sunday and we were all happy for some fresh air.

We stopped at Bruster’s on the way home and it turns out my kids don’t like ice cream What the what?

Fynnlee stayed home Monday and Today. A couple of days of frequent diaper changes and no pants is on her agenda. Here’s hoping for a good rest of the week! 

Fynnlee, Greyson, Weekend

Weekend Update

Alternatively titled “We didn’t go to visit Aunt Stephanie”
or “Aunt Stephanie comes to Pittsburgh”
or “The Beans have the best Aunt ever”
or “Fynnlee won’t poop”

Is this the face of a miserable child or what? My poor baby.

Our week continued to be pretty crappy (or NOT crappy, depending on which way you look at it)…Greyson was still cutting teeth and feeling sick. And Fynnlee was still dealing with her digestive issues and diaper rash. But we decided we would press on and hope for the best. We were so excited to see Aunt Stephanie so I picked the kids up on Friday at noon and we were on our way.

We were pretty hopeful when they both passed out 30 seconds into the drive. But around the 45 minute mark, Fynn woke up screaming (like crying SO hard). Jerry pulled over on the turnpike and I changed her in the back of the van. That’s when I saw how bad the diaper rash was (aka bleeding) and we made the tough decision to call Steph and tell her we couldn’t make it. There was no way I could let this child sit in a car seat for another 3 hours. We turned around and called our pediatrician on the way home.

If you don’t like reading about poop, skip to the next paragraph. So basically what is happening with Fynnlee is she got herself constipated and when she finally went it really hurt. Now, whenever she has to go, she squeezes her little butt cheeks together so tight (she’s afraid) and only a little bit comes out. She was doing this 10+ times a day (hence the diaper rash). Currently, I’m pumping her full of prunes and a probiotic and hoping she’ll have a big BM she can’t control and see that it doesn’t hurt to go. As far as the diaper rash is concerned, our doctor recommended Calmoseptine…which I had never heard of but is a miracle!! Ironically Danielle had actually mentioned it after my last post and we picked up a tube on the way home from the doctors. Within one diaper change there was marked improvement. You put the calmoseptine on the affected area and then cover with a zinc diaper rash cream (my favorite is Triple Paste). There is a little menthol in it, which I thought might burn a little but I can only assume it’s soothing based on Fynnlee’s reaction. Prior to this cream, she would literally scream “NO, NO, NO…!” when she saw a baby wipe (and we were using water wipes with nothing in them). It killed me. So, if you have a baby, pick up some of the pink stuff in the green tube (Calmosepine)!

Poop discussion over.

Back to Friday…We were so excited when Stephanie offered to come to us! Rather than rush around on Friday, she decided she’d drive to Pittsburgh on Saturday morning and spend the whole weekend with us. So Friday night was low key. I pilfered through the fridge and freezer and managed to find enough stuff to make pasta with sausage, peppers and mushrooms. The kids ate it too!

Saturday morning was pretty uneventful. We hung out around the house for a bit, went to Whole Foods (the kids napped & Jerry stayed in the car) and then back home to wait for Aunt Steph.

Aunt Stephanie got to our house around noon and she brought pizza! So we all had a nice, big lunch and then headed to Ross Park Mall. It was pretty ugly out so an indoor play space sounded like a good idea.

Note I said “sounded” because that play area is always hit or miss. Often times, there are kids have no business being there (aka they are bigger than me) or there are too many kids running wild (they are kids, I get it) or there are little punks whose parents are a-holes and just stare at their phones the whole time, completely unaware that their kid is being a jerk.

Saturday was one of those “miss” days…and after Fynnlee got knocked over, I knew it was time to leave. Or I would be bailing Jerry out of jail.

So we walked around.

And played in the cars

And rode the train.

And we still had a great time! Although Fynnlee didn’t love the train.

Grandma & Papa agreed to babysit so Jarrad, Steph and I wrapped up our day at Patron.

Sunday had us Jerry up early and we spent a lazy morning with Mickey, Daniel and Do Do (Pink fong). It was a pretty nice day so we decided to try a new playground at Pine Community Center. I didn’t take many pictures but it was a nice park.

Grandma made a fantastic Sunday dinner (again, no pictures…sorry Grandma!)…chicken cutlets, roasted carrots and potatoes, green beans, chicken thighs and apple tart for dessert. Fynnlee ate all of Papa’s chicken (she’s got that sign for MORE perfected) and a little bowl of ice cream. Greyson had a meltdown pretty much through the whole thing (poor bug and his ouchy molars) so we had to say goodbye sooner than we would have liked.

We have another trip planned to see Aunt Stephanie in June and we’re already counting down the days!!

Oh & Fynnlee still won’t poop.

Fynnlee, Greyson

See ya, March!

Happy Friday Yinz Guys! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kick March 2017 to the curb. Hooboy. I don’t know if I can’t remember the beginning of the month because the end was so crappy but I’m over it. I’m ready for sunshine and healthy kids!

Both kids are finally turning a corner with the goopy eye, green boogs, hacking cough plague that they’ve had the last 10 days. And Fynnlee has been dealing with some digestion issues that we can’t really pin down but my baby girl has been pretty miserable.  Her little tush is so raw and red she can’t even sit correctly. (Note the “my bum hurts” side lean). And the kids aren’t allowed binks at school but they made an exception early in the week. She was THAT miserable.

Not that you’d know by looking at this picture. Sass for dayssssss…

They’ve still been going to school because most of the kids there have a case of the YUCKS…but they kinda look like zombies with their red-rimmed eyes. Bubbles make everything better.

The activities continue though. They love building sensory bottles.

Working on that hand/eye coordination.

And painting is always a hit.

They always get their time to play in the MMZ. Building blocks.

Working on our gymnastics

And carrying our favorite yellow ball around like a purse.

We’re not going to talk about how my babies are 23 months today and this is the last time I can count their age in months. Oh my…I don’t know if I ready for this.

We have a lot to look forward to in April…a visit to Aunt Stephanie, Easter, my birthday, and it all wraps up with the big TWO at the end of the month. We can do this. Bring it on!!

Have a good weekend.


Fynnlee, Greyson, Weekend

Weekly wrap-up and Weekend update

Looks like Tuesday is the new Monday! Jerry has been traveling for work and I’m just keeping my head above water at this point, so I ask for a little leeway. It actually hasn’t been tooo bad. He was home on Saturday before taking off again (he’s in Palm Springs…can we get a collective Whhhaaaaaa) and comes home tonight. We all miss Daddy at our house!

So let’s jump in with some pictures from last week since I flaked and forgot to post those. There were some pretty cute ones and I’m sure you don’t want to miss them!

The warm weather returned and that meant story time outside! The only thing that makes books better is reading them out in the fresh air!

My little Sunshine. She’s a fan of the playground, clearly.

Ball. Ball. Ball. Ball. Ba...you get it. He’s a fan of balls, clearly.

Fynnlee is too. We’re going through a big bouncy ball phase at the moment.

Throwing or riding. They don’t care.

Other fun included felt stars.

Sitting on top of the climber.

And making some art.

And as Easter is right around the corner, no better time for plastic grass! This is at the beginning of playtime…you should have seen the aftermath.

Fynnlee is absent from the picture above because she spiked a fever on Thursday and spent the day at Grandmas. She spent the day cuddling and napping and was fine the next day. Three cheers for quick recoveries. And for Grandmas (and Grandpas)!

Jerry came home from Trip #1 on Friday night and it was so nice out, we decided to take the kids to the playground.

Followed by a walk around the neighborhood.

The holding hands…I can’t.

Of course we have sibling squabbles, but oh my goodness…I love that they are best buds. And I love matching PJs. They will be doing this till they move out of our house. When they’re 30.

Jerry let me sleep in on Saturday and go to morning yoga (best husband award, right there). Mama needs a pedi, stat.

He took the kids to Grandma & Papa’s while I was getting my Zen on. And when he got home, we noticed the kids eyes were all gross and goopy. Greyson has trouble with his right eye watering a lot and it often gets gunky when he has a cold. Well gunky doesn’t begin to describe it…it was funk-y. So I called the doctor and got them both in at 10:45.

No pinkeye, just a symptom of their colds. We left with a prescription for warm compresses, nose wiping and lots of hand washing. They don’t have their 2 year checkups until 5/13 but Fynnlee weighed in at 29.15 and Greyson at 27.10. Why am I worried about what they’re eating???

It was a beautiful day so we grabbed some DiBella’s and decided to hit North Park. We found the most perfect little playground, tucked away from the main area and it was empty! (For you locals, it’s by the cannon, across from the gas station/ice cream shop. There is an entrance to North Park Mansions there too). The kids ran around and played for a good 2 hours.

Not to worry…we emptied out the soda from these cups and filled them with water.

Wawa is better through a straw!

The rest of Saturday was filled with long nap, grocery shopping, buffalo chicken chili and catching up on the DVR.

Jerry had to catch a flight bright and early on Sunday so we were up at 3:45.  I never really fell back to sleep because I know the kids wake up early…so I hopped out of bed at 4:15, made some coffee and watched the news. That relaxation lasted until 4:35 when Fynn woke up and Greyson was up around 4:45 #sleepwhenyouredead.

I knew I was going to have some cranky babes at swim class if I didn’t let them catch a quick snooze. So we left an hour early and I drove through Starbucks while they caught a 45 minute car nap. It worked like a charm and we had happy babes when we got to Goldfish.

Papa volunteered to help out this week and Jarrad may have lost his swim coach job forever.

That blur you see is her jumping into the water, which she did 800 times. No fear in that child!

Swim class was a success and I headed home with the kids for lunch and a nap. It was a beautiful morning and we spent the rest of it hanging out on the deck.

We are all happy Spring is here!

The kids took a killer nap and I finally fixed my toes, while watching The Challenge.

After naptime, I dropped the kids off at Grandma & Papa’s, went to Costco and then joined them for dinner.  Greyson’s eyes were getting worse and so was his mood. So after an amazing dinner of chicken, sausage and tortellini (which Fynnlee actually ate…food always tastes better at Grandma’s), we went home & wrapped up the weekend.

Jerry comes home tonight and we’re so excited to see him!  Hope you have a fabulous week!


Weekend Update

Happy Monday Tuesday! I’m a day late with my weekend update but better late than never, right? Let’s jump right in.

The kids woke up bright and early on Saturday. Fynnlee was up at 3:15! We tried to get her to go back to sleep in our room but she basically just cried for an hour and a half so at 4:45, I just got up for the day.

Greyson was up around 5. We did our usual morning routine (Mickey, snuggles, breakfast, PinkFong, play, play, play) and then we got everyone dressed. We were finally going to hit the water floor at the Children’s Museum! Yay!

We made a pit stop in the “Garage” (see what I did there??)

And then played with the beads/toys/light brights in the “nursery”.

Then it was time to get wet! I put their bathing suits on under their clothes so we just had to strip em down and change up their shoes.

The water was freezing! But they didn’t care. They filled up buckets and dumped them on their heads. They splashed in the fountains and pushed their boats in the river.

I looked over at Greyson at one point and his lips were blue and he was shivering. I wrapped him in a towel and said “You ready to get dry, buddy” To which he yelled “NO NO NO NO NO!” Ok then.

Jerry had an appointment that afternoon (fantasy baseball draft) and I didn’t want to get stuck wrangling the kids by myself so we made them dry off and get ready to go home.

We left around 1:00, Jerry went to his draft and I headed to Grandma & Papa’s, who graciously offered to watch the kids while I went to the grocery store. They fell asleep on the way to their house so I drove through Starbucks. I’m loving these Springtime cups!

They were fast asleep when we got to Lois & Paul’s house & they didn’t wake up until after 3:00. Driveway naps for the win!

Once they woke up, I hit up Aldi and scored the motherload. Cases of Le Croix for $3.99! And they were a 15 pack too. I bought 5 cases. #lecroixaddict

I also cleared their shelves of pouches.

Since Jerry was going to be out for the night, I was invited to stay for make your own pizzas. Grandma was giving the Beans their first lesson in Pizza making.

And picky Fynnlee ended up eating 3 pieces! That is definitely a record.

We headed home around 6:30, did a quick bedtime routine (pjs, milk, Mickey) and the Beans were fast asleep by 7:30. I watched the finale of “Are you the One?” and was out by 9:15.

Sunday was Jerry’s morning to get up with the kids and they let him sleep till 5. I almost got up with them when I heard Fynnlee calling “Mommy! Mommy!” but thought better of it. Mama needs one good day of sleep. Daddy handled breakfast duty and morning playtime until about 7:30 when the whole family busted into our bedroom for Sunday morning cartoons. We snuggled in bed for about 15 minutes, watched some Daniel Tiger and then got ready. It was time for Swim Class!

They insist on walking pretty much every where these days.

In the couple of months we’ve been attending Goldfish, we have seen definite improvement in the kids “swimming” abilities. Fynnlee is fearless and will jump in the water whether your ready for her or not. Her kicks are outstanding and we’re working on floating (who wants to lie still when you can flail around like a fish?). Greyson is a bit more cautious but has no problem going underwater. His kicking has gotten so much better from our first class (where the number of times he kicked his legs was zero) and he’s really good at floating on his back.

It’s often more trouble to get the kids out of their suits than the actual lessons but they really love it.

Jerry’s is giving free surf lessons to the first 3 people who comment on how cute Greyson’s bathing suit is.

After class we headed to Grandma & Papa’s for brunch. The kids fell asleep in the car on the way there so we all got to eat a hot meal in peace!  Yes, another driveway nap! They only slept for an hour or so and then had some bacon, fruit and cereal. And read books.

And watched Daniel.

After brunch we went home and tackled the typical Sunday stuff. Laundry, food prep, standing on the table which we know we’re not allowed.

It was a good weekend.

And because I’m late, yinz guys get a bonus of Monday’s school pictures! The kiddos were happy to see their friends and teachers yesterday.


I also had a discussion about their transition to the Twos classroom (cue heart palpitations). Looks like they won’t be moving till end of May/beginning of June. Which is fine with me. I can keep pretending that they are not getting older.

Hope you all have a good week!