Lot 256

Welcome to Lot 256


Sometime in October 2013, Jerry and I made the (rather scary) decision to sell our townhouse in the Southside and move North to Cranberry (which Jerry lovingly refers to as Canada).  Technically it’s Marshall Township, which is in Allegheny County, but it’s at the Northern most point of the county (I think…sounds about right) and is a stones throw from Butler Co.

Here’s a brief summary of how that came to be…

One day I was taking a shortcut from my office to Rt. 19 and noticed they were building a new plan of homes called Venango Trails.  I mentioned it to Jerry at some point that week and he said we should stop at the sales office check it out.  After our visit with the sales team, we decide we like the townhouses. The model they will be building is the John Jacob Astor (JJA), but they don’t have any models available in PA as it’s pretty new.  They offer us some pretty nice incentives to purchase the JJA sight unseen and we jump at the opportunity.  We take a road trip to DC to tour the JJA as we are fortunate enough to find JJA models about 15 minutes from Stephanie’s (Jerry’s sister).  We like what we see and come back to Pittsburgh to sign the paperwork.

Welcome to Lot 256!  Our (future) home sweet home.

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