Moving, Southside

The House on Shelly Street

We put our Southside Townhouse on the market at the beginning of January.  After meeting with a real estate agent, Jerry decided we could get more bang for our buck if we sold it ourselves.  The plan was to list it on Housepad for a few months and if we didn’t get much traffic, we could always list it with an agent in the spring.

So we decluttered and scrubbed and touched up and made that little townhouse shine.  It was listed online on January 4th.


View from the outside

dining room


Living Room/Dining Room








deckview oakland

Annnnnnd…the big selling point of the house on Shelly.  The deck.


Oh, and the view from the living room.  That picture above was taken on Thanksgiving morning at sunrise.

The house was on the market for 10 days before we scheduled our first viewing.  He made an offer the next day.  And after some slick negotiating from Jerry (and his very business savvy father), the little house on Shelly was sold. We move out on 2/28.

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