Berkley Manor

Berkley Manor

So we sold our house and they haven’t even broken ground on Lot 256.  Now what?!  We needed a short term rental (month to month preferred) that allowed giant dogs.  We found a couple of places through my company that would rent us a furnished place for $2,900/month.  Thanks but no thanks.

Craigslist to the rescue!  After a week or so of searching through a boatload of pretty crappy options, I saw a posting for a sublease starting March 1st.  It was a couple of miles from the new place and close to my office.  They allowed dogs (no breed restrictions even!) and the lease ran through mid July.  The place is on the ground floor (perfect for potty breaks with Jacob) and we could rent storage space for 75% less than the cheapest place I found online.

And there is also this:



Yep, it has a pool.  And a 24 hour fitness center.

I can’t believe our luck with this one. And I can’t WAIT for summer!

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