It’s shake n bake…and I helped

How’s that for a Throw Back Thursday?!?!

I probably shouldn’t be offended that Jerry loves Shake n Bake pork chops.  Because despite the fact that I’m a pretty decent cook, my pork chops are pretty lousy.  I’ve brined, marinated, baked, grilled, slow cooked, breaded & fried…and they seriously never turn out as good as old school Shake n Bake chops.  So if he wants pork chops, he’s getting SnB from now on!

My fragile culinary ego was determined to make a homemade side dish to go with those out-of-a-box chops.  And what is my all time favorite side dish…mac & cheese!  We’re in clean out the kitchen mode and I had about a cup of elbow noodles that needed used up so it was fate.  Mac & cheese it is!

Basic Roux (melt 1T butter, add 1 T flour…whisk, whisk, whisk), dump in some 2% milk (maybe a cup), 2 T light cream cheese (keep whisking),  1 cup freshly shredded sharp cheddar.  S&P to taste.  There is your sauce.  Add the cooked elbows, stir well, cover and turn off the heat for 5 minutes.  Boom!  Easy, peasy stovetop mac & cheese in about 15 minutes…which is almost exactly how long it takes to make Shake n Bake pork chops.


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