Moving, Southside

Living in a Box

This is the current state of our house.  I feel like all I’ve done over the past week is pack boxes…and yet, it looks like I haven’t made a dent!  Ugh.



The move will be a 3 day process:

Friday:  Bruce the Moving Guy and his crew come and move all of our big stuff (aka the mammoth Red Rojo cabinet that weighs 4000 lbs)

Saturday:  The Cavalry (Jerry’s big strong friends) will come and help load all of the boxes into the Uhaul and take them to Cranberry.

Sunday:  Jerry & I clean Shelly Street and move whatever leftovers there are to the new place in Berkley Manor.

The walk thru will take place on Monday or Tuesday and the closing is scheduled for the 4th.  Wow…talk about a whirlwind!

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