Hair DO

When Jerry and I got married, it was kind of a joke that he thought I would cut all of my hair off as soon as we said “I do”.  Well not only have I not cut it, it’s longer than it was on our wedding day.

But long doesn’t equal good.  If you ask Jerry, he’ll tell you it does.  But it was dull, lifeless and the ends were a mess.  So I booked an appt with RB’s infamous stylist, Shawn at Eikon Salon and he worked a small miracle on me.  Behold the before and after!


I wish I didn’t look so stiff and awkward in selfies.  And I wish they never would have come up with the word selfie.  Bleh!

My head looks about 1000% better, however Jerry keeps insisting that it is So Short!   I had to remind him that it looked like THIS when we first started dating:


Awwwwwwwww.  This was about a month into our romance.  And I look awkward in this picture too.  And young.  And skinny.  Dammit!

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