Adventures in shopping – Ikea

Hey I have a great idea!  Let’s go to Ikea to scope out some furniture on Sunday. 

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb…Ikea during any part of the weekend is just a dumb idea.  To know me is to know I. HATE. CROWDS.  And Ikea on a Sunday is one big crowd.

Regardless, Jerry and I know we need to start collecting ideas for what kind of furniture we want when we move into Lot 256.  Our place on Shelly was 1100 square feet.  The new place is 2600+.  We will have extra bedroom and 2 extra living spaces.  Which terrifies and thrills me at the same time!  And while I’m all Let’s get all the furniture we need NOW!!  Jerry is much more practical and Slow your roll Jenny…we need to live in the place first.  (Reason 948 why he is very good for me).

So we went to Ikea on a Sunday and took our time walking around, getting ideas for the new digs.  These pictures are all awful…Ikeas lighting is horrible.

I love the Karlstad line. This chair and ottoman would be perfect for the family room (in my reading nook)


This couch would also be great in the family room.


And it is stunning in white but…well, it’s white.  And I’m a disaster.


I also talked Jerry into considering some of the unfinished bedroom furniture.  I think I impressed him with my skills when I repainted the bathroom vanities on Shelly Street.


I’ve been reading way too many DIY blogs featuring Ikea hacks!  Dark stain or paint, funky knobs…I like the idea of having something unique. There are really a lot of fun options we could do and if we really hate it after a few years, we buy an new set.

We also found some good options for lamps, shades, curtains, accessories, etc.  Ya know…all that stuff Ikea is known for!

And we didn’t leave empty handed.  We needed a small piece to set our printer on as well as provide some storage.  Enter the infamous Rast 3 drawer chest!

We decided we weren’t going to buy any furniture for the apartment that we couldn’t use in the new house.  This little piece was perfect b/c it was cheap ($35) and pretty versatile.  It would also serve as a good practice piece for my refinishing skills.

When we got it home, Jerry was quickly reminded why he hates Ikea furniture…

002 001

Yep, a million little tiny pieces and parts and a 2 hour assembly.  We may be rethinking the bedroom furniture idea.

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