Adventures in Shopping – Levin’s

After our trip to Ikea, we decided to stop at Levin’s in Monroeville.  That store is massive.  Much bigger than the one in Wexford…it’s 2 floors!  Almost to the point that it’s overwhelming.  We kind of focused our attention to accent pieces.

This Monterey Sofa Table is exactly what I’m looking for in our entryway.


And we saw some great accent chairs for the living room.  We love this Raines accent chair and I’m in love with that blue/green leather!

018 019

This Avignon accent chair was also really stylish and comfy.  And it comes in a billion fabric choices.

022 024

Accent chairs are one of those things, however, that I don’t think we need to spend a lot of money on.  For as much use as they will get (minimal), I think we could opt for a much less expensive option and put the funds somewhere else.

We went to the second floor and Oh Jerry, look at that bed!


This headboard…amazing.  And to my shock and delight, he loved it too!!  Not sure if we’ll go with the cream…I envision black Jacob furs all over the thing!  But we are in agreement that this is the direction we want to go for the bedroom.

And just like that, his grand plans for building our bed were nixed.

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