Girls Weekend in Hershey

AT and I have been friends for 26 years (what???).  We were roommates in college and she was my maid of honor.


this picture was from a couple of years ago at Seven Springs. 

The sucky part is that she lives in Philly & I live in Pittsburgh so we don’t get to see each other as much as we’d like.  Fortunately, we are good at planning little get-togethers and manage to cross paths a few times a year.

This trip was a visit to Hershey, PA!  Specifically, the Hershey Spa at the Hotel Hershey.



Seriously, this hotel was amazing.  Our weather was gross and rainy but I can imagine how fabulous it is in the summer.


Alas, this is not where we stayed.  THIS is where we stayed.

013 014

The White Rose Motel.  Now, AT and I are far from pretentious.  And this place was cheap ($61/night!) and very clean…two things we both care about.  It was a little dated…ok, really dated.  In fact, I was watching Weird Science while AT took a nap on Saturday afternoon and Wyatt’s bathroom has the same tile as the White Rose bathroom!



Weird Science was made in 1985.  Just sayin…

But we weren’t there to hang out in the hotel all day.  We were there for the Spa!


We found this to be hilarious….AT and I never shut up when we’re together!

After getting a tour of the Spa (I felt weird taking pictures in the ladies locker room), we hit the gym for 1/2 hour and then changed into our robes and went to the Oasis room to wait for our massage appts.  They had coffee, tea…and hot chocolate available as well as various kinds of muffins.  And there was chocolate EVERYWHERE!  Bowls and bowls of it.  I may have had more than a few Hershey’s miniatures.

003 004

We both enjoyed a Cocoa Massage…which incorporated cocoa infused oil to our treatment.  We both smelled like a big Hershey Bar after we were finished!


After the massages, we showered and headed to lunch at Harvest, which is located on the Hershey Hotel grounds.   I had one of the most amazing burgers of my life!  Sautéed onions, roasted mushrooms, pepperjack cheese on a soft brioche roll.  The burger was perfectly seasoned and you could definitely tell they are passionate about the quality of beef they use.  And the mountain of fries was a nice touch too.


AT & I spent the rest of the trip being lazy and relaxing.  We watched some TV (oh HGTV…how I’ve missed you!!) on Saturday night and were both snoozing by 10:00.  We felt like grownups!

It was an awesome way to spend the weekend and I miss my BFF already!

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