Lot 256

Breaking Ground!

Jerry and I had our Pre-Construction Meeting (aka Pre-Con) this evening.  And we were thrilled to see the diggers doing their thing!  They are finally breaking ground!!!



The PreCon meeting was essentially a review of all of the choices we’ve made regarding cabinets, outlets, flooring, counters etc…all of that good stuff.

One thing we were unsure of was the color our actual townhouse will be.  One thing about the Heartland townhomes is they come in multiple colors so each one is different.

There is a blue/yellow/cream scheme


Neutral Scheme

Edgewater in Oakmont, PA


Green/beige scheme


We found out that the exterior color of our townhouse will look like this:


It’s a dark slate blue and I LOVE it!  Things are starting to get very exciting!


Say Goodbye to Shelly Street

Well, all of our stuff has been moved out and we have a little bit of cleaning to do…but it’s time to say goodbye to Shelly Street. 


The empty rooms look so sad.

011  014

As much as I complained about the parking, the numerous hills, the stairs, etc…we’re going to miss our little townhouse.

It was the first place we lived together, where we got engaged and had the first look for our wedding.  It was Sherman’s last home…and Jacob’s first.  We will always look back at our time on Shelly Street and be thankful. 

We climbed on to the deck that sold us on the house in the first place (and probably sold it for us in the end) and said goodbye.


Thanks for the memories….