Lot 256

House Progress

Yes, those are walls and a roof! 

001 005

front view (1st floor: entrance, rec room  2nd floor: living room  3rd floor:  guest room and office

back view (1st floor:  garage  2nd floor: family room – those French doors will lead out to the deck  3rd floor:  master bedroom and bathroom

031    030

  Hellllloooooooo up there! I wish those were skylights.

035 004

front and back view of the entire building.

002   003

Now here is the sticky part.  Our townhouse is the end unit on the left.  The picture on the right is the other end unit.  Notice anything?  Yeah, we have 2 windows per floor and THEY HAVE FOUR!!  (yes, that would be yelling).  Jerry and I are very unhappy about this whole issue.  None of the models, including the ones we saw in DC had 2 windows in front.  In fact, we marveled over the amount of windows and how much natural light we would have. And how super awesome that would be! Now, if all of the units only had 2 windows, that would be fine. But we are paying the same base amount for our 2 window unit as they are paying for their 4 window unit.  And dammit, that’s not fair (stomping feet)!!  Fair is Fair! 

Supposedly they stagger the window configurations for the aesthetic value of the building as a whole.  I get it.  I’ll get a front shot of the entire building next week for a visual. But it’s still not fair.  Fortunately, we opted to have 2 windows added to the side of the building on the first and second floors.  This will give us more light.  And the builder agreed to credit the charge for these windows to even it out a bit.  That’s something, I guess.

Despite the window situation, I’m still geeked out about the place. Nerd Alert!


Not sure how but we’re on track for our June 30th settlement date.  Come on Mother Nature…throw us a bone!

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