Friday Favorites #3

Here are some things I’m loving this week


I have been searching for new capris for a while.  I like the ones that hit mid calf, not below the knee.  I have a couple of those and they are so uncomfortable.  They bunch up behind my knees and annoy the heck out of me when I’m trying to exercise.  Then a couple of weeks ago I saw an ad on Facebook for Kate Hudson’s new athletic apparel company, Fabletics.  Of course I got sucked in because I adore her. And maybe if I buy some of her stuff, my butt will kinda end up looking like hers…it could happen.  As it turns out, the clothes on her site are super cute!  And the Lima Capris are exactly what I had been looking for. 

crappy picture source

You get 50% off your first outfit and I chose the Niche, along with the lima capris.  Four pieces for @ $60.  Not too shabby! And then I waited for Kate Hudson to personally deliver my new clothes to my apartment. 

I didn’t love the Zanzibar crop that came with the outfit, but the tank and the shirt were cute and the quality was great.  But those Lima Capris.  Ooooh those Lima Capris…they are my new best friend!  The fabric is a nice thick (but not too thick) material that totally sucks everything in and they fit like a dream.  My butt kinda looks like Kate Hudson’s!   Now I should mention that I haven’t been jaded by Lululemon or Athleta…my workout clothes come from Target or the clearance rack at Dick’s.  So I can’t really compare the Limas to the Wonderunders.  But these are hands down the best capris I’ve ever owned. 

This is a referral link for Fabletics but I honestly don’t care if you use it.  If you’re in the market for some new workout gear, check out my BFF Kate’s new gig.


It is a blessing and a curse that there is a Costco less than 2 miles from our apartment.  Our lack of storage and freezer space keeps my purchases in check (sort of) but it’s just so much cheaper to buy certain staples there instead of the grocery store.  6 tubes of toothpaste for $6.99?  2# of strawberries for $3.49? We buy all of paper products, meat and Jacob’s food at Costco.

My latest Costco favorites: 

Tableside Greek yogurt guacamole – huge chunks of avocado, creamified by greek yogurt.  There are onions, tomatoes and cilantro in there too.  It comes in individual serving packs. And it’s deeeeeelicious!

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Jerry thinks these taste like cardboard.  I love them. They’re not so tasty by themselves but they are perfect with hummus, salsa or the above reference guacamole.

Organic, cage-free eggs – We don’t get too serious about our meat.  I would love to buy all local, grass-fed, organic meat…but I don’t.  I do have a weird thing with eggs.  Must be cage-free, humane certified, organic.  I have no clue why, I’m just nuts about it.  And since I eat 2 hardboiled eggs 5 days a week for breakfast, I splurge.  Costco has a great price.

Pizza – Always Pizza. I’m obsessed with it ($2.11 for a giant slice!).  This picture was taken pre-Dirty30, of course.  And pretty much the reason I need the Dirty30 in the first place.



Opa Dressing

I had a coupon for $2.00 of this new dressing brand and it was on sale for $3.99.  So I decided to try the Feta Dill.  I sliced up some cucumbers and started dunking.  And dunking. And dunking…I almost ate the whole jar. Not really but I had to force myself to put it away. It’s a pretty decent find at 50 calories per serving (note to self:  1 serving is 2 Tablespoons, not 2 cups)  You must like feta.  And you must LOVE dill.  But if you do, get this dressing/dip today.  It’s amazing.


It also comes in ranch, blue cheese and Caesar.  I’ll will be trying them all.

Happy Friday to all!

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