Lot 256

House Progress

Hey, hey, hey!  Check out Lot 256!


We’ve had many sunny days in Western PA lately and the crews have been working hard on the outside of the townhouses.  As you can see, the brick work is pretty much finished.  I’m not sure when they will start on the cement board siding but it should be any day now.

010  011

They’ve also been working on the inside!  We have plumbing, junction boxes, rough-ins for the pot lights and ceiling fans…

001 002  008

004 005

Lots of duct work and our HVAC (that would be heating, ventilation and air conditioning) unit is installed.

003  009

These French doors lead to…


the stupidest deck ever built.  It’s 18 feet long…and 4 feet wide. 4 feet wide??  What’s the point of that?  Jerry has big plans to extend it to 10 feet.  Not sure when that will be.  At least I can grow some herbs.


I feel like a total bratsicle complaining about this deck until I remembers how much we’re spending on this place.  Then I don’t feel so bad.  It would have been nice if we had the option to have them extend it.  But it has to be done by an outside contractor once we close.  Which is also really stupid.

Anyway, we have our pre-drywall meeting on Friday at 7:00 am.  Which means…we could be moving in before August 1!  That is pretty exciting!

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