Lot 256

House of Blues

The siding is up!  We are officially the House of Blues.  Blue is my favorite color so I couldn’t be more thrilled!


Not so thrilled with the color of the front door…but that will apparently change.  The “dirty diaper” brown is just primer.  I’m hoping for a black door.  And black shutters.  No, we don’t get to pick.

002 003

We are also officially locked out of the house.  Not sure if I mentioned this earlier in the week, but the garage doors and front door are locked at night and over the weekend.  No more snooping around when no one is there.  I plan to stop by one day next week and take some progress pics from the inside.  That’s not creepy, right?  I assume these guys are used to home owners wanting to check out things during the construction?

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