Weekend wrap up

What a great weekend!  The perfect combination of relaxing, productivity and FUN!  I had Friday off from work so my weekend started on Thursday night.  Picture taking was a total fail…I will get better at this!


My friend L & I went to Soba to try out their Vietnam tasting menu.  So amazing!

nem nuong: grilled pork, bibb lettuce
spicy meatball lettuce wrap – a perfect bite. Not too spicy but a nice little kick.

banh bèo: shrimp, scallion
steamed rice pancake with diced shrimp and scallion – I actually didn’t remember what this was so it wasn’t too memorable

goi cuon: summer roll, hoisin
shrimp summer roll with cilantro and cabbage – best part of the appetizer course. The flavors were so fresh and bright. I’m a cilantro maniac and it was well represented.

lotus root, chicken, green papaya, nuoc cham
julienned vegetable salad with smoked chicken – I just about licked my bowl clean. The salad was so flavorful and the chicken was very subtle. The veggies were definitely the star. Actually the dressing was the star. Who cares…it was yummy.

crispy bronzino, lemongrass,  radish & cucumber pickle, rau muong
marinated, fried whole bronzino with pickled watermelon over sesame spinach – I have never eaten a fish served with it’s head still intact. I’m weird about that kind of stuff so I try and avoid it. But this was some of the best fish I’ve ever had! I’m definitely a bronzino fan. And pickled watermelon is also a new favorite!


cassava coconut cake, lychee, black rice ice cream, mango
That black rice ice cream was out of this world!! The cake was ok.


I had some doctor’s appointments to get out of the way so that’s how I spent the morning.  In the afternoon, I settled in at the salon to wash that grey right out of my hair.  It was time.  My stylist freshened up my layers and cut 22 2 inches off the length.  Jerry was pouting about my new short hair.  He would prefer I look like Crystal Gayle.


RB and CB home from Charlotte for the weekend so we picked up some takeout from The Flame BBQ…pulled pork, ribs, mac & cheese, cornbread, macaroni salad, baked beans and some collard greens for our southern belle…and headed to Chiquita’s house for the evening.  We spent a lovely evening catching up with our dear friends and even though Jerry and I made it until 11:30, our time with them was way too short.  Man, I miss those two!  But they are thriving in the south and it’s wonderful to see them so happy.  Can’t wait to visit!


A much overdue pool day!


Despite my excitement over the opening of the BM pool, I’ve only visited twice.  Whomp, whomp.  I enjoyed 2 glorious hours in the sun, reading Gone Girl (it’s finally picked up and I’m totally sucked in!) and turning into a bronze goddess.  Ha!  How bout a less-pasty-white-than-usual goddess.  That’s better.  But…I have freckles.

We met some friends at Bonnie & Clydes for dinner (yum, burgers!), shopped for a washer & dryer and then capped off the night with some frozen yogurt.  In bed by 9:30.  We know how to do the weekend right!


Jerry golfed and I took a long walk with Jacob.  Then I hit a few stores to stock up on supplies for our 4th of July beach trip (yay!) and watched 15 episodes of Flip or Flop on HGTV.  Oh, HGTV, how I love you!!

We had a little early birthday celebration for my Mom at Luciano’s Brick Oven in Mars.  #1 I love pizza  #2 Kendall no longer bursts into tears when she sees her Aunt Jenny…there are smiles and giggles now.  We may have turned the corner with that little peanut  #3 All of my Mom’s birthday cards had cats on them.

We got 2 extra large pizzas and our pizza lovin’ crew polished them off with only 3 slices remaining.  Overall, I liked their pizza…the sauce was a bit on the sweet side for me but the crust was good.  But canned mushrooms…I just can’t.  Note to pizza places:  stop using canned mushrooms!!!

Jerry and I finished up the weekend by lounging around, watching Big Brother (what are the thoughts on this season?  I’m having a hard time getting into it.) and then lights out @ 9:30.

On to Monday and a 2.5 day work week.  Bring on the beach trip!

1 thought on “Weekend wrap up”

  1. Yay!! A weekend wrap up! Glad to see some new posts. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying Gone Girl – I couldn’t put it down either when I read it!


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