Lot 256

House Tour – Bathrooms

We are slowing getting settled into Lot 256.  One of the first things I did when we moved in was spiffy up the bathrooms.  They are easy.  There is no furniture to buy…just toss around a few accessories and that’s that. 

This is a terrible picture of our first floor powder room.  Yes, we still have the ugly mirror (although it’s not so bad once there is some stuff in there) and yes, the ugly light fixtures are still there.  But they’re going up on Craigslist this week.  Those towels are blue, btw.  I need to stop using my iphone to take pictures and break out my real camera. 


I took this picture of the giant duck last summer.  It was a perfect day and the sky was an insane shade of blue.  My towels match the sky in the picture.  This picture was ordered from my instagram account and I just centered it over an old IKEA stock photo to fit in the frame.  I like these frames a lot. They were like $15, are pretty heavy and I like the wide mat.  Of course when I was taking this picture, I noticed one of Jacob’s hairs stuck under the glass.  It will probably be there for a while.  Keeping it classy at Lot 256!


The duck makes another showing in the guest bath.  But he probably won’t stay there.  We had this print in storage and it got a faint smudge on it during transport.  I will probably replace it with something botanical. 

008 009

You will notice a bathroom trend at Lot 256.  Apparently I have a thing for flowers/plants on the back of the toilet.  It’s a hot design tip.  Here I have some fresh flowers going on but never fear!  I have a fake hydrangea to take it’s place once they die. 


This is our master bath.  Kinda basic but I added some color with another fake plant.  I’m so fancy. 


More plants on the master toilet!  This little room is so tight…I only use this bathroom in the middle of the night.  But the shower makes up for it!  SOO glad we decided to go with the obnoxiously huge shower instead of the small shower/big jet tub option. 

012 013

So that’s your first glimpse at the progress we’re making.  More updates to follow as we get other rooms put together. 

Happy Monday!

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