Whatcha got cookin?

I may have mentioned 926616 a few times, our kitchen was the thing I was most looking forward to in our new place.  And I’ve wasted no time getting my hands dirty.  In the 10 days we’ve lived here, I’ve been cooking up a storm almost every day. 

The first, best thing about my kitchen, is the cooktop.  Do you notice anything about the eggs in this picture?  They are in the center of the pan.  Not swimming along one side because the burners are all lopsided.  This shouldn’t been as exciting to me as it is…but I’ve never had so much fun making eggs! 


This weekend I made Mel’s chicken enchiladas.  They are In. Sane.  So good!


Served with some brown rice and avocado. 


And when I was at the Market District on Sunday, they had freshly roasted hatch chiles available.  You bet your bottom dollar I picked some of these babies up! 


They’re hot.  But I like hot.  I slow cooked an eye of round roast to make the Mexican Shredded beef from Gimme Some Oven and used the hatch chiles in place of the jalepeno in my simple slaw.  Yowza! 

So about that beef.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m on a chipotle in adobo kick recently (I know, so 2011) and I want to add that flavor to everything.  This recipe is simple perfection.  Make it! 


After our weekend of heavy eats, Jerry and I have pledged to clean up our diet this week.  Fresh fruits and veggies make me giddy!


And seriously, how cute is my dog???  Where’s Waldo Jacob?

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