Lot 256

House Tour – KITCHEN!

It is very fortunate we are having guests this weekend.  It forces me to clean like a crazy lady…and allows me to take some decent pictures!  It should be noted, my kitchen never looks this clean.


I am so spoiled by this space…I’m ruined forever!!

003 004

I am in love with this cooktop…and shiny range hood.


It’s so easy to clean and cooks like a dream.  So come on over!  I’ll make you dinner :).


This island has been all I’ve hoped it would be.  I have tons of prep space and storage in the cabinets.

005  007

I have a very strict rule about dogs in the kitchen.  They’re not allowed.  I was nervous this might be an issue with Jacob because it’s so open.  But he’s been pretty good.


He’s so darn cute!!


I see lots and lots and LOTS of kitchen time in my future!  Happy Labor Day weekend to all of yinz!

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