September Favorites

HOW is it the last day of September????  This month flew by in a flash!  We had some of the best weather of the year and Jacob has been taking me on lots of long walks.


Friday favorites is too hard to keep up with…so I’m changing to monthly favorites.  Here are some of the things I’ve been loving lately.


Jerry and I went to this new (to us) restaurant in Irwin for our Anniversary Dinner.  Cenacolo provided us with one of the best meals in recent memory.

September 17th was 3 wonderful years with this handsome guy.


We started out our meal with Fomaggio Fuso.  Wait until you hear this!  It’s this insanely yummy cheese melted in a skillet until it’s nice and gooey.  THEN they fill half of it with potatoes, leeks, pancetta and goat cheese and flip the other half over like a quesadilla!  The melty cheese is the tortilla!  It was insane.

003 004

Cenacolo makes their own pasta every day and it did not disappoint.  I had the Tagliolini which had crabmeat tossed in a light sauce of garlic, chives, lemon and parmesan cheese.  Jerry had the Rigatoni with hot sausage, banana peppers and roma tomatoes.

006  005

If you are in the Irwin/Greensburg area, GO!  Run to Cenacolo!  It’s BYOB too 🙂

Happy 3rd Anniversary to Team Soscia!


Chicken Spaghetti

I revisted one of my favorite comfort foods this month.  Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti! I haven’t made this in ages…it’s happiness in a bowl.  I switched out the pasta for bowties and used a rotisserie chicken.  Oh, and I made my own cream of chicken soup too.

001 002

Hanging with our favorite kiddos

We’re pretty lucky that we now live so close to my brother and his family.  September brought us Fall soccer. Jerry and I are official members of the Sharks fan club. Look at the moves on this guy!



Ryan scored a goal in last weeks game!  Uncle Jerry taught him everything he knows.

And guess who does NOT cry every time her Aunt Jenny walks into a room???  This little munchkin!  I knew she’d come around.

001 (1)

Honeycrisp Apples


I picked up a bushel of honeycrisp apples from Shenot Farms a few weeks ago.   I know Soergels is the place to go around here for all the apple madness of Fall.  But I avoid that place at all costs in Sept/October.  It is madness!!  Shenot’s is a much smaller farm with exceptional produce and the apples are amazing.  I’ve been eating one of these babies every day.

And beginning  the last weekend in September and every weekend in October, plus Columbus Day, they offer hayrides to their pumpkin patch and corn maze.

It is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family, and it’s the perfect time to get your jack-o-lanterns, cornstalks, straw bales, decorative Indian corn–as well as delicious sweet corn, apples, cider, and vegetables.  Of course don’t forget to stop at the fudge counter!

The hayrides to the pumpkin patch and corn maze are from 11:00 A.M.to 5:00 P.M. Saturdays and Sundays.  Columbus Day hayrides are 1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Baby on Board


Our dear friends, Chiquta Banana and B-rad, are expecting their first baby in April!  They made it Facebook official yesterday (how cute is this announcement??).  We are so thrilled for them and can’t wait to meet Baby Banana in April!

Happy Fall to All!


Lot 256

House Tour – Master Closets

Jerry and I are very fortunate to have 2 walk-in closets in our Master bedroom. Not sure why all of my clothes looked jammed in there in these pictures…it’s very spacious.




Annndddd here is Jerry’s closet…

He spent a LOT of time organizing his clothes.  You will notice that everything is arranged by style, then color.



Even his t-shirts are organized.


What’s the over/under on how long this organization will last?  I say 1 month….


Weekend Wrap Up

Jerry and I had a fantastic weekend. 


Friday night is typically our date night at home.  But we decided to take the party on the road and hit the Springfield Grille for dinner. 

Date night selfie


I haven’t been to the Springfield Grille for over a year. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the overall meal.  We started out with their version of Bang Bang Shrimp and they were excellent.


But my crab stuffed shrimp and garlic orzo were kinda blah.  The orzo had zero flavor and the shrimp were really little and the crab stuffing was soggy.  It was fun to go out but I think we should probably just stick with Mexican :).


Jerry had an alumni soccer game in the morning.  He dug out the retro North Hills soccer tee for the occasion.  I only stayed for the 1st half.  Figures he scored a goal in the second half!  Needless to say, he’s not 22 anymore…we have some hobbling around going on today. 


Saturday night took us to Meat & Potatoes for dinner with some friends.  Fried pickles and brussel sprouts stole the show (of course I didn’t take pictures) and my Plain Jane burger (topped with a mound of white cheddar) was perfection.  I split my fries with 2 other girls and we almost (almost) didn’t finish them.  They don’t skimp on the fries! 


But the big talk of the night (besides Sidney Crosby being 3 tables down from us) was Jerry’s dinner.  He and a friend split the 34 oz rib-eye (served with steak fries, housemade steak sauce and bone marrow gratin).  It was ridiculous.  I passed on a sample (I’m a purist when it comes to meat and it looked too primitive to me) but I was told it was outstanding.


UNTIL 2:30 am.  Jerry was up all night with various digestive ailments and we found out the next day that his partner in crime was sick as well.  Glad I stuck to the basics! 


Beautiful morning in the ‘hood. 


Jacob and I covered 3 1/2 miles while it was nice and cool.  Sunday’s weather was about as good as it gets.


We putzed around during the morning, watched the Steelers win and then headed over to my brother’s house to celebrate this big guy who was turning 6.


How is he SIX??  Didn’t he just look like this last month??? 


Perfect weekend of fun and relaxing…I took 2 naps!  September is quickly becoming my favorite month. 

Hope yinz guys had a great weekend!