Weekend Wrap Up

Jerry and I had a fantastic weekend. 


Friday night is typically our date night at home.  But we decided to take the party on the road and hit the Springfield Grille for dinner. 

Date night selfie


I haven’t been to the Springfield Grille for over a year. I have to admit, I was a little disappointed in the overall meal.  We started out with their version of Bang Bang Shrimp and they were excellent.


But my crab stuffed shrimp and garlic orzo were kinda blah.  The orzo had zero flavor and the shrimp were really little and the crab stuffing was soggy.  It was fun to go out but I think we should probably just stick with Mexican :).


Jerry had an alumni soccer game in the morning.  He dug out the retro North Hills soccer tee for the occasion.  I only stayed for the 1st half.  Figures he scored a goal in the second half!  Needless to say, he’s not 22 anymore…we have some hobbling around going on today. 


Saturday night took us to Meat & Potatoes for dinner with some friends.  Fried pickles and brussel sprouts stole the show (of course I didn’t take pictures) and my Plain Jane burger (topped with a mound of white cheddar) was perfection.  I split my fries with 2 other girls and we almost (almost) didn’t finish them.  They don’t skimp on the fries! 


But the big talk of the night (besides Sidney Crosby being 3 tables down from us) was Jerry’s dinner.  He and a friend split the 34 oz rib-eye (served with steak fries, housemade steak sauce and bone marrow gratin).  It was ridiculous.  I passed on a sample (I’m a purist when it comes to meat and it looked too primitive to me) but I was told it was outstanding.


UNTIL 2:30 am.  Jerry was up all night with various digestive ailments and we found out the next day that his partner in crime was sick as well.  Glad I stuck to the basics! 


Beautiful morning in the ‘hood. 


Jacob and I covered 3 1/2 miles while it was nice and cool.  Sunday’s weather was about as good as it gets.


We putzed around during the morning, watched the Steelers win and then headed over to my brother’s house to celebrate this big guy who was turning 6.


How is he SIX??  Didn’t he just look like this last month??? 


Perfect weekend of fun and relaxing…I took 2 naps!  September is quickly becoming my favorite month. 

Hope yinz guys had a great weekend!

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