The Beans

Time To Spill The Beans

I know it’s been radio silence for a few weeks on this little blog.  There is good reason…

I’d like to introduce you to our little beans:


That’s right, boys and girls…after 1 miscarriage, 2 rounds of IVF and 3 years of trying to start our family, Jerry and I are expecting TWINS!  (What the what?!?!)  Lima bean is on the left, Butter bean is on the right.

In case you have questions, here are some answers:

* We did our 2nd round of IVF in August. Yes, in addition to packing up our apartment, moving into Lot 256, Jerry going to Dallas for 4 days on business, Jerry’s birthday, the cousin’s wedding in Rhode Island (which we had miss…whaaaa!) and a visit from Jerry’s family…we decided to make a baby.  Or as it turns out, 2 babies.

*  We graduated from our RE (reproductive endocrinologist) on the 9/23.  Because of my age, history of blood clots and the multiple pregnancy, I will be considered high risk and be monitored by MFM (maternal fetal medicine).  I will be on Lovenox (a bloodthinner) for the entire pregnancy.  Yay…more shots!!  Worth every single one…

*  The shock of twins is still sinking in.  It’s thrilling yet a little terrifying.  But we are embracing  this amazing gift and taking it one day at a time.  Fortunately, we have our own personal twin hotline in our BFFs, The Laws!  JLaw, wanna move in for a few months in May???

*  My preliminary due date is 5/13.  That would be 40 weeks.  I’m guessing that will change.  There are so many variables with a multiple pregnancy, but if all goes well (and it will), we’ll most likely deliver at 37/38 weeks. I want to cook these little beans as long as I can!  I’m setting mini goals for myself to make it less intimidating.  First one is 12 weeks.  We made it!

*  We will be finding out the sex(es).  Jerry & I always wanted to wait and find out the sex when the baby is born.  But level heads have prevailed and we recognize that 2 babies take a lot more planning than 1.  We’ll be doing some sort of gender reveal thing on the blog.  Jerry wants two boys We don’t care about the sex of the babies, we just want them to be healthy I want one of each.  Obviously.  So we’ll probably have two girls (YAY!)

*  We will NOT be telling what names we are considering/have chosen.  Don’t even ask. I am not interested in anyone’s opinion on our chosen monikers and it will be a lot harder to make fun of them when you’re looking at our sweet little babes.  And something has to be a surprise!

*  We will be more than happy to take any no longer used clothes, toys, books, random baby stuff off of your hands!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

*  I’ve been feeling pretty darn fantastic.  I have been blessed with an amazing first trimester.  Not much nausea, zero throwing up, no headaches.  I have been pretty tired but fortunately it doesn’t hit until around 3:00 in the afternoon.  I can usually catch a second wind with a long walk (Jacob is a fabulous walking partner!) but I’m toast by 8:30. Good thing not-pregnant me loves to crawl into bed by 9:00 anyway.  I get weepy quickly but it’s short lived.  I don’t think I’ve been too moody, but you’ll have to ask Jerry for the truth on that one.

*  I’ve been keeping secret baby files…this blog is about to get busy!  They were all written in real time as my pregnancy has progressed.  Some of the info will be redundant.  But this is a diary primarily for Jerry & I to look back on.  I’m currently in week 12 and we’ll be caught up pretty soon.

*  Most of the people who read this blog have been told our big news.  If you happen to be someone we know in real life, please keep it off of social media.  We’re not going public (FB official) until around Halloween.   It’s our news to share, mkay?  Thanks a bunch!

So that’s about it.

We’re feeling unbelievably blessed and so, so thankful for these babies!  I’ve been keeping an insanely positive attitude from day one and have completely thrown my “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” mentality right out the window.  I have so much faith in these babies!  And in my body to take good care of them.  I have faith in Jerry and I as a team.  And I have faith that we can handle whatever is thrown at us.  It’s easy to be fearful and to obsess on what could go wrong.  But I’m having none of that.  I am choosing to focus on what will go RIGHT.

We can’t wait to meet you, Beans!

6 thoughts on “Time To Spill The Beans”

      1. I hear ya! The time really does fly! You’re almost in your 2nd trimester. 🙂 I can’t believe I’ll be 16 weeks in less than a week…only 21 more weeks after that! Are you getting a bump yet?? I started getting one at 8 weeks!!


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