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Secret Baby Files – 8 weeks

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Your baby is growing at an amazing rate — about a millimeter every day. How’s your baby measuring up this week? At a length of about half an inch right now, your baby has graduated from blueberry-sized to raspberry-sized. But baby’s size each week is getting a bit hard to estimate and here’s why: Growth occurs at about the rate of one millimeter each day, but that growth isn’t necessarily just in height. Spurts can occur in the arms, legs, back and other parts of your baby’s body. That means big changes will be occurring every which way in the coming months.

What else is changing at 8 weeks pregnant? A close-up view of your little embryo would reveal your baby is looking a lot less reptilian and a lot more baby-like: Even though she has webbed fingers and toes, they’re differentiating now (give your baby a round of applause!) and her tail is just about gone. You’d see an upper lip forming, the protruding tip of that cute button nose and tiny (and very thin) eyelids.

All this growing is exciting for your baby too. How do you know? His or her heart is beating at the incredible rate of 150 times per minute — about twice as fast as your heart beats. And even though you can’t yet feel it, she’s now making spontaneous movements as she twitches her tiny trunk and limb buds. Your baby’s digs are growing, too. Amniotic fluid increases at a rate of about two tablespoons per week to accommodate your womb’s growing tenant.


I had my first appointment with our new OB/GYN practice this week.  I adore the doctor I used to see but recently he was promoted to Director of Obstetrics at Jefferson Regional Hospital and is no longer delivering out of West Penn.  I know Jefferson is a fabulous hospital but I avoid the South Hills like the plague.  Plus I love West Penn.  So our new practice is West Penn Ob/Gyn associates and I’m thrilled thus far!

Their office is less than a mile from our house.  I will have my ultrasounds at the brand new Wexford Medical Pavilion and I will deliver at West Penn.  You may have read the story of the rare monoamniotic twins which were recently born in Pittsburgh…they were delivered at West Penn and are doing great so I feel like I’m in stellar hands.  There are 8 doctors in the practice and we met with Dr. Han yesterday…LOVE her!  I will meet with all of the doctors eventually.

It was a pretty uneventful appointment.  Pee in a cup, check my weight (I close my eyes), get some baseline cultures of my lady organs and just review my pregnancy details.  I found out there is a real possibility of having a vaginal delivery (NOOOOOO!), I’m not out of the woods yet for the whole morning all day sickness deal and the little sharp pains I’ve been having in my lower belly region are totally normal.

Next appointment is Oct 24th…we’ll be able to hear the heartbeats!!


It’s very there at the end of the day.  Large and in charge.  In the mornings, not so much. I’m going to start taking pictures around week 12.

Weight Gain

I have no clue.  From my scale at home, as of today, I’ve gained 0 lbs.  I mentioned I was up 6-8 lbs due to the hormones (and comfort food) during the weeks of IVF drugs.  So I’m not getting too excited about this.  These babies could live off my fat stores for at least a month!


Bloat…The bloat has significantly decreased.  My pants fit pretty well and I’m noting I have more room in my rear end?  Can you get bloated in your butt?  I swear my cheeks swelled during treatment!  That’s going away…not sad about ditching a little junk in the trunk.

Boobs…They are currently ready to declare war on my bras.  We’re talking full fledged revolt.  Ladies, you know that moment you walk in the door after work and you whip off your bra & it’s the greatest feeling on earth?  Yeah, I thought it was great too…until now.  It’s 1000 times greater!  If you come to my house, I will not be wearing a bra.  You have been warned.

Fatigue…hooboy.  I’m tired.  Like real tired…most of the day.  I’m taking it to mean the Beans are growing!  I broke down and had a half-caff 2 mornings this week.  It’s actually about 4 oz of regular coffee and 8 oz of decaf and it really helps.  Supposedly one 8 oz cup of regular coffee per day is fine (per my doctor and several nurses) but I’m trying to limit as much as I can.

Round ligament Pain...I’ve been getting these sharp stabbing pains in my lower belly when I shift positions quickly.  Mostly if I’m laying down and I get up too fast…it feels like a jab to the ovary.  Turns out, it’s round ligament pain.

Apparently there are several thick ligaments surround and support your uterus as it grows during pregnancy. One of them is called the round ligament. The round ligament connects the front part of the womb to your groin, the area where your legs attach to your pelvis. The round ligament normally tightens and relaxes slowly. As your baby babies and womb grow, the round ligament stretches. That makes it more likely to become strained. Sudden movements can cause the ligament to tighten quickly, like a rubber band snapping. This causes a sudden and quick jabbing feeling.  Thank you to WebMD for that anatomy lesson.

These pains are most common in the 2nd trimester but as I’m growing two Beans, they are hitting me sooner.  I’m just happy it’s all normal.

Sleep…Excellent!  Until 4:30.  Jerry and I both have been waking up @ 4:30 and then we’re UP.  We both flop around in the bed for 15 minutes until one of us says “I’m awake”. Then we snuggle in bed with Jacob for a while and watch the news.

Nausea…Dare I say none???  I know, I know…I’m not out of the woods yet.  My poor Chiquita has been so sick for her first trimester (and into her second) & I know I’m lucky. But again, this is only week 8.  There is still time for the Beans to turn on me!

Smell…I’m surrounded by cigarette smoke and bad breath.  And I can’t escape it!

The big C…yeah.  Still hanging out.  Some good days, some bad days.  I’m not too uncomfortable so I’m not going to complain.


My relationship with food has hit a rocky patch these days.  I’m just,  kind of uninterested. I’m hungry, but nothing sounds good.  I eat to eat and that’s about it.

I’m should to be eating something like 2,500 calories right now.  I’m not.  I’m eating regular meals and some snacks because I know it’s good for me.  But food is kinda boring.  Who am I????  

Jerry and I went to the grocery store this week. He was following me around, watching me shove stuff in the cart saying “I have never seen you buy that before!”  Stouffer’s mac & cheese, cheese stuffed pretzels bites, a giant bag of Halloween Twizzlers…all kinds of comfort food from my youth.  #sorrynotsorry


Lots more walking this week.  I’m clocking at least 10,000 steps and getting in my 30 active minutes most days.  I’m happy with that. 


Sometimes I’m Little-Jenny-cranky-pants.  Still getting annoyed with people in general.   Most of them are people I don’t really know so it’s not too bad.

Also, don’t be surprised if you’re talking to me and I suddenly burst into tears.  Happens all the time.  The bursting into tears part, not necessarily when I’m talking to someone.  It is bizarre things that set me off.  That one piece of hair that will. not. straighten. with my flat iron.  Jacob’s paw prints that are all over the hardwood so I’m mopping the floor, again.  A giant bird flies above me and I’m reminded of how a hawk scooped up Jessica Simpson’s dog and ate it.  All reasons to get me teary.

But I’m happy a lot of the time too :).


1 thought on “Secret Baby Files – 8 weeks”

  1. Thanks for the info on round ligament pain! I have been feeling it, but didn’t know what it was. Same with you – I only feel it if I move quickly. Hahaha – oh the emotions! I hear you. So funny to be crying over something that doesn’t REALLY matter, but feels so important at the moment!


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