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Secret Baby Files – 9 Weeks

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Would you believe your baby is having his or her first graduation already? Yes, it’s true: At 9 weeks pregnant, your scholar-to-be has ended his or her embryonic stage and is entering the fetal period now (good-bye embryo, hello fetus). Your fetus is now about one inch long, the size of a medium green olive (but no martinis, please). The head has straightened out and is more fully developed, the ears are much more prominent and some new organs (the liver, spleen and gallbladder) are forming. Your fetus is also making spontaneous movements of his or her arms and legs now that minuscule muscles are beginning to develop, though you won’t feel your tiny dancer for at least another two months.

While it’s way too early to feel anything, it’s not too early to hear something (possibly). Your baby’s heart is developed enough — and grown large enough — so that its beats can be heard with a Doppler, a handheld ultrasound device that amplifies the lub-dub sound the heart makes. But don’t worry if your practitioner can’t pick up the sound of your baby’s heartbeat yet. It just means your shy guy or gal is hiding in the corner of your uterus or has his or her back facing out, making it hard for the Doppler to find its target. In a few weeks (or at your next visit) the miraculous sound of your baby’s heartbeat is certain to be audible for your listening pleasure.


Bump – 9 weeks 3 days

This is a horrible picture taken with my ipad…and the only picture I will probably take bare bellied.  But this is the bump at 9 weeks. It’s getting big! (That black blob on my lower abs is bruising from my Lovenox shots.  It’s pretty bad. According to Jerry, I’m terrible at giving shots.)


About 50% of my pants fit.  I’m slowly retiring clothes each week.  My favorite black pants from the Gap bit the dust yesterday.  I wore them unbuttoned with a belly band and it was the worst…they dug into my skin and left huge welts all over my stomach.  Stretchy pants for the win!

Weight Gain

Up 2.5 lbs.  Not the 10 lbs by 10 weeks I was supposed to gain but it’s a start.


Fatigue…same story, feel good until around 2:30ish and then get sleepy.  Lights out by 9:00

Sleep…Good nights are really good.  One night I woke up to pee and fell asleep on the toilet (probably TMI but too bad.  It’s my blog).  Bad nights are pretty bad.  Insomnia is a bugger!  3:30 am is the new witching hour.

Smell…public restrooms are not a pregnant lady’s friend.  And considering I have to use the one at work 390302 times per day, I’m getting good a holding my breath.

Shiny Hair…Lemme just say, these Beans are giving me amazing hair!!  My hair is pretty thick to begin with.  Now it’s growing like a weed!  And it’s super shiny and really healthy. (True story, when I used to work with Rachel B, she would come into my office and ask if she could brush my hair.  While she was brushing, my boss would walk in and just shake his head.  Then she would ask if she could brush his hair (he was bald).  Good grief, I miss you girl. Come home and brush my hair!) 

Pregnancy brain…isn’t it a bit early for this to hit?  I’m a bit of a space cadet at times and I really notice it in my typing.

Heartburn…the only time I would get heartburn pre-pregnancy was if I drank too much water (I’m an odd one).  But whoa nelly, it’s showing up lately!  Typically after I eat acidic foods.  I haven’t had to chow down on any Tums yet but I should probably pick some up just in case.  Chugging water helps for now.

Symptoms I (still) don’t have

Nausea…omg, I’m so afraid to jinx this.  Nada.  Ok, just so I don’t sound like a snotty braggard…I’m a little queasy if I eat too fast, like it might come back up.  But that goes away in about 30 seconds.  I know I have gotten off pretty easy.  Thank you Beans!

Acne…Again, don’t want to jinx it but my skin is glowing.  I am just shocked by this!  Still thanking my Clairsonic and lots of water.

Insatiable hunger…I was kinda looking forward to this :).  I love to eat!  And while I find myself hungry most of the time, it’s not I HAVE TO EAT THIS SECOND kinda hunger.

Excessive Peeing…maybe it’s because I’ve always had a teeny peanut bladder and I’m used to it.  But I don’t pee anymore than I used to.  And (TMI), when I go, it’s minimal output.  Even with my “must finish water before you pee” rule.  I credit it to more blood volume due to the Beans, therefore, the water is being put to good use.  Question for my doctor.


I find I’m hungry a lot but not able to eat a large amount of food at one time.  This is not a bad thing…it forces me to eat many small meals throughout the day which is better for me anyway.  Cooked veggies are unappealing but raw veggies dipped in this are a different story.


Have you tried this???  The whole tub has 270 calories, 8 g of fat and 16 g of protein.  It’s fabulous!

Love:  La Croix Grapefruit, Pizza, pasta, grilled cheese, egg sandwiches, chili, Stouffer’s mac & cheese, Cheese stuffed pretzels, Fruit, ice water

Don’t Love:  Meat (unless it’s ground beef), cooked veggies, seafood, hard boiled eggs


Just walking.  Lots of walking.


Happy and grateful most of the time. Not as weepy.  But stupid, ignorant people still send me raging.  My pregnancy patience is non existant.

Gender Predictions

I’ve had a nagging feeling my my bones for the last year that I was going to have twins, and they were going to be girls.   This was way before I was even pregnant.  Now that we’re moving right along, I feel like it’s one of each.  I think Lima bean (A) is a girl and Butter bean (B) is a boy.  We will hopefully know for sure in about 8 weeks.  Gender scan should be around Thanksgiving.

In addition, Jerry and I had a lengthy conversation about names this weekend.  I started the conversation by stating “I am dreading this discussion because I know there will screaming and tears (all mine)”…we’re both pretty stubborn.  I’m happy to report, we’re mostly on the same page!  We have one solid girl name (Jerry is not even entertaining the thought of 2 girls) and 2 favored boy names.  We also have a list of about 10 contenders for each gender so I’m confident there will be little drama finalizing our decisions.  I did have to drop 3 of my favorite boy names (Franklin, Eli and Preston got a firm NO WAY!) but I’m OK with that.

We are still keeping the names a secret until the birth.  I mean business with this one. And no one wants to piss off a hormonal pregnant woman (trust me).

High/Low of the week

High…Telling Jerry’s Grandma and sister about the Beans.  Stephanie already knew we were pregnant, but she didn’t know she was gonna be an Aunt x2!  They were both shocked and thrilled!  Grandma really wants a boy and a girl…”That way you’ll be all done!”.  We had to assure her that regardless of the genders, we’re all done!

Low…catching Jerry’s wicked headcold!  Man, it kinda sucks being sick when you can’t take anything.  My safe medicine cheat sheet indicated I could use my beloved Decongestant Nasal Spray but some further digging said Afrin is a Category C drug and it’s safety is uncertain.  Not worth the risk.  So I shoved a bunch of Vicks Vapo Rub up my nose, took a Tylenol PM and called it a night.  It could be worse.


My baby daddy continues to be amazing.  He’s starting to trust that I’m doing everything in my power to take care of these wee ones.  He encourages me to rest.  He helps out around the house.  He doesn’t eat any of my beloved Pizza Hut Pan Pizza (Don’t judge me) and I think I almost have him convinced to give me foot massages (with latex gloves on, of course) when my feet start aching in a few weeks.  These Beans are going to have one fantastic father.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely blog with us about your pregnancy experience , I also want to share some beautyfull phase of mine pregnancy too , when I was in this phase I also enjoyed by listening heartbeat of my baby with baby heartbeat monitor.You can also enjoy this ,it feels amazing .


  2. Being a mother is beautyfull phase of mother’s life when they was in that phase , I surely use your advice in my life. Thanks for posting these types of blogs . I really appreciate this.


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