The Beans

Secret Baby Files – 11 weeks

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Slightly more than two inches long now and weighing about a third of an ounce, your baby has been pretty busy growing this week. While you can’t tell this baby’s gender by its cover yet, testes are developing if it’s a boy and ovaries if it’s a girl. And by week 11 of pregnancy, baby has distinct human characteristics: hands and feet in front of her body, ears nearly in their final shape, open nasal passages on the tip of her tiny nose, a tongue and palate in the mouth and visible nipples. Her head is currently equal in length to the rest of the body (don’t worry — all fetuses are top-heavy) and hair follicles are forming on the crown (as well as over the rest of the body). What else makes her look human? Those hands and feet have individual fingers and toes (meaning goodbye to those froglike webbed hands and feet). Meanwhile, fingernail and toenail beds begin to develop this week; by next week, the nails themselves will start to grow (so don’t forget to add a baby nail clipper to your to-buy list).

At the same time, your baby’s body is straightening and her torso is lengthening.  Other poses your baby can now assume:  stretches, somersaults and forward rolls.


There is no sucking this puppy in.  It’s a definite bump.  I’ve caught Jerry randomly laughing after looking at it and when I question him, he replies “There is NO WAY your boss doesn’t know you’re pregnant”.   Hmmmm, I thought I was being pretty slick with my long cardigans and my strategically places scarves.  I’m coming out of the closet this week so it’ll be interesting to see how successful I’ve been.

Doctor’s Appointment

11w0d – we had an appointment for a basic checkup and to try and hear heartbeats with the doppler. My BP 120/82 which is a little high for me, but I was nervous. 

I had a couple of questions for the doctor.  What’s the deal with weight gain and multiples?  In a nutshell, every woman’s different.  They’ll be tracking my weight and the babies growth so we can adjust if necessary.  Don’t stress about eating 3,500 calories a day. Why aren’t I peeing very much (considering I drink over a gallon of water per day)?  The doctor looked at me like I had 2 heads at this one (what pregnant person is going to complain about peeing too little?!?!).  Basically, I have no edema (swelling) so the water is exiting somewhere.  Not a concern.

The doctor mentioned that it might be tough to hear a heartbeat and really hard to hear both (being this early in the pregnancy).  He slid the probe around for about a minute and we heard one very distinct heartbeat.  I gasped and we lost it.  Figures.  We have an appointment at 11w5d for a viability ultrasound (cue 4 days of panic attacks!). 

I got a prescription for prenatal baseline bloodwork (apparently I didn’t have these tests through our RE) and the Maternal MSAFP Quad Screen (for genetic abnormalities).  We also will have a genetic consult to discuss further testing. 

Weight Gain

Per doctor’s office…up 2 lbs.  I’m not weighing myself at home anymore.

How I’m feeling

95% of the time…pretty freaking great!  I am apparently really good a being pregnant (knock on every piece of wood I can find).  I’ve suffered little nausea, my fatigue is practically gone, my skin is clear, life is good!  I’m sure the massive amounts of complaints will come, but for now, I’m just loving every minute of growing these babies. 

I’m not totally symptomless. I have some sinus issues (symptomatic of allergies), my boobs are huge and sore, and my digestive system has returned to the norm (i.e. non productive at a 2-3 day clip) but these are minor inconveniences.  I’m also having more round ligament pain but it’s not too bad.  Just a sharp jab to the gut a few times a day.


I realize this could be the most asinine statement I’ve ever made, but I think I’m feeling some flutters.  It could be wishful thinking.  You know when you get a weird eye or muscle twitch?  And it just randomly pulses for a second like a little drum beat?  Well I have that feeling from a spot low inside my belly.  It happened one night for about 15 minutes while I was watching Sons of Anarchy (I guess it could’ve been my heart beating all the way in the pit of my stomach…omg that show!!) and I’ve had a few blips here and there.  And no, it’s not gas.  That is one (unmentioned) symptom I am not escaping and definitely know the difference. 


I’ve had pasta for dinner 5 nights this week.  But hey, I’m growing 2 Italian babes…I’m prepping them for life outside the womb!  Jerry and I went to BRGR and oh my goodness…it was unreal!  We had the Pot Roast and Tots (tater tots covered in cheese and pot roast with gravy…what?!?!) and I had the Shrooms burger.  I’ve been dreaming of cheeseburgers and this didn’t disappoint!  I’m guessing BRGR is going to become a pregnancy staple.

I’m still eating often but not a ton at one time.  I find I get full pretty quickly. 

Love:  La Croix Grapefruit, ginger ale, cheeseburgers, pasta, bagels and cream cheese, grilled cheese, spinach, frozen grapes, egg sandwiches, ground beef, clemintines.

Don’t Love:  Meat (unless it’s ground beef), cooked veggies (unless it’s spinach), salad without ranch dressing.


Just walking.  Lots of walking. 66,019 steps this week and 5 days of 30+ active minutes.


Most nights it’s awesome.  Some of the best sleep I’ve even had!  I’m staying up a little later (usually until 9:30/10) and I think that helps. I wake up feeling well rested and my energy stays pretty high until around 8:00. 


Jerry and I were measuring for our new living room couch and he suggested a furniture placement that was absolutely ridiculous just wouldn’t work.  And I “snapped at him”.  Actually I flipped out and yelled a bunch.  And he yelled back “Listen to yourself!  I make one suggestion and you completely lose it on me.”  He was completely right and I felt horrible so gave him a chocolate chip cookie as a peace offering. So…I have those moments…. 

I also find I’m pretty sensitive these days.  Example…I’m a bit self conscious about the bump because basically it looks like I’ve eaten way too many of the aforementioned cookies.  So innocent comments like “You’re having pasta for dinner again?? Really?” are taken as “You’re starting to looking like an elephant from eating all of that pasta”.  And I get sad and tear up and feel depressed. It’s totally irrational and silly (because honestly, even if I did look like an elephant, Jerry would never tease me about it)…welcome to pregnancy hormones!

But most of the time I’m pretty happy!   

High/Low of the week

High…Hearing at least one heartbeat, even though it was brief. 

Low…my neighbor’s dog being off leash and charging after Jacob.  And the wife laughing it off. LAUGHING!!!! Granted the dog was all of 10 lbs but my dog is 90.  It is quite possible he could pull me down while I’m trying to prevent him from eating the little ankle biter.  I went home and and had a much needed meltdown.  LOTS of crying and cursing.  That was the second time that’s happened with this dog.  The third strike will be ugly….just sayin.

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