The Beans

15 Weeks pregnant with twins

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Baby Is Looking More Like a Baby
Curious why your body is finally looking pregnant? It’s because at 15 weeks pregnant your baby is quickly growing bigger each week — he or she is as long as four and a half inches right now. Need a better visual (and a snack)? Hold a large navel orange in your hand — that’s how big your little darlin’ is. (Now that you’re done looking, peel that orange and eat it for a delicious two servings of vitamin C!). And with each passing week, your fetus is also looking more and more like the baby you’re picturing in your dreams. By now, the ears are positioned properly on the sides of the head (they used to be in the neck) and the eyes are moving from the side of the head to the front of the face — where they’ll soon meet your loving gaze.

So what keeps your baby busy all day? Mostly, your fetus is in rehearsals — practice, practice, practicing and getting ready for that big debut. Babies practice breathing, sucking and swallowing so that when they leave your comfy womb and move into your comfy house, they’ll have the skills necessary to survive. Your fetus is also holding daily aerobics classes — kicking, curling toes and moving those little arms and legs – but because he or she weighs so little (a bit over two ounces), you won’t feel the fetal movements going on inside your abdominal gym

The Bump – 15w4d

Sunday morning.  No make-up.  Right after an hour long walk with the boys.  And a weird leaning back situation.  This picture is a hot mess.


But whoa…look at that belly!  This girl is really starting to feel pregnant.  It’s so funny…in my first trimester, I would sometimes forget I was pregnant.  I was always cognizant we had two Beans on the way but I would fail to remember that they were growing in my body.  But now…this belly is a constant reminder.

Doctor’s Appt

Weigh Gain: 2 lbs.  This puts my grand total at +7lbs.  That’s not a great number given the fact that I wasn’t sick at all the first trimester.  The doctor said they like to look at the number as an average and most women start out gaining small amounts but catch up quickly.  I need to start paying attention to what I’m eating and really focusing on nutrient dense calories as opposed to empty carbs.

It was a standard appointment.  Pee, weight, blood pressure (110/72), listen for their heartbeats..  The doctor put the doppler on my belly and instantly picked up Lima Bean’s heartbeat.  It was clear and strong and I could have listened to it forever.  It took a couple of seconds to find Butter Bean, but there it was.  A constant thumping, swooshing sound that was music to my ears.  I smied.  Ya know, when you smile and cry at the same time.  (It’s not my prettiest face, btw.)

I’m measuring at around 18 weeks with a singleton.  I’ve read that twin pregnancies often measure 5-7 weeks ahead so I’m a little behind, but not much.

We grilled the doctor on what OTC meds I can and cannot take.  Miralax every day!  GasX for the win!  And then we were told our next ultrasound would be at 19 weeks, not 16 as we believed.  whomp, whomp.  Major sad face.  I selfishly want to know what these Beans are!  But this one is the big one.  The anatomy scan.  They will look at all the babies major organs, their little brains, their spine, etc and they will also check to make sure my parts are doing their job.  And they can also tell us the gender(s).

I’m guessing I won’t get much sleep in December in anticipation of this appointment…but I have pinned the cutest little gender reveal idea for our families!

How I’m feeling

Anxious. I blame this stupid cold!  A couple of weeks into my first pregnancy, I caught a wicked headcold.  The worst symptom was a horrible cough that kept me awake all night and reduced me to tears more than once.  I couldn’t take anything and it was total misery.  A week or so after that we found out I had lost the pregnancy.  So I supposed I’m having a bit of deja vu with this illness because the symptoms are the same.  And I guess it’s normal to feel a bit anxious about our babies.  Once I heard the heartbeats, I felt better.  Back to being annoyingly positive!

The crud lasted over a week.  Lots of water, lots of coughing, lots of sneezing, lots of outfit changes.  Yes, we have a brand new symptom.  We’ll file this one under I don’t want to talk about it.  Bottom line, I need to do more Kegels.

My belly is pretty tender due to the Lovenox injections and I’m still having some growing pains.  But the body is feeling pretty good otherwise.


Operation “stop eating garbage and carbs” is in full effect!  I’ve coasted on the carbohydrate highway long enough.  I’m feeling really good and I’m hungry all most of the time.  So I need to make it a priority to fuel myself with good stuff rather than Kraft mac & cheese (soooo good!) and Mrs. Ts (SOOOOOOOO GOOD!).  I’m not giving it all up…I’m just cutting it back.

I made this Garlic Ginger Shrimp Stirfry with broccoli and red peppers and served it with some farro.  I think it was the first non-comfort food I’ve made in a few months.  Jerry was clearly thrilled (he ate 3 helpings) and it felt good to eat a balanced meal.

We had a little Friendsgiving celebration and my girlfriend didn’t cut any corners.  It was a full fledged Thanksgiving meal and was SO amazingly good.  I had 1 (full) plate of food and was so uncomfortably stuffed afterward.  Grossly overstuffed.  I need to pace myself on Thursday.

Like: Mad Mex fish tacos and I are in love.  And their black bean dip is my BFF. Clementines, beef, Triscuits, cottage cheese, berries, pizza

Don’t like:  quinoa, fish


Pregnancy dreams are in.sane.  So crazy vivid and it takes a few minutes upon waking up to realize they’re not real.  I’ve had some bad ones that leave me shaking and some good ones where I can’t wait to fall back to sleep to see how they end.

I’ve taken a 1/2 tablet of Unisom a few nights this week to get me through my cold and it worked wonders.  I wake up with a raw, dry throat (Jerry & I are having snoring contests) but I sleep hard.


Pretty nonexistent.  Besides having the crud, it’s been like 11 degrees here.  I wouldn’t be walking around in this chill if I were 100% healthy.  My fitbit thinks I’ve jumped ship.  We did get a warm-up yesterday (65 degrees in November…oh yes!) and I walked for an hour.  It was a little much…my lungs are still cruddy and the hills killed me.  I’m better off doing several small walks for 20 minutes or so.


I think I’ve been in a great mood!  I get moments of crankiness but they pass quickly.

Gender Predictions

Jerry is so petrified of having 2 girls that I’m totally convinced that’s what we’re having.  I know he’ll get over that fear quickly but when we talk about them, he just shakes his head at the thought of 2 little princesses taking over his life.  Of course, I would secretly be thrilled!  20 days till we find out!  EEEEKKKKKK!

8 thoughts on “15 Weeks pregnant with twins”

  1. You look great! Also, I have had lots of sneezing… and some of those same issues!
    We also don’t get our next ultrasound til 19 weeks. Everyone in our family is so excited to find out what our twins are. I mean, we are too, but our families can’t wait!


    1. Glad I’m not alone in that one. I didn’t think I’d be doing extra loads of laundry for ME! 19 weeks will be here before you know it!


    1. Me either! I’m still leaning toward one of each but 2 little girls would be a lot of fun. So would 2 little boys. I guess I could care less what they are…I just want to know!


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