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20 Weeks pregnant with twins

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You’ve got a heavyweight in your belly at 20 weeks pregnant (well, in baby terms, anyway). Your little champ weighs about 10 ounces and has a height, crown to rump, of about six and a half inches. Think small cantaloupe (and probably as sweet too). While your baby is definitely getting bigger, there’s still plenty of growing room in there, which allows him to twist and turn (and allows you to feel his acrobatics!).

Boy or Girl?
Curious about whether that melon-sized belly contains a boy or a girl? Now’s your chance to take a peek! Though the external genitals in both male and female fetuses still have a way to grow, you’ll be able to find out your baby’s gender via the second trimester ultrasound, scheduled for anytime between 18 and 22 weeks. This routine exam gives your practitioner a chance to see how things are going in there (and wow, are they going!). If you’re carrying a girl fetus, her uterus is fully formed this week and her vaginal canal is starting its development (which means that in about 25 or 30-some-odd years, she could be just where you’re at, Grandma!). She also has primitive eggs in her tiny little ovaries now, seven million of them. By the time she’s born, that number will be down to two million (still more than she could ever hope to use) — all the eggs she’ll ever have. If your fetus is a boy, his testicles have begun their descent this week, though they’re still located in the abdomen, waiting for the scrotum to finish growing so they’ll have a place to drop into in a few weeks.

The Bump – 20w5d

Boy oh boy…I sure did pop this week!  Still pointy (I swear it looks round in person!) but just huuuuuuugggeeeee!

20 Weeks

Doctor’s Appointment

Total Weight gain – +6 lbs.  Thank you stomach flu!  One week later after Xmas and  lots and lots of eats – +10 lbs on the home scale.

Blood pressure – 104/70.  The doctor seemed really happy about this.  So did I.

Heartbeats sounded good.  I’ve graduated to biweekly appointments!  The doctor I saw this time has 17 year old triplets.  I felt like I was in good hands!

Jerry and I rejoined the gym and I’d like to start walking on the treadmill a few days a week.  I miss my nightly jaunts with Jacob in the neighborhood.  But it’s cold and dark now and I don’t really like either of those things.  I was cleared for that plus some light weights but she wants me to take it easy between 24 – 34 weeks.  Preterm labor is the biggest concern at this point and we all want to avoid that.

Gender Reveal

Butter bean is a boy and Lima Bean is a girl!  I still would have been thrilled with 2 boys or 2 girls but I’m super duper thrilled that we’re having one of each.

Didn’t our little DIY presents turn out cute?!  We gave our families these ornaments for Christmas and they were a huge hit.  We followed this tutorial and they were really simple to make.


How I’m feeling

The aches and pains have started. I know they’re inevitable and I’m trying just to suck it up.  Knees, hips, back, feet…just achy.  My feet ache so bad when I stand for longer than 10 minutes. Cooking dinner requires a few breaks to rest.  Apparently the hip aches is everything expanding.  I have not been blessed with “child bearing hips”…they are very narrow and my pelvis is pretty small.  So it makes sense that they are widening to accommodate a big ole baby head. Or 2.

I caught a little stomach bug at the beginning of the week.  It only lasted a day but hoo boy…it was terrible!  I have a brand new respect for you ladies who have to deal with morning/all day sickness.  Throwing up is zero fun!  But all was well by Tuesday night so I can’t complain much.

Heartburn is picking up.  Must start carrying Tums with me at all times!!  It’s so gross…the stomach acid just bubbles up in my throat.  I find if I drink more water I can keep it under control a bit.  And I find I’m slacking on the water intake, which is unlike me because I love water.  But right now I also love soda (I know it’s so bad for me but the Beans are craving it).  And that can’t be helping.


More and more every day.  Here’s the thing…I don’t love it.  I know!  How awful?!?  Don’t get me wrong, I love that my babies are moving because that means they’re growing.  But all of the blogs I read have the Moms-to-be gushing “they’re moving all the time and I LOVE it!” when they talk about their baby (babies) squirming around in there. I don’t know…I think it’s weird.  Right now it feels like a twitchy eye muscle…in my stomach.  And I’m not really fond of twitchy eye muscles.

I did feel my first big kick on Christmas Eve.  No doubt about it.  That was pretty cool.  And I notice a ton of movement when I’m squishing them.  Like when I lay on my side, the bean being squished between my stomach and the mattress goes nuts. Or when I sit and squish my belly in my lap by leaning over, I get a ton of movement low in my belly.

Nursery & Baby Purchases

Jerry’s parents were in town for a few days and we got the rest of the nursery cleared out and the cribs put together.  I just want to sit in that room for hours!  We need to stand and paint the rest of the furniture and buy some little accessories, but it’s really coming together!

Our original plan was to paint the room some shade of blue (slate, navy, peacock) but I noticed it’s very serene and relaxing the way it is.  I might just leave the walls a nice neutral almond color.  I know a lot of people might think it’s boring but I don’t want a lot of “stuff” going on in the room.  I don’t like cutsy baby prints for curtains or bedding and I really want the baby animal photos to stand out and be the focus.  Right now I’m leaning toward soft, muted colors with solids & very simple prints for fabric.

Target had some onsies on clearance so Jerry’s Mom and I splurged on a few things.  I’m trying not to buy much but it’s SO HARD!  Teeny tiny baby clothes are the cutest!  I ordered some baby leggings that are adorable and a few things from that I couldn’t resist…

Pink Ladies and T Birds Twin Set  SALE!!! Baby Boy Yellow/Grey Stripe with Black Cardigan Outfit with Your Choice of 1 Removable Bow Tie (tie choices in additional photos)

But I swear, now I’m done!


I don’t know….I’m so bummed about the food situation.  I’m hungry most of the time and I definitely eat.  But I thought it would be way more fun.  There is nothing that I LOOOOVE and NEED to eat.  Sweets still taste good but not omgsoooogood and I’m just eating them a lot of the time because they’re there.

It is nice to be starting out the new year without a resolution to lose weight.  My resolution is to be more mindful about what I’m eating and clean things up.  I got a Nutribullet for Xmas (YAY!  Some women love jewelry…I love kitchen appliances!) and I’m so excited to get back to juices/smoothies/fruit slushies.


Fabulous!  It was the week of Christmas…how could I not be in a wonderful mood?!  The insane train left the station for a while and I was back to my blissfully happy state.  I notice I get a little cranky when I’m tired so I tried to balance out all the activity with plenty of rest.  We had a wonderful holiday and I can’t believe it was the last one as a family of 2.

Life is very, very good.

The Beans

19 Weeks pregnant with twins

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Baby’s Getting Coordinated
Six inches long this week and about a half pound in weight, your baby has gone through a little growth spurt and is the size of a large mango. Your little action figure is able to choreograph Matrix-like moves at 19 weeks pregnant. Arms and legs are finally in proportion, neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone. All these upgrades combine to give your baby more control over limb movements. Which explains all that kicking, stretching and bodysurfing (or rather bellysurfing) you’ve possibly started feeling by now.

Vernix Develops
Something else going on this week: Your baby is getting a cheesy varnish. Say what? Yup — a protective substance called vernix caseosa (vernix is the Latin word for varnish; caseosa is cheese) now covers your baby’s skin. It’s greasy and white and is made up of lanugo (that downy hair), oil from your baby’s glands and dead skin cells. This waxy ‘cheese’ may not sound too appetizing or attractive, but it’s there for good reason: Vernix protects your baby’s sensitive skin from the surrounding amniotic fluid. Without it, your baby would look very wrinkled at birth (sort of what you’d look like if you soaked in a bath for nine months). The vernix sheds as delivery approaches, though some babies — especially those born early — will still be covered with vernix at the delivery, so you might get a look at your baby’s first anti-wrinkle cream.

The Bump 19w5d

Belly sucked in

19 weeks


Belly pushed out.  Yowza!

IMG_1115 (2)

Our anatomy scan

Hi babies!  Our little Butterbean is on top and Lima Bean is on the bottom.



Baby A  165 bpm measuring 19w3d (approx 10oz)

Baby B  147 bpm measuring 19w5d (approx 10oz)

I have to admit, I was sweating this ultrasound.  Don’t I look stressed out?


I think it’s pretty normal to have some anxiety about a big appointment like this.  We were scheduled for 2:30 and all day at work, I was having mild panic attacks, heart palpitations and shaking hands.  But no need for the worry…we have two perfect little Beans!

Our ultrasound tech was awesome!  She was so great about explaining everything to us and answered all of our questions.  At the beginning of the appointment, we gave her two note cards and envelopes to write the genders of each baby.  And seal them tight!

The first time those babies pop up on the screen, it takes your breath away.  My goodness they were so big!  Limabean was outta control!  This baby must take after Jerry because, there was so much moving around, it was hard to get some of the measurements!  Butterbean was pretty chill, which obviously means this baby takes after it’s Mama.  The whole process took about an hour and 15 minutes, which wasn’t too bad.  We got measurements of the spines, kidneys, heart, brain, fingers, toes, arms, legs, and lots of veins and arteries.  Modern medicine is amazing!!

I have one baby on my lower right side and another baby up higher, by my ribs.  My belly is pretty big at the lower end so I was really surprised.  Butterbean started out in the breech position but eventually flipped so both babies heads were touching.  I guess there is still a lot of room for them to move around.

Babies snuggled together


Baby feet!


Scary Alien baby face.  This picture creeps me out.  Sorry, Limabean…I know you’re going to be adorable when you are on the outside!


Some things to note:

My cervix looks good (long and closed are the words you want to hear) and the placenta is out of the way.  In some cases, the placenta can cover the cervix (a condition called placenta previa) which can lead to a whole bunch of problems.

It appears that the baby’s placentas have merged into one.  This is not a cause for concern as there is plenty of placenta to do it’s job.

They are both measuring around the same size, which is good.  This could change as we get further along but for right now, I have almost 2 lbs of baby in my belly!

We did find out the genders the night after the scan.  Jerry and I waited until we got home to open the notecards.  I took one card and he had the other and we opened them one at a time.  Needless to say, it was a very emotional moment.  Not because of the results, necessarily, but because these beans were all of a sudden SO REAL.

A few weeks ago, I pinned this idea from the blog, Kelcie Talk and knew that was how I wanted to share our news with our families.  Jerry and I bought all of the supplies around Thanksgiving.  We had enough for two boys, two girls or one of each so we were able to finish our ornaments the night of the ultrasound.  (Note to parents:  this image is from her website, not from our DIY extravaganza!)

None of the parents/friends/siblings are thrilled that we’re making them wait a week to find out!  Sorry about that, yinz guys.  Hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

How I’m feeling

I know I’m a broken record.  I mostly feel great!  Just so I’m not a total jerk…

I have a little heartburn every night when I go to bed.  I keep forgetting to bring the Tums upstairs and generally just tough it out.  So it’s not all that bad.

Major knee stiffness/pain.  This is not from the babies, necessarily…I have had crappy knees since college.  I’m guessing the added weight I’m carrying around is aggravating the situation.  Standing from sitting it the biggest problem.  I usually have to brace myself on my chair.  Getting off the sofa alone is not pretty.  I kinda roll to the side and shimmy my way to standing.

My arms have started falling asleep.  I woke up in the middle of the night to a dead right arm and figured it was just the way I slept.  Unfortunately I’ve been getting pins and needles in the same arm.  We’ll talk to the doctor about it next week.

Um, that’s about it.  I kind of love being pregnant :).  {ducks her head to avoid being smacked}


Still lots of flutters and vibrations, which are getting more pronounced.  And I think I felt a kick.  It was a kick or a muscle spasm.


Our week started out with Jerry getting home at 10:00 from a work dinner (I hadn’t seen him in 3 days and all I could muster was a quick “hi honey” before rolling over back to sleep).  Fast forward 2 hours later when Jacob was whining and head-butting me with his nose (oh the joys of a dog that can put his whole noggin on the bed while standing beside it).  Jerry was snoring and Jacob kept whining so I schlepped my big ole belly downstairs to see if the poor guy was sick.  Yeppers.  He had some tummy trouble going on which lasted another 2 hours and 2 more trips outside before I threw in the towel and woke Jerry up to take over sick dog duty.  Look at how well we’re already handling these late night  wake ups from our sick furry child?!?!  I slept 4 hours that night.

But sleep got better as the week went on.  I mean, does this look like someone who is struggling for sleep?


Jarrad took this picture one night to demonstrate how much I will hog the bed when left to my own devices.


Ho Ho Ho…gimme all your cookies!  I’m doing a better job balancing out the sweets though.  There have been more green & red vegetables in my diet this week than the entire first 18 weeks of my pregnancy.

My new favorite thing is coconut Chobani, blueberries, walnuts and honey.  I have it for breakfast (with an English muffin) every single morning.  Cereal is still in my life.  Coco Krispies have been replaced by Frosted Mini Wheats.  I’m not a cereal kinda girl at all.  But now I crave it.


Ladies and gentlemen, pregnancy hormones are no joke.  I wish men could experience it for one day.  I woke up Friday morning and was contemplating getting out of bed when I just started sobbing.  For NO REASON.  Uncontrollable tears so bad I started hyperventilating.  I snapped out of it after 5-10 minutes but it was bizarre.  Maybe I had a bad dream?  Who knows. I felt great afterwards so hopefully it was just a fluke.

Annnnd, then Jerry & I had a “discussion” about TVs which somehow turned into a giant blowout (caused by me and these crazy hormones).  I was crying and screaming at him and he (understandably) yelled back that I was being insane.  Yes, I have moments of insanity.  But they are few and far between (per Jerry) so I guess I should be thankful.

Overall, I’m feeling very blessed and happy.  Looking forward to a wonderful week filled with friends and family!

The Beans

18 Weeks pregnant with twins

002  001

Given that the average gestation of twin pregnancies is 35 weeks, we’re halfway there!  I’m hoping it takes longer but I feel like we’re hitting a pretty big milestone.


Baby Is Yawning
At five and a half inches long (remember, that’s crown to rump) and five ounces in weight, (about the size of that boneless chicken breast you’re making for dinner), your baby may be large enough now (or anytime in the next few weeks) for you to feel him twisting, rolling, kicking and punching his way around the womb. And now for the skill of the week: The art of the yawn has been mastered by your baby (you may feel those soon, too!). In fact, you might catch a glimpse of that adorable yawn and all those other fetal movements at your ultrasound this month.

Baby’s Nervous System Is Maturing Rapidly
Something you won’t see on the ultrasound — but you’ll learn is in working order — is your baby’s nervous system, which is maturing rapidly when you’re 18 weeks pregnant. Nerves, now covered with a substance called myelin (which speeds messages from nerve cell to nerve cell), are forming more complex connections. And those in the brain are further specializing into the ones that serve the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing. Talking about hearing, your baby’s is growing more acute, making your little one more conscious of sounds that come from inside your body (which means you could both be listening to each other hiccup!).

Bump – 18w5d

18 Weeks

I think this belly is fascinating.  It’s definitely not small, yet I forget it’s there sometimes.  I think I expected the sensation to be like I was super stuffed, all the time.  But it just feels like it always has.  However, bending over is becoming problematic.  Tying my shoes is uncomfortable and leaves me winded.  Shaving is going to be interesting as the weeks go on.  Thank goodness for bench seats in the shower!  I forgot how much a little nick the knee will bleed when on blood thinners!  Looks like a crime scene.

But I’m getting pretty comfortable with this belly.  I’m wearing fitted shirts for the first time in, well…ever.  It’s actually kinda cute at this stage.

And apparently, it’s not just my belly that’s growing.  Someone (whose name starts with a J and ends in erry) mentioned that my butt was getting big…in his defense, I did ask him to tell me this kind of information.  But as our cousin pointed out last night “Big butts are in”, so I’m very trendy! (xoxo Kaitlin)

Weight Gain

I gave in & weighed myself at home.  I’m up exactly 10 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I have a doctor’s appt on the 19th so I’ll get a better idea of how we’re doing then.

How I’m feeling

So overall I’m still feeling good.  Really, I have no complaints 90% of the time.  But I’m starting to feel it.  Body aches, sore joints and an overall feeling of being heavy.  Not sure which of these are pregnancy related or advanced maternal age related.  Probably a bit of both!

Some things in particular to note:

I had some back pain at the beginning of the week.  Actually it’s more like a pain in the butt.  It’s concentrated on my left side and has settled in my hip/upper butt cheek area.  At first I thought it was sciatic nerve pain, but Dr. Google indicates that is pretty rare.  But it hurts!  Especially when I stand after sitting a while or when I walk a long time.  I’ve actually been having pain in my left hip, left knee and of course, my dumb claw toe (which effects my whole left foot).  By the end of the week, the butt pain is gotten better.

I’ve started getting really uncomfortable after eating.  Small, light meals are definitely the way to go.  My belly gets huuuuggee and I feel so bloated and heavy.  We had a holiday potluck in my office and I was miserable afterward.

Heartburn has been in check, so that’s good.  No headaches.  Plumbing is still backed up, but it’s not terrible.  My skin is still glowing and my hair, while it really needs a trim, is super healthy.  Not too shabby.


Nothing really noticeable during the day.  But when I lay down at night, I get cozy and they start dancin!  It’s a very strange feeling.  Lots of vibrating and fluttering.  I can’t wait to see if they are positioned where I think they are.


3:30 am is my new wake up time.  No need to set the alarm, my bladder takes care of alerting me.  Then I lay in bed for 45 minutes until I can’t take it anymore.  It’s no use trying to fall back to sleep, my brain just won’t shut off.  After 2 nights of crappy sleep, I took a 1/2 of a Unisom Sleeptab before bed.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  Hallelujah!


Who loves Coco Krispies???  I do! I do!  I haven’t eaten them since I was 13 but I am now!  OMG, I’m in love.  The best part is the chocolaty milk at the end of the bowl.  YumO!

Pre-Beans, I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth.  I usually passed on dessert and generally choose savory over sweet every time.  But these babies love sugar!  The cafeteria in my office has a fantastic bakery and for the first time in 4 1/2 years, I hit the display case.  Chocolate mousse cake and chocolate cream pie are my favorites!

Gender Predictions

We will hopefully find out in TWO DAYS what we’re having!  We’ll be sharing with everyone sometime after Xmas.  My guess is still a boy and a girl.  Jarrad is still guessing they are both boys.  Any other predictions out there?

Baby Purchases/Nursery Progress

We have cribs!  We chose the Ikea Sundvik cribs which were economical and highly rated online.  And we chose white for our nursery furniture as we plan to paint the walls a slate blue and our trim is white.  I like that they are simple, with clean lines.  And we purchased the coordinating Vyssa Vinak crib mattresses as well.  SUNDVIK Crib IKEA The bed base can be placed at two different heights. Converts into a toddler bed.

We also picked up our glider.  It’s more of a dark grey than this picture indicates.  It’s the perfect size, super comfy and I love it!

We also got the matching ottoman.  I know we will have many nights of rocking babies in this chair.

I ordered a couple packs of newborn onsies that were on super sale and boy oh boy…those things are teeny tiny!  I know, I know…we’ll probably be gifted lots of baby clothes and I shouldn’t buy much.  But I also know that you can’t have too many onsies.  Babies are messy!  And at 5 for $9…I couldn’t pass them up!

Jerry and I are alternating months of buying something “fun/cute” for the Beans and December is his month.  Who wants to put money on newborn soccer cleats or authentic Pirates jerseys?  I’ll take that bet!


For the most part, super happy.  So much to look forward to this week!  Our anatomy scan is on Wednesday (we’d appreciate lots of prayers for two healthy Beans!).  And we kick off the holiday season on Saturday, celebrating with my Mom, brother and their families.  I can hardly wrap my head around this being our last Christmas without our own little ones!  Feeling amazingly blessed every single day.

Of course it’s not all rainbows and butterflies…my patience with nonsense is pretty non-existent.  I really notice it at work.  My best defense recently is to just walk away from the annoying situations and not let it fester.  I’m the QUEEN of festering!  But I’m doing a pretty good job of letting things roll off these days.

10 Days till Christmas!

The Beans

17 Weeks pregnant with twins

003 004


My how your baby has grown!
Your little one weighs about three and a half ounces and is about the size of your palm (or about five inches long). Body fat (baby’s, that is) is beginning to form and will continue to accumulate through the end of your pregnancy (join the club, baby!), so that by the time you give birth it will make up about two-thirds of his or her weight. Baby’s heart is now regulated by the brain (no more random beats) to beat 140 to 150 times per minute — about twice as fast as yours! And since practice makes perfect, your baby is sharpening his or her sucking and swallowing skills in preparation for that first (and second…and third) suckle at your breast or bottle. In fact, most of the survival reflexes that your baby will have at birth are being perfected in-utero right now

Fingerprints Are Forming
Here’s some proof that your baby is truly one of a kind (as if you needed any!). Within the next week or so, the pads on your baby’s fingertips and toes will become adorned with completely individual swirls and creases (aka fingerprints).

Baby’s Startled By Noise
Your baby is almost certainly listening up by now. In fact, loud noises — the dog barking, the doorbell ringing — will actually startle your baby (and also get him or her used to such noises — for instance, fetuses who regularly hear a dog barking will become babies who sleep right through Fido’s outbursts.  Jacob was happy to hear this). Your baby’s eyes (which have fortunately finished their migration to the front of his or her head) are making small side-to-side movements and can even perceive some light, though the eyelids are still sealed.

Bump – 17w5d

Yeah, so…last week when I was complaining that I should be bigger?  Well, the Beans must have been listening.  Jerry was out of town for a week and his only comment when he saw the bump was “Whoa”.

Whoa! (I’m “sucking it in” in this picture too.)



So let’s take a look at what our little Beans are up to right now.  If you could look inside my belly, you would see something like this.  Cool, huh?

image via

According to our last ultrasound, Lima Bean is on the bottom closest to my cervix and Butter Bean is right above him.  They have their own little apartments in there and I’m sure they’ll be kickboxing in no time!

So it would stand to reason that all of this growing and smooshing of my organs would leave my innards a bit sore.  I’ve really noticed that this week.  Everything inside just feels bruised.  Similar to the feeling after you’ve had a colonoscopy, if you’ve had the pleasure of that lovely procedure.

Maternity Clothes

I currently have 2 pairs of normal pants I can still wear (they have a LOT of stretch in them) and I’m still able to wear all of my stretchy comfy clothes at home.  My normal shirts are starting to get too short, even the long ones.  And I always assumed that I’d like the low maternity pants with the waistband that sits under the belly.  Oh no…I’m full panel all the way!  They hold the belly in and smooth everything out.  I love them!  They look ridiculous by themselves, but I don’t care.  Jerry has a horrible poker face…he tries not to looked shocked when I’m getting ready for work in the morning but he can’t pull it off.

How I’m feeling

Overall I’m still feeling great.  I have no major ailments…just some minor things that are a normal part of pregnancy.  But because I have no problem complaining, here they are!

Heartburn – It’s not terrible but it’s annoying.  And kinda gross.  I’ve had a lot of stomach acid that settles in the back of my throat when I lay down at night too.  It’s really weird and makes me choke.  Thankfully, Tums are doing the trick right now.

Round ligament pain – It’s getting worse…mainly when I stand up from sitting for a long time. Just a quick OWWWW! and then it’s over.

Shortness of breath – I get winded so easily!  Walking up a flight of stairs warrants a good minute of recovery time.  I’m being very kind to myself and sitting down to rest after 10ish minutes of activity. Which means that mopping the floor takes 2 hours.  Whatever.

Pregnancy Brain

This is another “symptom” I used to laugh at.  Come on ladies…get it together!

Oh, it’s a real thing!  And it’s no joke.  I’ll routinely forget peoples names.  And not people I run into from high school, who I haven’t seen in 100 years.  It’s my boss. True story…he was talking to me one morning and I just looked at him, wracking my brain trying to remember his name.  Fortunately for my job security, it hit me after a couple of minutes.  But it’s crazytown!


Well, we knew my little indifference with food wouldn’t last.  Hoo boy…this mama is HANGRY!  It hit me on day 1 of week 17.  I had a sandwich and salad for lunch and about 15 minutes after I was finished, I was famished again. I’m taking this as an excellent sign that the beans are growing.  Grow, Beans!  Grow!

Jerry was out of town this past week so naturally…this happened.


All mine!!  No, I could not wait to eat a piece before snapping a picture.  And Pizza Hut was having a deal on 2 mediums so who am I to pass up a bargain?  I love a good coal fired or brick oven pizza as much as the next pizza lover.  But I’ll always hit the Hut when I’m craving comfort food.  And holy geez…it was amazing!

Like…pancakes, (HOT) Italian hoagies, ranch dressing, pizza (always), any and all fruit, English muffins, greek yogurt w/ walnuts & honey, beef

Don’t like…fish, chicken

The only thing I really miss is iced tea.  That is my go-to beverage at restaurants and because I refused to give up my morning half-caff, I can’t partake in caffeine in the evenings.  This week, I just want a giant unsweetened iced tea from Chick-fil-a!  They do have caff-free diet coke though, and as I’m loving soda these days, it works.


I hate to admit this because he’ll probably insist on sleeping in the guest room.  But Jerry was out of town on a business trip this past week and my sleep was amazing!  I took over the whole bed and one night didn’t even wake up to pee.  We’ve been talking about getting a king sized bed for a while (because, ya know…Jacob wants it) and it may be time to bite the bullet.  We’ll see.

I’ve talked to quite a few pregnant girls who are having the hardest time sleeping because of position.  i.e. they’re either back or stomach sleepers.  I’m super lucky because I’ve always preferred sleeping on my left side.  At least I start out in that position…I usually flop to the right side at some point.  So I’m not sleeping with a special pillow or a giant pillow fort.  At least not yet.


I don’t really feel them much during the day.  But when I lay down at night to wind down before sleep, there are lots of flutters and vibrations.  I had a little bout of insomnia this weekend and they were having a dance party at 2 am.  It was the most I’ve felt them and it was amazing!  Of course it was in the middle of the night and I guess I should just get used to it.

Baby Purchases


I’m constantly scanning Craigslist for good deals on baby items.  Imagine my delight when I saw an ad for TWO of the exact car seats we had registered for.  Cost for both was less than the cost for one so I snapped them up!  They were less than a year old and don’t expire until 12/2019.  And I had a lovely conversation with the Mom who was selling them and turns out, she has 1 year old boy/girl twins.  And she has a crapton of stuff she’s going to be getting rid of over the next year so naturally we’re gonna be BFFs.


Still blissfully content.  I know.  It’s annoying.  I just love this time of year, even with the cold.  And I still feel pretty great physically so I’m enjoying the ride.

I did flip out on Jerry once but I would have flipped out on him in the same scenario if I were not pregnant.  So it doesn’t count!


The Beans

16 Weeks pregnant with twins

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Baby’s Eyes Are Working 
Your baby now weighs in at a whopping three to five ounces and he’s four to five inches in length. The backbone and tiny muscles in his back are gaining strength, so he can straighten out his head and neck even more. And thanks to his developing facial muscles, your baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage. His eyes are finally working too, making small side-to-side movements and perceiving light (although the eyelids are still sealed). Peekaboo!

Baby’s Skin Is Transparent 
Your fetus is becoming a looker too — with a face that has both eyebrows and eyelashes — but a skinny looker, since there’s no baby fat yet. And here’s the skinny on baby skin: It’s practically translucent now, so if you took a peek inside your uterus, you’d be able to see your baby’s blood vessels under that thin skin.

Baby Can Year Your Voice
Listen up: Tiny bones in your fetus’s ears are in place, making it likely that the baby can hear your voice when you’re speaking (or singing in the shower) at 16 weeks pregnant. In fact, studies have found that babies who hear a song while they’re in the womb recognize the same tunewhen it’s sung to them after they’re born (so choose your baby Muzak with that in mind…)

The Bump – 16w5d

When is this bump going to get cute and round?!?!  It’s just a big pointy blob right now.  I was feeling like it really wasn’t getting any bigger but when I look at these two pictures, I see the whole body is getting bigger.  My boobs look teeny tiny too…how am I filling out a D cup?  If I took a bare belly shot (which I won’t…), you would see that the bump is filling out on the sides too.  It’s no longer the little cantaloupe under my skin.


Some mornings I look in the mirror and get very concerned that I’m not bigger (careful what you wish for).  I’m eating well…albeit not a ton, but enough.  But 2 avocados and all the extra liquid junk should have me filling out more, no?  Our ultrasound cannot get here soon enough!!  Speaking of the anatomy scan…it’s been pushed back a few days due to Jerry’s new job stuff.  There is no way I’m attending that appointment without him!  But it still should be the week of the 15th, for those of you interested parties out there.

How I’m feeling

The crud has vacated, thank goodness!  It’s amazing how much better you sleep when you can breathe through your nose.  I still have some congestion but I think that will be sticking around indefinitely.

I’m having some growing pains.  My belly feels bruised a lot.  It’s not just the injection site anymore…it’s at the top of my stomach as well.  My hips and feet have been getting sore too.

I’ve noticed my gums have been bleeding when I brush my teeth.  Breast tenderness hasn’t gone away.  My digestive tract is still slow but I’m not as bloated.  Overall, I can’t complain!


We have flutters!  When I lay in bed and I’m still, I can feel little vibrations in my belly.  The first time it happened, it sent chills up my back.  I told Jerry and his response was “Ok sweetie, whatever you say”.  He thinks it’s wishful thinking.  They’re pretty sporadic but they’re there!  Can’t wait for big karate chops!

Gender Predictions

I’m back to a boy and a girl.  I’m definitely getting a girl vibe, I think mainly due to Butter Bean’s uber high heart beat (167).  My sister-in-law is convinced it’s at least one boy, probably 2 because “you look so good” (I love her!).  Who knows.  Who cares, really?  I don’t.  I’ll honestly be thrilled any which way.


There isn’t much I’m not loving these days.  I’m still not big on fish although I saw a perfectly seared piece of salmon at Casbah on Sunday and it made my mouth water.  So maybe I should give it a chance?

I’ve never been a big fan of breakfast food.  And when we do have it, I pick savory every time!  But I’ve been on a pancake/French toast kick lately.  Jerry thinks he’s died and gone to heaven (he’d eat pancakes every day if he could!).

I could take or leave meat right now.  I don’t hate it but it’s not at the top of my list.  Unless it’s a burger.  Then sign me up! I’m loving beef in general.

Likes:  Clementines, cottage cheese, beef, salads with ranch, hot sauce, english muffins, pizza (always), butter, hot tea.

Don’t love:  Fish


I’ve been sleeping really well. I still have 1 night of insomnia but I can’t complain. Over the Thanksgiving break, I slept in until 8:00 everyday!  Granted, I was a party animal and stayed up past 10:00 (twice!) but that sleep was heaven.

Baby Purchases

We hit IKEA on black Friday (yes, we’re crazy) to buy cribs and mattresses plus frames for our new animal prints (which are more unbelievably adorable in person than online!).  The cribs were out of stock (whomp, whomp) but we picked up a giant stuffed elephant and kangaroo for $7.50 each!

I had to hide them from Jacob.

I also bought these Tiny Toms because OMG PLAID BABY SHOES!  I almost died at the cuteness. I’m a tad obsessed with plaid.

They were on super sale + 10% back via Ebates.


Blissfully content and happy.  I’m just enjoying this special time in our lives and counting my blessings everyday.  I’m so excited for the Holidays (our last as a family of 2…2.5 if you count Jacob) and am really looking forward to some QT time with our family and friends. Lot 256 will be decorated this week (our tree is crazy perfect!) and I’ve set the DVR to record every Christmas show on ABC family!  Fa la la la la!!