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23 Weeks pregnant with twins

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Fetal Weight Gain
At eight inches and slightly over a pound, this week marks the beginning of some serious weight gain. Your baby should double his weight over the next four weeks alone (and you may feel as though you do, too). His skin is a bit saggy since it grows a lot faster than fat — but soon he’ll start to fit his frame as fat deposits fill things out. By the time your baby is born, he or she will be pleasantly plump and filled out, from chubby cheeks to chubby toes. And although at 23 weeks pregnant your baby’s organs and bones are visible through his skin (which has a red hue due to developing veins and arteries beneath), he’ll become less transparent once those fat deposits settle in.

You Can Hear Baby’s Heartbeat Through a Stethoscope
You’ve probably heard your developing baby’s heartbeat through a Doppler a number of times already (though you never get tired of hearing it), but by now you can also hear it through a standard stethoscope. What a heart throb!

Bump – 23w6d

My belly button is slowly shrinking to a pinhole.  It’s not pushing outward, just getting smaller.  Ugh, I’m dreading the outtie belly button situation that is sure to present itself any day now.  I have an aversion to touching of my belly button and with all of the belly groping that’s going on these days, it’s bound to be grazed by someone’s hand.

I’m still carrying these two low and in the front.


How I’m feeling

Pregnant.  I’m feeling very pregnant.

My belly is feeling heavy.  My joints are achy (my poor knees).  My fingers are starting to swell.  I’m constantly congested.  My boobs are huge & (still) sore.  Gross things are starting to happen to my body.  I pee every 1/2 hour.  And I’m tired all the time.  Yay!  We’re in the thick of it now.

All of those aforementioned symptoms aren’t complaints.  I swear! I’ve had a fabulous pregnancy thus far and I continue to feel great most of the time.  It is what it is…none of it is unexpected and all of it is a lot better than I’ve read it would be.  I’ve got 14+ weeks to go.  This party is just getting started!

Bending over is becoming pretty difficult.  I just can’t breathe if I’m doubled over for too long.  And 3 seconds is too long.  Getting off the couch is comical…my center of gravity is all messed up.  Jerry hadn’t seen me in 2 weeks due to a business trip and he was amazing at how huge pregnant I looked.  I pulled my shirt up to scratch my belly and he just burst out laughing.  This bare bump is something to be seen!  And NO…you can’t see it.


We are having those wonderful movements I’ve heard all about.  And yes, I LOVE them!  Lots of kicks, lots of hiccups, and some strange feelings that can only be rolling or flipping.  I have no idea who is who but most of the movements are at the bottom of my stomach and way at the top by my ribs.  I have no idea how these Beans are positioned.  My next ultrasound is on 1/30 so we’ll find out then.

They are super active between 8-9 at night.  We were laying on the couch and Jerry finally got to feel them kicking.  It’s pretty cool.  And also creepy at the same time.


Sleep has been pretty good.  I’m back to being exhausted by 8:30 and I’m still exhausted when I wake up at 5:30.  I’m generally up 2876183 times to pee but falling back to sleep hasn’t been a problem.

Seriously, the dreams are insane.  Lots of baby dreams…most of them not good.  I’m so elated when I wake up and realized they’re not real.  I had one dream where I went into labor early and all of the fluid drained out of my belly.  You could see 2 perfectly formed babies under my skin…heads, arms, legs…and I was sobbing and begging for them to be ok.  Then they popped out of me and they were perfect, healthy, alert…cats.  Yes, I gave birth to 2 cats.


Carbs, fruit, carbs, fruit, water, fruit, carbs, cheese.  And sugar.  I feel like Elf because I want to put maple syrup on everything.

I’m still eating a salad most days.  And yogurt.  And a lot of my carbs are whole grains.  But a lot are English Muffins and pierogies.  I love you Mrs. Ts!  I know my protein intake could be better.  Most proteins are just so unappealing to me right now.  Unless it’s cheeseburgers or fajitas.

I had my first craving over the weekend.  We went to Costco on Saturday (afternoon…like a bunch of amateurs) and picked up strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.  And I made a huge berry salad.  And then I started obsessing.  I could not stop thinking about these berries!  I ate a bunch and when I woke up the next day, I jumped out of bed and raced downstairs to stuff berries in my face.  Obsessed!   I guess there are worse things to be craving.

I’m sucking down water like it’s my job, taking my prenatal every day and really trying to balance it all out.


Still very emotional…the crying hasn’t stopped.  But it’s very brief…boo hoo hoo…and then I pull it together.  I completely lost it on Pizza Hut when their call center sent my order to the Oakmont store (which is 45 minutes from me).  And I was forced to eat Mrs. Ts for the 3rd night in a row.  Grrrrr…messing with a pregnant woman’s food makes you enemy #1, Pizza Hut.  Jerry said it was a sign that I should stop ordering from Pizza Hut, as they’re not real pizza.  It’s my thing…let it go.

But happy for the most part.  And getting more and more excited to meet these little Beans!  In 3 months, of course.

Random Thoughts/Observations/Stuff

*  Hoo boy…the comments are plentiful now!  Most are kind and congratulatory, like “you look so good!” or “how exciting!”, which I can never hear enough :).  A few are “Better you than me” or “good luck with that”, which I just smile and mutter shut up, asshole under my breath.  One guy asked me if we are having twins on purpose and another said we must have “done it” a LOT to get pregnant with two (Ew, creepo).   I’m still getting lots of well meaning advice…would it be mean to just blurt out “I appreciate all of this but unless you have multiples, I’m kinda tuning you out”?  Yes, yes it would. And I do get some general advice that is helpful.

*  We had our Maternity Ward tour over the weekend. It wasn’t terribly helpful as all of the birthing suites were full and their new post partum recovery wing wasn’t open yet.  But we did get information on checking in, plus some policies and procedures.  Jerry was a bit disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to wear his Go Pro camera during delivery.  There were two other families expecting twins with us and the 3 of us took a quick trip to the NICU.  Man, I had to dig deep to keep it together.

*  There was a discussion on the FB multiples group regarding how far along everyone was at the time they delivered.  I was pleasantly surprised that the majority (80% or more) went  36+ weeks and had little to no NICU time.  As I move further along in my pregnancy, it’s easy to let my mind wander to the “what-if’s”.  I think it’s normal to try and prepare yourself for the worst case scenario.  But I try very hard to refocus on my mantra that my pregnancy is no one else’s and I’m writing my own story.  I need to continue to have confidence that I’m taking good care of myself and that the Beans will cook as long as they need.

*  We hit a big milestone in 2 days.  We’ve almost made it to mini-goal #1!

3 thoughts on “23 Weeks pregnant with twins”

  1. Those berries sound delicious! Think I’ll have to make a grocery run now. 🙂
    Your little bump is so cute, but I understand with all the comments. I am already tired of them. Everyone is either: “You’re so tiny” or “You’re so huge” or the comments about how hard it is going to be. I feel like saying, yeah it’s gonna be terrible, thanks for the vote of confidence. Jerks!


  2. Haahahaha – you gave birth to two cats? I know one auntie who would still be excited about that! And really? Did you have twins on purpose? What’s wrong with people?


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