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Post Partum Recovery

My little squishes are 3 weeks old!  How is that possible?

029 034

That means I gave birth 3 weeks ago.  So how am I doing?  Pretty freaking great!  The actual recovery from the surgery was a little rough for the first few days.  The best advice I received in the hospital was to stay on top of the pain meds.  It made a huge difference.  I tried to be superwoman and tell them I didn’t need them.  But I got a little lecture from my OB on how much faster my body would heal if I gave it a chance.

My incision has healed nicely.  I’m gonna have a little scar around my bikini line but my bikini-wearing days are far behind me so I’m not too worried.  The steri strips have started to fall off and I think they should be gone by the end of the week.

I gained 38 lbs during my pregnancy.  As of this morning, I’ve lost 37 of those lbs.  Thank you, breastfeeding.  I still have another 10 lbs of pre-preggo, fertility treatment weight to lose and I’m hoping once I’m allowed to be more active, that will take care of itself.  I’m really looking forward to exercising again…surprisingly.  I may have dropped the pounds but everything is very soft and flabby.  My belly feels like a deflated beach ball.  It’s really weird.

I haven’t dealt with too much post partum depression, and I’m super thankful for that. I do have moments of spontaneous tears but they’re definitely happy ones.  These two littles are too much for my heart to take sometimes.

no make-up and uber tired…but it’s the best kind of exhausted.


– begin TMI

From what I had read, post partum bleeding is like the heaviest period of your life.  I’m not sure if it’s because I had a c-section or I’ve just always had light periods but it wasn’t really too bad after the first 2 days.  What it is…is loooong.  I’m still having bouts of spotting and full on bleeding.  It’s tapering off but wow.  It’s annoying.

I will say…maxipads have come a long way!  Holy geez.  I haven’t really worn pads since junior high school.  I was pleasantly surprised that they no longer resemble adult diapers.  They now are composed of super absorbent foam that can hold like 17 gallons of fluid.  Buy the Always Infinity pads.  You’re welcome.

I had also read that the first time you poop after birth is just as traumatic at the birth itself.  It’s not…it’s worse.  After 9 long days of taking colace and milk of magnesia as often as allowed, my body finally cooperated.  My bathroom looked like a crime scene.  And the 2 times (yes, you read that right…2 times) I’ve managed to go since then haven’t been much better.  I know…drink more water, eat more fiber, prune juice, flax seeds, coffee, take some Miralax.  Spare me, doesn’t help.

– end TMI

So, overall…I feel pretty much like my old self.  My body has completely amazed me during this whole process.  First it grew these beautiful babies and then it snapped back to shape pretty quickly to allow me to care for them.

It’s basically been the best 3 weeks…ever


2 thoughts on “Post Partum Recovery”

  1. Glad to hear recovery is going relatively easy and well!!! They are too sweet for words.

    Also your crime scene description reminds me of my first few bowel movements after the hemorrhoid surgery so now I’m looking even more forward to that! Ha!


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