The Beans

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 1 month

Our little Beans are a month old!  Excuse me for a second while I curl up in the corner and cry my eyes out.

This past month has been quite an adventure. Lots and lots of highs and a few lows.  These little people are coming into their personalities and it’s been my greatest gift getting to know them.  They are pretty much the bestest things ever.


If you google the sweetest baby on the planet, you will get 10,000 pictures of Greyson Paul.  As long as he’s fed, changed and warm, you won’t even know he’s in the room.  He’s very content to just chill out and observe the world around him.  Fynnlee is our little drama queen. You will always know she is in the room.  I read that with twins, you can’t feel too guilty paying attention to one baby more than the other because inevitably, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  Well, Fynnlee Ann is our squeaky wheel. I definitley suffer from a bit of the Mom guilt…it’s hard not to when you feel like you can’t reward the “good” baby.  I just tell him not to worry…I’m going to buy him the car and Fynn will get a bicycle and a bus pass.  I do make sure to fit in extra snuggles and one on one time when she’s in a milk coma.  It’s all a balancing act, I guess.


Managing the day to day operations with twins can be tricky.  Especially on the days when Jerry is at work and I’m flying solo.  I would say most of the time, they cut me some slack.  One baby sleeps while I feed the other and it only happens once or twice a day where we have 2 screaming children at the same time. If Jerry is home, we divide and conquer.  If not, I channel my inner octopus and do the best I can.



Feeding these two muchkins is a constantly changing process.  I’m still nursing Fynnlee and pumping for Greyson but we are supplementing about 50% of the feedings with formula for both.  It’s not ideal but it is what it is.  I’m happy they’re both getting some breast milk but they are both demanding much more at feedings and I just can’t keep up.  There are things I could be doing to try boost my supply but honestly, I don’t have the energy in me to work on it.  I had some guilt over all of it but then slapped myself upside the head.  These babies are healthy and happy and growing like little weeds.  That is all that matters.

Fynn nurses for a good 20 minutes or eats 4 ounces of formula.  Greyson will eat anywhere from 2-4 ounces of pumped milk or formula depending on his mood.  We try to get as much food into them before bedtime and overnight because they definitely sleep better when their bellies are full.

We have pretty much every bottle known to man but the ones these kiddos prefer is the 3 for $3 gerber ones I found at Target.  Take that Tommee Tippee and your $8 single bottles!  The flow is really good for both babies and I don’t feel like I’m drowning them at feedings.  Sometimes simple is best!


Yesterday, I noticed a bunch of white spots on Fynnlee’s tongue. It’s also been very painful for me to nurse her or pump over the last couple of days (I just chalked it up to standard sore nipples). After consulting Dr. Google, it became very evident that we both had Thrush.  Yay!  We called the pediatrician who gave me a prescription Nystatin for Fynn. And I’m to apply Lotromin to my nipples to clear up the fungus (yep, the same stuff they use for athletes foot and jock itch).  I’m now boiling the hell out of anything that might come in contact with her mouth or my nipples and I’m hoping we can knock this thing out quickly.  I really wanted the babies to have at least 1/2 of their meals from breastmilk until I went back to work but I don’t know if I’m gonna make it.


I’m going to jinx myself, but I think these Beans are pretty good sleepers. They nap a lot during the day and for the most part, they go down pretty easily at night.  But the bottom line is…they’re babies and they are not consistent. We have good days/nights and bad ones.

002 003

Boppys in the pack n play is our favorite way to nap.


The “Sound Sleeper” app set to vacuum saves our sanity.


5 to 8 pm is typically the worst part of the day.  They are pretty fussy and just want to be held and eat.  So we feed them as much as we can stuff in them and have been successful over the last week of getting a good nap out of them so we can eat dinner.  We need to start establishing a serious bedtime routine within the next couple of weeks…right now, we’re just winging it.

Overnight they sleep from 9-10 to 12-1.  After a 20 minute feed, they go back down until 3-4.  Greyson sometimes wakes up around 2:00 if he hasn’t eaten enough.  But longer sleep stretches will come.  They are still teeny babies and are trying to figure things out just as we are.


We have tried 3 brands of diapers.  Pampers Swaddlers, Honest brand and Target’s Up & Up.  The Pampers and Target brand are definitely the best. Super absorbent and zero leaks. I’m really not too impressed with the Honest diapers…they’re cute but we’ve had some leaks.

Enough about poop…


Look at him.  I die…he’s so perfect.


1 month stats

Weight  birth weight:  5lbs 4oz  1 month: one month: 6lbs 12oz (0 percentile)
Height  at birth:  17.75 inches  1 month: 19.5 inches (0 percentile)
Head circumference : 38.5 cm (87th percentile)
Wearing:  Newborn clothes, newborn diapers
Nicknames:  Pipsqueak, lovebug, GP, sweet pea, chicken legs
Likes:  Advent pacifiers, Wubbanub, Fisher price swing, snuggles, when Mom sings “The Gambler”.
Dislikes:  Diaper changes, baths, being cold

I’m not gonna lie…my little G Man is kind of a hot mess at the moment. He has a wicked case of baby acne in addition to cradle cap.  Poor little nugget…his beautiful face is all splotchy.  It really seems to flare up after he’s eaten.  Our pediatrician assures me that it’s not painful and is super common.  Just leave it alone and he will out grow it.

This little guy has seen so many changes over the past 2 weeks.  He’s now making eye contact all the time  I’m getting faint smiles and coos and my heart just melts into a giant puddle. His tiny hand can put your finger in a death grip and his neck strength is really improving.

There is zero chance he’s not gonna be a Mama’s boy…just sayin.


I swear this little girl gets more beautiful every day.  Those cheeks and that hair…

1 month stats

Weight  birth weight:  6bs 7oz  1 month:  one month: 8lbs 12oz (38th percentile)
Height  at birth:  19.5 inches  1 month: 20.25 inches (14th percentile)
Head circumference:  36.25 cm (44th percentile)
Wearing:  Mix of Newborn and 0-3 month clothes, newborn diapers
Nicknames:  Fynn, Squish, Squeaky wheel, chubby cheeks, Toots
Likes: Eating, 4 Moms Rockaroo, being held, grunting
Dislikes:  Diaper changes, being hungry

Every day with Fynnlee is an adventure.  She is the life of the party and loves the drama.  Her favorite thing is to get out attention with loud “WHAAAA!”…and the second you go to rescue her, she flashes the biggest, gummy grin known to man.  She’s got us figured out, our smart cookie.  I knew she was going to be a spitfire before she was even born…and I’m so glad I was right.

She is absolutely irresistible and she knows it.

While I feel like we’re doing really well, that’s not to say I don’t have moments every day where I just want to scream “Stop crying!” or “I don’t know what you want!”.  There are many times when I’m annoyed, lonely, frustrated and I just need to take a breath and regroup.  I find that by the end of the day, I’m on sensory overload.  I desperately need a good 30-45 minutes of quiet time.  And my favorite form of “quiet time” is a long walk with Jacob and Howard Stern.

I read this awesome article on ScaryMommy…8 things I wish I’d known about having twins.  And I always read this last part when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.

You have been chosen, super woman. You were blessed in this life to bring two warriors into this world. It won’t be easy but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be the most rewarding adventure that was entrusted to you. You are in charge of your greatness and theirs. There will be a moment that you could spill open with radiance because your life is so whole and you wouldn’t want to change it for anything. Acknowledge the joy and hope of it all as each joyous and hopeful inch comes your way. And know that you are a rockstar. You’ve got this. Own that cape, baby.

I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for us, Beans!  Every day is better than the day before.

2 thoughts on “Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 1 month”

  1. Great update! Sounds like you are doing an excellent job! They are adorable! I’m being discharged tomorrow and hope to get into a routine with them still in the NICU so once they come home we are in a good place!!


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