The Beans

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 6 weeks

Jerry had to go to Atlanta for his national sales conference so the Beans got to spend 4+ days with their Aunt Stephanie and GG (Jerry’s grandma).  I’m trying to figure out how to move them in with us permanently!

GG spent hours and hours feeding and cuddling our little nuggets.


And Steph was the queen “shusher” as we had a week with some fussy Beans.


We took some walks in the ‘hood, made homemade pizza and basically just loved on babies all day.


We made sure to send Daddy pictures of their OOTD (outfits of the day) as he was pretty sad without his little peanuts.

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We survived but we’re sooooo happy that he’s home!

The past two weeks have been pretty challenging. We breezed through the itty bitty newborn stage the first month where they basically just slept and ate. I felt pretty much like superwoman.  Entering month 2 has been a reality check.  Not to discount that we still have pretty easy babies…but they are just requiring a lot more attention now that they are awake for longer stretches.

The frustrating thing is that there isn’t a whole lot you can do with babies this age.  They still can’t really engage in play but they’re no longer content to just chill out in the swing or mamaroo.  We have a lot of fussing going on and they want to be held a lot.  This can be a struggle as there is only one of me during the day.  And they haven’t really taken to the Moby wrap or baby carrier yet.

Not to say these 2 weeks have been bad.  They have just called for some readjustment. Such is life with babies, so I’m told.  And as my BFF pointed out…they are teaching me patience, which I’m in desperate need of learning.


Currently still nursing Fynnlee at night and pumping for Greyson during the day.  Every single day I make the decision to stop both.  Our bout with Thrush, while gone for the most part, essentially shredded my nipples.  I’m also dealing with one super boob that accounts for 80% of my milk production and a slacker boob that just can’t get it together.  Super boob produces 3-4 oz per pumping session while slacker boob only gives me about 1/2 –1 oz.  It’s really annoying.  But I just can’t quit yet.  I’m not sure why because I’m not all rah rah “BREAST IS BEST!!”.  I’m totally fine with formula.  There is just something about feeding my kids breast milk while I can that makes me feel good as a Mom.  Also, it’s helping me shed my baby weight (if we’re going to be totally honest) and I don’t really have a lot of energy to exercise yet.  I’ve definitely decided to quit by the time I return to work

So Greyson is eating 4 oz of something 6-7 times per day and Fynnlee is taking in around 6 oz 5-6 times per day.  She definitely eats more during the day than at night while he’s pretty consistent 24/7.


We are working on establishing a nap and a night time routine.  I found that naps are really sporadic in the morning.  We get 20-30 minutes here and there.  And Fynnlee has pretty much determined that naps are really stupid.  So I’ve been putting them both down in the early afternoon, in our bedroom, in the rock n plays…and they’re out for 3-4 hours!  Yay!

Bedtime has been working out well too.  I give Fynnlee a bath around 7, nurse her and she is out by 7:30.  She’s been sleeping 4-5 hour stretches and it’s been fabulous!  Greyson goes down a bit later and we’ve found they’re both waking up around 12:30/1:00.  They’re up again around 4 and then up for the day around 7.

Jerry takes the 1:00 am feeding with Greyson while I nurse Fynn and then I try to let him sleep through the 4:00 shift.  We’re still a pretty kick ass team!

6 week post partum checkup

Blood pressure 118/72
Weight loss – I gained 38 lbs during pregnancy and have lost 44 thus far.  I have 4 more to go to hit my pre treatment weight and then want to lose an additional 10 to get to my “feel great weight”.

Everything checked out and now life returns to normal!  No exercise restrictions.  No heavy lifting restrictions.  No more lovenox injections!!  Whew.  And they are hooking me up with a Mirena IUD so no more Beans for us!  If I were 32 as opposed to 42, I would want 5 more babies.  But the universe and it’s master plan gave us 2 perfect ones so I’m very content with that!

6 week photo dump

Post bath…so fresh, so clean.  Seriously, these two…

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Adventures in baby wearing.


Gah! Baby bellies.  I just want to eat them up!


working on our fitness


Tummy time is stupid

008 009

My little prepster


Salty Fynn…Sweet Fynn

015 016

Double bouncers…these contraptions are lifesavers!


These two miracles are truly heaven sent.  They have turned my life upside down and it’s the best thing ever.