Tuesdays with Greyson

Eye spy…the cutest little guy!

I noticed a week or so ago when I posted this picture on Instagram, that Greyson’s right eye looks bigger than his left eye.  How didn’t I see this when I was looking at him every day?

So I went back and looked at his old photos and discovered that just 6 weeks ago, his eyes were exactly the same size.

So of course I started freaking out.  And then I realized what was happening.

Greyson has had issues with clogged tear ducts since birth. His eyes are always crusty and gunked over in the morning, when he wakes from a nap, after he cries…pretty much, all the time.  Our pediatrician told us that the issue would eventually resolve itself and was really common with babies.

And wouldn’t you know, one day he woke up and his right eye was all clear.  It was weird. No gunk.  No crust.  Just his beautiful little blue eye.

I think the clogged ducts were causing his eyes to swell up a bit and as they drain, his real eye shape is showing up.  And they look just like Fynnlee’s. His left eye just needs to catch up and heal like his right eye.  It still gets pretty yucky (that’s a technical term) but it’s improving.

So in case you noticed too and were wondering what was going on…that’s it!

Here are some scenes from daycare.

Beefcake playing with bottles.

He flexed and his sleeves fell off.    

Making beautiful artwork with a tractor.

And what he’d look like driving a tractor.  Damn he’s adorable.

So that’s what’s going on with Greyson!  Oh, and our whole family has the stomach flu. First Fynn, then me, then Jerry and now…you guessed it.  Little guy has a sick belly.  At least we didn’t all have it at the same time!

1 thought on “Tuesdays with Greyson”

  1. So sorry you were all sick. You are so right when you said you were lucky not to get it all at the same time. I am sure his eye will be fine. I get dry eye also. He is getting so big. Can’t wait



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