Fridays with Fynnlee

 This week we finally got Fynnlee to eat cereal.  I mixed it with mashed banana and she was ok with it. 
Jerry, however, was not.  He hates banana. 

It was a long week in our house. We all had the stomach flu and that made for some long nights and some wicked diaper rash. But the good news is….we’re all on the mend! 

And Grandma comes tomorrow for a whole week and we are super excited! (Fynn’s shirt says Grandmas little girl.  Not so little anymore!)

We had our evaluation with the folks at Children’s Hospital Craniofacial clinic and both kiddos will be getting fitted for helmets next week. I’m going to do a whole  separate post on that situation soon. 

But for now, here is this weeks day care photo dump. 

Blowing bubbles like a boss. 

Tummy time shenanigans 

 No clue what’s going on here. But the bow is cute!

Being cool and reading about farm animals. 

Coordinating for our first national daughter day. 

Hallmark holidays at their finest! Have a great weekend!

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