Fynnlee, Greyson

Fridays with Fynnlee (& Greyson)

This week kind of got away from me and before I knew it…Tuesday was over.  So we’re gonna combine the Bean’s features into one update.  And talk about helmets.

But first, we need to talk about these hats. I can’t even stand how cute they are!  Jerry was away for training (new job…woo hoo!) so Grandma came to stay with us for a week.  We had so much fun (despite her catching the stomach bug that our whole family had the week prior) and she brought these adorable pumpkin hats (that she knitted herself!) just in time for Fall to kick in.

One of the things we did during her stay was to pay a visit to Union Orthotics and Prosthetics to be fitted for their helmets.  They basically put the babes in that little STARscanner box and in literally 3 seconds, a digital image was produced of their skulls.
 Prior to the scan, they put these little stockings and stickers on the Bean’s heads so they could get a very accurate image.

They were not bothered by them at all. I’m hoping that is an indication of how they will tolerate the helmets. And my goodness, do they look cute?!

After they were scanned, we had a discussion with the doctor about their head shape. (Actually, I’m not sure if she was a doctor. Doesn’t really matter.)  Here is a visual of the various flat head conditions.

stages-of-plag type-of-flat-head-syndrome

Fynnlee’s affliction is Brachycephaly, or a flattening on the back of the head, which also causes her skull to get wider. Her case is one of the mildest they have seen, but it still qualifies for treatment. Greyson has a pretty bad case of Plagiocephaly, or flattening of one side. This is due to his torticollis and the constant turning his head to the left.

Treatment times are minimum of 3 months. Fynn will probably only have to wear her helmet for 3 months and then she should be ok. Greyson will have to wear his through his first birthday, most likely. We will be opting for clear helmets because of Greyson’s skin sensitivity (we can closely monitor the cradle cap). And I’d like them to match so Fynn’s will be clear too. We can still bedazzle them with stickers and sparkles and junk, but I’m not sure I want to get into all of that. We’ll see.

And now for the weekly daycare photo dump. It was a fun week for the Beans!
041  021

034  029

023   001

022  016

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Fridays with Fynnlee (& Greyson)”

  1. I read the Kissing Hand to my two all the time!!! Great book. They look like they have so much fun in daycare! How adorable they are Jen and I just look forward to your weekly posts so much….


  2. They are just thee cutest babies. They are getting so big. I love them and I haven’t even met them yet. I am sure Grandma had a great time with the two of them. Enjoy your weekend and can’t wait for the next update.


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