Tuesdays with Greyson

All of a sudden, we have a big boy on our hands!

Look at him! He’s doing a great job sitting up with a little assistance.

He has amazing hand-eye coordination and is holding onto everything!

He knows how to read.

Kidding. But he loves books and looking at his little “iPad”.

He can roll over back to belly like a madman.

But then he gets stuck on his belly and pitches a fit. Belly to back is a little rougher.

Doesn’t he look pissed??  Ahahahahaa! He does get mad, I swear.

And the biggest news of the week…our big boy got his first tooth this week!  Gah!! It’s the cutest little tooth in the history of teeth.

We had one rough night of sleep where he was up every. 20. minutes.  Jerry and I coasted on fumes (and lots and lots of caffeine) the next day, but the following night was much better. Thank you baby Tylenol!

Our little love muffin is really hitting a growth spurt.  He’s in all 6 month clothes and can fit in some 6-12 month stuff.  He changes every single day and it’s so amazing to watch!  I love this kiddo to the moon and back.

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