Fridays with Fynnlee

I love this week’s pictures so much. My daughter is so beautiful.

I hate this week’s pictures so much. My daughter is so grown up!

(and how cute are the Greyson photobombs in those 2 pictures?!).

Earlier this week, I was having a moment. I was mourning the itty bitty newborn we had just a mere 5 months ago. All of a sudden, she’s not so little any more. She doesn’t fit as well in the crook of my arm when I cradle her to feed. Her feet hang over the end of the swing. She’s pretty much busting out of the infant tub we use for nightly baths. It made me really sad. Time kinda sucks that way.

But then last night, Fynnlee woke up around midnight. She was fussy and crying and the usual pacifier/shushing/mobile tricks weren’t working. So I broke my own rules and plucked her out of the crib. And she threw her arms around my neck and sighed. It wasn’t an accident that they landed there…she deliberately wrapped her little arms around my neck and just wanted to be held. Although I was tired, it didn’t suck. And I kinda loved it.  I realized that I can’t make time slow down. No need to mourn the past. Just need to live in the present and enjoy each moment as they come. Because there are going to be lots of them. Great unexpected moments…


Ok, it’s Friday. Let’s lighten up a bit and talk about PEAS!  Not that you can really tell by this picture, but Fynn is NOT a fan!

So I probably definitely did the one thing you’re not supposed to do with veggies. I introduced them after yummy sweet fruit like bananas, pears, apples, MANGOS!  They’re ok with sweet potatoes, but again…sweet.  Peas are kind of on the yucky list at the moment.

For some reason, I’m not even a little bit worried.  I can sneak veggies into lots of stuff (mwhahahaaaa!) and let’s face it, Jerry didn’t eat a lot of veggies until he tried them roasted and covered in cheese/bacon.  So once I can jazz them up a bit, I’m sure they’ll come around.  Cuz really, how good could steamed/pureed/unseasoned peas be anyway?

But pumpkins are good!

And so are leaves…

And pumpkin play-doh

And Aunts who send us goodies in the mail!!  Aunt Steph has us stylin’ for Halloween!

Happy Friyay!

1 thought on “Fridays with Fynnlee”

  1. She IS beautiful! And her smile just melts me. Ok, I so needed to read your post today because I have been a little weepy all day because Oliver is 6 months and time is just going too fast! I may have even googled “100 Years” by Five for Fighting on my lunch break and watched the video like a dummy. You’re completely right though that I should take the special moments as they come and not fret about what’s already behind us.

    Your daycare is awesome, btw. I love all the stuff the kids get to play with!


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