Fridays with Fynnlee

Well hello there, Squishy!!  Good grief…she is adorable. 


And Miss Fynnlee and her brother are really starting to act like siblings.   


Lots of interacting. Lots of kicking each other. Lots of poking in the face. Lots of hand holding (which, in turn, leads to lots of heart explosions for their Mom). I am loving watching this relationship develop. 

It was a good week for Fynn at school too! 

Foot painting


Pumpkin gutting


Cobweb touching


Toy stacking


And book reading. 


Their teacher told me they are stating to show some signs of “stranger danger”. I’ve noticed Fynnlee giving the side eye to anyone “new” holding her recently. There hasn’t been any meltdowns yet…but I fear they’re coming. My niece would scream in terror anytime she saw me until she was 2.  I KNOW!  Me!? But it’s true. 

So please don’t be offended if the kiddos are a little standoffish the next time you see them. It’s just a phase I think all kids go through. 

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