Fridays with Fynnlee

Today was the annual Halloween parade at school. For those of you that know me, you can attest that I hate Halloween. The dressing up part, in particular.  But dressing up the kiddos is going to be a lot of fun. 

I didn’t want to blow through a lot of money this year (the beans can’t even walk yet!) so we were lucky enough to get Kendall’s cat costume for Fynnlee.  



Throwback to Kendall wearing the same costume…when she was a year old.  

Fynnlee Ann is slightly bigger than her cousin. 

And she was slightly unimpressed with the whole parade situation. 


Some might say she was bored. 

But in her defense, she had just been rudely woken from a nap only to be shoved in her costume. By me. Her Mom…not her teachers. 

Little brother was a ham, as usual. 



She was more enthused with her after-bath attire last night. Cutest little wildflower I’ve ever seen.  She’s a wild flower, all right.


These Beans turn HALF A YEAR old today. I’m working on their 6 month update and as soon as I can stop bawling my eyes out, I’ll get it posted. 

Slow down, Time! Dammit.  

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