Fynnlee, Greyson

Thanksgiving 2015

I know. We missed a whole installment of Fridays with Fynnlee. The Thanksgiving holiday got me all outta whack!

So we’re gonna wrap up Thanksgiving today, get a 7 month update (?!what!?) on these Beans tomorrow and get back on track with Fridays w/ Fynn at the end of the week. Mmmkay? Oh Kay!

Gobble till you Wobble. We had such a lovely week!  Aunt Stephanie was here for Five Whole Days and these two turkeys just loved having her here!

And WTH?…we have zero pictures of her from this trip! That is unacceptable. We’ll make up for it at Xmas…

Stephanie and I tag teamed the big day and our feast was pretty epic. Bad picture…beautiful bird.

Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and Jerry’s famous spoon corn bread. We had enough for a small army. There were 5 of us.

Lots of books were read.

And these two are all of a sudden in love with Jacob.

He’s pretty fond of them too.

There was playtime with Daddy.

And the first of 893 new Christmas Family Traditions. Going to the Christmas Tree Farm!

We got a beautiful tree! It’s not decorated yet…pictures to come.

It was a great weekend.

We wrapped it up on Sunday with Greyson and Dad watching football.

And Fynnlee, Grammy & I hit the mall!

This little girl was such an angel for the whole shopping trip and she even got to sit in an actual high chair at lunch!

The next 25 days are going to be very Merry!


Tuesdays with Greyson

 Who is excited for Christmas??? 

I’m mean, Thanksgiving? (No, I really mean Christmas.) 
We are super excited for the whole Holiday season here at Lot 256. How could we not be? So much to be thankful for this year. So much to celebrate.  

I’m downright giddy at the moment. The Holiday buzz has started and for the first time in a long time, I’m not annoyed by it. We have a fabulous week on the horizon. 3 days of work followed by 4 fabulous days of family fun time. 

So let’s get this party started.  Aunt Stephanie is here!! 

That is itty bitty Greyson at only 2 months old. 

We’re gonna have a couple extra posts this week so I’m gonna keep this one short.  

Daycare photo dump

Spaghetti squash is on the menu this year, obviously. 

Have I mentioned that this child is putting everything in his mouth?  Well…he is.  

Cutest genius on the planet 


Two little turkeys 

Obviously excited about painting the floor. Gotta keep my eye on this kid in a few years. 


Kushy balls are super cute. 

Happy short work week!!


Fridays with Fynnlee

Hurray for Friday!!

Everyone has been commenting on how much the Beans are starting to look alike. And I’m all “No they don’t!”. And then I saw this picture and now I’m all “Oh, yes the do“. I had to do a double take at first…but this is not Greyson. It’s Miss Fynnlee Ann at her 6 month checkup yesterday!

It also appears her baby blues are turning brown. So are his. Brown eyes are beautiful too.

So how is the squishiest of the Squishy doing these days? Amazing! She is healthy as can be and is growing like a weed!

Birth: 6lbs 7oz
1 month: 8lbs 12oz (38%)
2 months: 11lbs 6oz (66%)
4 months: 17lbs 6oz (92%)
6 (1/2) months: 20lbs 2oz (94%)
Birth: 19.5 inches
1 month: 20.25 inches (14 %)
2 months: 22.25 inches (58%)
4 months: 24.75 inches (53%)
6 (1/2) months: 26.25 inches  (44%)
Head circumference: (92%)

She didn’t take her shots as well as her brother (he barely let out a whimper)…it was pretty traumatic. For me. She recovered pretty quickly. Some things to note for Miss Fynn at the moment:

* I think she’ll skip right over crawling. She can stand with assistance for a decent amount of time. Her legs are really strong.
* rollin, rollin, rollin…all over the place
* she’s now sleeping on her side or belly. And I’m happy to report that Jerry and I have been sleeping really well the last week. (Read between the lines because I refuse to say it out loud).
* loves all fruit. And oatmeal when mixed with fruit. And veggies when mixed with fruit. She’s inherited her father’s sweet tooth, obviously.
* blows raspberries like it’s her job. And she thinks its super funny.
* graduated from ah, ah oo, oo vowel sounds to gaa, gaa, baa, laa consonant sounds. I didn’t realize this was a big deal until her Physical Therapist pointed it out.

Oh my sweet, sweet Fynnlee…you make my heart so happy.

And last week at school…

I can paint with corn!

Tackling the tower of rings!

Blocks are hilarious!

I’m cute, Mom’s cute, Dad’s lucky

Reading is fun

Happy Friday, friends!


THURSDAYS with Greyson

Thursday is the new Tuesday.

Not permanently but the Beans had their 6 month check up today so I made the executive decision to delay Greyson’s update until today. 

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for Fynn’s stats but here’s how Mr. Greyson Paul is growing:

Birth: 5lbs 4 oz
1 month: 6lbs 12oz (0%)
2 months: 9 lbs 10 oz (6 %)
4 months: 15lbs 3oz (35%)
6 (1/2) months: 17lbs 15oz (46%)
Birth: 17.75 inches
1 month: 19.5 inches (0 %)
2 months: 21 inches (1 %)
4 months: 24.25 (8%)
6 (1/2) months: 26 inches (11%)
Head circumference: (89 %)

He is right on track with all his developmental and social milestones. I had a nice chat with the doctor about introducing foods that are potential allergens. He feels it’s better to do it sooner than later so dinner tonight was a peanut butter/egg/shellfish sandwich.

I know allergies are no joke and obviously that statement is said in jest.  But I do plan on including those foods in their diet before they are a year old. We will just be cautious and watch for any issues.

I know I just did an update 3 short weeks ago, but these babies are changing so much everyday! I won’t write a novel on it but here are some fun things my Lovebug is doing right now:

* rolling everywhere. He especially likes to roll under things…like the bed or a chair.
* humping the floor. Sorry, but that’s the only way to describe it. He’s trying to crawl but he’s not quite getting it. It’s gonna happen soon.
* eating all the food. He has a fabulous appetite. We’re still combining the green veggies with fruit but I’m gradually adding less and less. He didn’t love green beans when mixed with carrots but apples…Yum-O!
* graduated to size 3 diapers.
* sitting unassisted for the most part. He does topple over when he gets really excited so I still keep a boppy pillow around him.
* drooling like a madman. No new teeth have shown up but his top gums are pretty red. Everything goes into his mouth.
* standing. He will stand up straight and tall if you hold him at his hips.
* drinking from a sippy cup

They are exclusively giving him formula from the cup not a bottle. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA! He doesn’t need me anymore! 

I know…I’m acting like Fynnlee with all this drama. But this growing up stuff is out of control. 

Meanwhile, last week at school…

Painting a masterpiece for the art show with corn! And eating some of that corn, naturally. 


Reading soft books and showing off his teeth. 

Playing with giant plushy rings. 


Art in a can. Shake, shake, shake. And look so stinkin cute while doing it. 


Fridays with Fynnlee

“Bottles are for babies…big girls drink from sippy cups.”

WHAT?!?!  No, no, no, no…NO! This mama is not ready for these kind of changes. NO!

These Beans are officially rockstars in the adaptability category. First for their adjustment to wearing annoying plastic helmets 23 hours a day. And now, they drink from a sippy cup like a boss. (Greyson’s doing it too). We’re still using bottles at home because I can’t handle this acting-like-a-toddler nonsense all at once. But, as their teacher pointed out, having kiddos that are a little more self sufficient will be nice.

So what else has been happening at school? Last week, Fynnlee painted with some leaves…

Looked particularly adorable while shaking around bottles of acorns…

played with silk leaves and sticky paper…

decided grapes were her favorite fruit…

And explored all kinds of fun stuff from the woods…

Then at home, she looked cute and played with her feet. Gah…I could just eat those cheeks.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Helmet Update

We’re on Day 5 of helmet therapy and so far, so good!

(The booties are Zutano. And they are awesome…they don’t fall off!) 

These little Beans are so resilient, I’m so proud of them. They are really unphased by the helmets. They don’t fuss or cry when we put them on or take them off. They’ve been napping just fine. And as of last night, they’re sleeping just fine with them too! To say I was concerned about how these little plastic hats would affect their sleep is quite an understatement! But all my worry was for nothing…they both slept the best they have in a week! Fynnlee didn’t make a peep from 6:45pm – 6:00am and Greyson fussed a bit but it was manageable. He was up once around 2 and then again around 4 but quickly fell back to sleep until 6:15.

So, a friend texted me after I posted a picture on Instagram, questioning the need for the helmets at all. Most of the pictures you see of them, their heads look perfectly round. And she’s right…they do from the front. But if you look at the photo below, you’ll see how Greyson’s head rounds out to the left. That’s not a shadow. His head is really flat on the right side (his left) and it has pushed his head to the left (his right). It’s kind of like a parallelogram. Fynnlee’s head is just flat in the back and as I’ve mentioned before, her’s is a pretty mild case. But as you’ll see if you look close, it’s caused her head to widen a bit at the top.

(Gahhhh, they are so cute.)

It’s not drastic, but it’s still enough to cause an issue in fitting her for a standard bike or softball helmet. Plus girls are mean and one of my (slightly irrational) parental fears is my kids being bullied. No one is going to pick on her because she has a flat head!

You can see how Greyson’s head is kind of cone shaped from the side in this photo. That’s the flat side. (Why yes, those are Boogie Wipes my children are playing with. So what?)

And this is Fynnlee’s head from the side and top. That little bump in the middle is her skull trying to correct itself already. She may only need hers for a month or two (They say a minimum of 3 months but I’ve heard of kids graduating early).


Greyson’s head looks pretty round from the side, but the poor guys noggin is totally outta whack!

(that hair though)

It’s funny to see them look at each other and wonder “What the heck is on your head!”

Fingers crossed it continues to be this easy!!


Tuesdays with Greyson

Guess which Bean has been waking up at 4:00am every morning for the past week? NOT THIS GUY! That’s right…Greyson Paul has been sleeping from 6:30pm – 6:30am for the 5 days. Now that he’s decided that sleeping on his tummy is a-ok, he’s our rockstar sleeper. (His sister…not so much).

photo cred: the beautiful JLaw (my JLaw…not Katniss JLaw)

I have a full helmet update for yinz guys on tap for tomorrow, but how about a little daycare photo dump for now? Last week was a good one!

We made beautiful art with leaves.

We shook some acorns in a bottle

We picked out our favorite veggie (broccoli!!) from the stuffed veggie bunch

We looked super daper while we fished around in some fall foliage (and sticks and pinecones)

And we put leaves on sticky paper (which is hilarious!)

And also requires extreme concentration.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!