Fridays with Fynnlee

“Bottles are for babies…big girls drink from sippy cups.”

WHAT?!?!  No, no, no, no…NO! This mama is not ready for these kind of changes. NO!

These Beans are officially rockstars in the adaptability category. First for their adjustment to wearing annoying plastic helmets 23 hours a day. And now, they drink from a sippy cup like a boss. (Greyson’s doing it too). We’re still using bottles at home because I can’t handle this acting-like-a-toddler nonsense all at once. But, as their teacher pointed out, having kiddos that are a little more self sufficient will be nice.

So what else has been happening at school? Last week, Fynnlee painted with some leaves…

Looked particularly adorable while shaking around bottles of acorns…

played with silk leaves and sticky paper…

decided grapes were her favorite fruit…

And explored all kinds of fun stuff from the woods…

Then at home, she looked cute and played with her feet. Gah…I could just eat those cheeks.

Happy Friday the 13th!

1 thought on “Fridays with Fynnlee”

  1. Wow, look at her with that sippy cup! Caleb is almost ten months and has no interest. We’ve been trying for a few months to no avail… I’ve figured out that babies just do what they want when they want! Lol.

    That painting with leaves look so cool! She is such a cute baby and looks so happy! 🙂


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