Fridays with Fynnlee

Oh my, my…thank g o o d n e s s s s s it’s Friday. Was this an exhausting week for everyone? Or just us?

Daylight savings time can bite me. I always heard parents complain that it throws a wrench in all the works.

But holy geez…I finally get it. Sleep has been hard to come by this week. Greyson is sleeping better now that we’re just leaving him alone when he flips on his tummy. But this one…

My loveable little Squish has decided sleep is for suckers. Why sleep when you can par-tay?!

The Beans are going to bed no problem but around 1:00, my princess turns into a pumpkin and all hell breaks loose. She’ll babble for a while. Then she’s scream. Then she’ll cry. More babbling…lots more screaming. And then lots and lots and lots more crying. One night Jerry and I alternated holding/rocking her for 2 hours and I finally gave in and hit her with the Tylenol. I’m guessing this nonsense is teething (and if it’s not…hooboy, we are in for it) and after 27 teething tabs didn’t work, the Tylenol finally did.

(sidebar – I noticed with both of my children that a shot of Tylenol instantly calms them down and helps them sleep. I know there isn’t a sedative and the pain relief isn’t immediate so I’m not sure what the what is going on? Thoughts? And lest anyone think I’m just doping my kids up with that sweet red goo…I’ve only given it to Greyson twice and Fynnlee once in the last 2-3 weeks.)

So last night, both babes got some great shut eye (well Fynnlee woke up around 1:30, babbled for 15 minutes and talked herself back to sleep). And then at 2:00…Jacob jumped on the bed and pawed me in the face (not really but it makes a better story) and whined to go out. Furry dude had some business to take care of and my perfect night of uninterrupted sleep was shot. Welcome to the rest of my life…

Once she’s up, the morning goes a little like this…I feed her, then I guzzle 18 mugs of coffee while she plays.

Then we read some stories

Then she jumps for a half hour (which is very serious business)

Then brother wakes up and she watches me feed him.

Then we get dressed and ready to start our day.

(Another sidebar…looooooook at the adorable matching jammies I found at Target! $16.99 for one set and the second set was 50% off. Bargain shopping and it ain’t even Black Friday. I LOVE me some Christmas PJs.)

And she had a fun week at school (these are from last week)…

painting with beads.

Exploring new toys

Discovering the joys of the jack-o-lantern

Prepping for the big parade

Final sidebar -(I’m all over the place today!) This morning we repurposed our Moses basket into a makeshift play pen. The Beans can almost sit up on their own and this worked out well as it offered just the right amount of support. And kept their toys corralled at the same time.

Tomorrow we start day 1 of our helmet therapy. The kiddos will be acclimated to their helmets over 5 days with the end result being that they will wear them 23 hours a day. I’ll have a whole separate update on their noggin situation soon. Fynn wouldn’t let me take a picture of her having hers fitted (she was super tired…so. much. drama.) but my little lovebug was pretty cooperative


Wish us luck!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 6 Months

My One year ago I posted this picture on Facebook, announcing we were pregnant. With TWINS!

And today I have these two beautiful babies.

If you would have told me then how much my life would change in a year, I would have said “I know”. But I wouldn’t know. There is no way I could’ve understood how these two little beings would flip my life upside down and fill my heart with so much crazy love.

I imagined it would be wonderful. And oh my goodness..is it ever.

Fynnlee Ann

Current (unofficial) Weight – 20 lbs
Wearing Size 3 Diapers
6-9 month clothes; 9 month jammies

* no teeth. Shoving her fingers in her mouth non-stop. Drools a ton. They’re coming.
* really good at standing with assistance.
* sitting mostly unassisted.
* LOVES the jumparoo. LOVES IT.
* Big fan of fruit
* “talks” non-stop. She is always chattering

My little Squish. So much personality in one little girl. Fynnlee is happiest when she is in the middle of things. She loves watching everything going on around her. When she laughs, she laughs. Little girly giggles and big belly laughs. In the morning when I pick her up out of the crib, she attacks with major enthusiasm. The shrieks and thrashing and squeals let you know she is so happy to see you. Morning is her favorite time of day. She is a pro at occupying herself for extended periods of time. Whether in the jumper or on the playmat, she is always investigating and researching. And she will let you know when she’s figured it all out and she’s bored with what she’s doing. Once she moves on to the next thing, she’s happy again. She loves her people and has become a bit shy with strangers. No freaking out, just cautious. She is legit standing with a little support. Lord help me when this child starts moving. She is opinionated, she is determined but she is such a love. I could kiss her cheeks all day long.

Greyson Paul

Current (unofficial) Weight – 17.5 lbs
Wearing Size 2 Diapers
3-6, 6 month clothing, 6 month jammies

* has TWO teeth! On the bottom. They are so freaking cute I can’t stand it.
* is a rolling machine!
* prefers to sleep on his belly. Face down into the mattress.
* loves to eat pretty much anything. Even peas.
* can almost sit up unassisted
* reaches for everything…bats at hanging toys, grabs my hair & necklaces
* said “Mommy I love you!”…kidding. We’re working on that one. Babbles a ton. Favorite sound is velociraptor.

My LoveBug is still the happiest little boy on Earth. Smiles for days with this one. If he cries, there is a reason. Hungry, ouchy mouth or too much tummy time. More and more of the “real Greyson” is starting to show and it’s fantastic. I’ll sit him up in the pack n play with his “friends” (teddy, white seal, crinkly monkey) and he’ll starting laughing like they are telling him the funniest story ever. He is uber ticklish and I could listen to those snorty giggles forever. He loves books and will touch the pages while being captivated by each word. He’s not real interested in standing much but the tummy slither has started. I’m guessing he’ll be crawling by Thanksgiving. Everything goes in his mouth (teeth) and he loves to put his hands in your mouth. He reaches his arms up to be held when you approach him and then he buries his face in your neck and squeals when he’s snuggled. He is just so absolutely delightful to be around.

We’re trying to find our eating groove right now. Our daycare is really good about keeping them on a nap schedule and their food sort of falls in line with it. They were getting their solid food early afternoon followed by a 4 oz bottle about an hour later. But I noticed that they were getting really cranky around 6:00 and then sucking down their bedtime bottle by 6:30. It’s hard only getting to spend an hour or so in the evening so we started a new eating plan this week.
wake up – 6 oz
8:30ish – 7 oz
11ish – solid
noon-thirtyish – 4 oz
3:30 ish – 7oz
Bedtime – 6 oz

So that’s about 30oz of formula and 2-3 oz of solid food. I’m guessing we’ll drop the 4 oz bottle at some point and they’ll get 2 solids with 2 6oz bottles but we’ll see. We sort of make it up as we go along!

We’ve tried a whole bunch of foods this month. Sweet potatoes, squash, pears, mangos, banana, apple, prunes (only in case of emergency), carrots and oatmeal. Food goals for this month are new veggies and to start some finger foods. Good times!


Oh sleep…you are a fickle bitch!! We get one night of good shut eye followed by one night (or two or three…or seven) of really crappy sleep. Greyson is sleeping, for the most part, on his stomach and that’s going ok. Until he wakes up and doesn’t want to be on his stomach anymore. Then it sounds like someone is butchering a hyena in the nursery. This happens around 18 times per night. On average. Fynnlee is sleeping OK until around 2:30 and then she scoots herself all over the crib and bangs her head into the side and screams her head off. We’ve gotten to the point that we’re bringing them into our room to sleep in the rock n play b/c they can’t really move around. I know that is the absolute wrong thing to do…but tell that to my sleep deprived brain at 3 am. HOW did we have such good sleep at 3 months and then it all went down the crapper?!?!

Speaking of crapper…did you know that baby poop smells like big people poop when they start eating real food? It sure does. The not-so-gross newborn poop is a thing of the past. It’s pretty gross, but then again…it’s poop. So… The good news is, the diaper rash debacle is officially over. Whew! Honestly, I never want to go through that again. Poor baby tushies.

Life with these littles just gets better every day (such a broken record). I even got a weeee bit excited for Halloween this year. (I do N O T do Halloween.) But dressing up these two was admittedly fun (and super adorable) and I think next year will be pretty awesome.

We’ve got 53 days until Christmas…gonna be the best one yet!