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What a year!

I’ve been blessed with a pretty good life. But I think this might have been my favorite year yet!  Jerry and I got the family we’ve been desperately wanting for so many years. And I’ve found an inner peace I didn’t know existed. Our days are long and sometimes exhausting but they are filled with so much happiness and love. I am so thankful for my wonderful family, my amazing husband and these two precious babies who made me a Mom and changed me in the best way possible.

2015, you were fabulous!


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2016…let’s do this!


Traveling with Twins

When the Beans were 2 months old, we flew to Florida to visit Grandma and Poppa. We had a direct flight, albeit a 3+ hour one and were able to keep the babies in their car seats for the entire flight on the way down. At that age, they already slept a lot and it was really a piece of cake. I didn’t really take many notes as it all was pretty uneventful.

But this trip was a bit more complex so I wanted to document it for my brain. And for anyone else attempting to fly with 8 month old twins!

Our Travel scenario: 12/22 Pittsburgh to Providence. Southwest Airlines. Depart 6:00p land BWI @ 7:15p (1.5 hour layover) Depart 8:45p land Providence 10p.

We got to the airport at 3:30p. Jerry and I would rather be way early than run to the gate and being that it was holiday travel time, who knows what the airport might be like. Jerry dropped me off at the ticket counter with the luggage while he took the Beans to park.

Southwest lets you check two items for free and we took full advantage. Jerry & I had one suitcase and the Beans had one. You can check your stroller and car seats at the gate and we each carried on a diaper bag plus one larger carryon for presents and a tote bag for extra baby stuff should our luggage get lost.

Southwest is really fabulous to deal with. They let me check our luggage without Jerry being present. And as I had both birth certificates, they let me check both kids in as lap passengers. By the time Jerry arrived at the terminal, I had everything ready to go.

But first…coffee. Always.

Let’s do this!

The line for TSA screening was really long. But Pittsburgh is super awesome and the TSA agents must have been in the holiday spirit because they directed our caravan to the Preferred/First Class passenger line. Which had like, 3 people in it. We breezed right through, only stopping to answer a few questions (Yes, they’re twins. No, they’re not identical. Yep, a boy and a girl. You’re right, we sure did plan that well…). Between the baby stuff and our billion bags of junk, we basically took up the entire screening counter. The security check is a pain but we got there early and the babes were in good moods so it was really no big deal.

When we got to our gate, we found out the first leg wasn’t full so we could bring the car seats on the plane. Awesome. Then it was helmets off and time to eat.  Pouches are so nice for travel and I brought spoons, bibs and bowls with me. Cuz I’m a crazy person. But it worked out great.

The kids played a bit and then it was time to board. Southwest lets families board between the A & B groups so even though we were checked in as B16 & 17, we got to board pretty early.

I ended up with an entire row for Greyson and I and Jerry & Fynn had their own row as well. Two babies cannot be in the same section of seats due to the limited oxygen masks but we sat across from each other.

Greyson slept the entire flight.

So did Fynnlee. And she continued to sleep through the layover. Once we arrived at BWI, we fed Greyson his bottle and just let her crash until it was time to board. This flight was full so we had to take them out of the car seats and hold them in our laps. Fortunately we met up with Aunt Stephanie so Fynnlee got to sprawl out for most of the flight.

She woke mid flight and we fed her a bottle. She was a little fussy until we landed but it wasn’t omgscreamingbaby fussy so it was ok.

Oh, and here’s some more pictures of them in the airport because they’re super cute.

We asked for cribs in our hotel rooms and they provided pack n plays. Which would be fine except my kids have never slept in a pack n play before. And, that 1/2 inch of foam that masquerades as a “mattress” in those things is horrible. So I requested 2 blankets to make it a little more cushy. I was pretty shocked that they slept just fine in them for the duration of the trip. As long as we had our magic white noise going, all was good in our world.

They also napped in them when we were at Jerry’s Grandma’s house (we were able to borrow 2 extra from a family friend but they are portable and we could have schlepped them back and forth if we had to). Again, white noise is essential.

Our hotel room was pretty cramped. But we made it work. Thankfully we’re weren’t in it much.

We put a blanket on the floor and made a baby playground for them when we were in the room, getting ready for the day.

We brought several of their favorite toys from home. I also bought two new toys for the plane ride just in case we needed some distractions. They like things that light up and sing loudly so the other passengers on the plane loved us. Hey, it’s better than omgscreamingbaby!

The flights home weren’t much different. Except our flight out was 7:00 am. And Providence isn’t as awesome as Pittsburgh and we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get through security. But we made it just fine. Jerry had Fynnlee (who slept) for the first leg and I had Greyson (who didn’t sleep). And Jerry had Greyson (who slept) for the second leg and I had Fynnlee (who didn’t sleep). Naturally.

Fynnlee, Greyson, Roadtrips

Christmas in Rhode Island 2015

Our first Christmas with these beautiful, amazing babes. Wow…it was a good one!

Most of Jerry’s family lives in Rhode Island and those who don’t, traveled to the Ocean State this year for the Holidays. We all congregated at GG’s house for 3 days filled with family fun!

Greyson was so happy to see his Poppa again!

Grandma and Fynnlee had some deep conversations about jingle bells. They are so much fun!!!

There was extra lovin from Aunt Steph

And new cousins to meet. Fynnlee turned on the charm for L.J.

And got fashion tips from the always stylish Carmela

Meanwhile, Greyson had a heart to heart with Kaitlin about why boy babies are so cool. She’s due with her first son in May!!

We made a special trip to see Aunt Bette (who is also Jerry’s godmother) and look what Santa brought to her house!

Indian Headdress, tom-tom drums and a (rubber) hatchet!  Gah! The cutest little Indian Chiefs that ever existed.

We were able to get some loaner high chairs from Rhode Island friends and they were so helpful to keep the babies corralled. And made feeding time easy.

Jingle Jingle Jingle…

Carmela lent us this little activity jumper…and it was a huge hit.

Oh don’t mind my giant babies standing up, playing with all the fun stuff. Stop. Growing.

My Beans were such rockstars the whole trip. I am so proud of this handsome little guy.

And this little sweet pea.

They took meeting all the new people in stride. We passed them around from relative to new relative and they just went with it. They get their “go with the flow” attitude from their Father.

Oh my goodness…they got so many presents! Books and toys and clothes and blocks and tissue paper…

And the aforementioned jingle bells. So much jingling on this trip.

And Babyators! Coolest kids ever.

And the greatest gift of all? The Beans had a sleepover at GG’s house and Jerry and I slept for 11 hours straight!

We sure know how to party.

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night(‘s sleep!)

Fynnlee, Greyson

Merry Christmas from our family to yours

Everyone tells you that Christmas changes when kids are involved.

I’ve always loved celebrating Christmas but there is something about adding these little Beans to our family that makes the whole season a little more magical.

They’re too young to get the concept but I’m hoping we’ve set the groundwork for some amazing new family traditions. I suspect it will only get better and better every year.

I hope you’re surrounded by family and friends today. Merry Christmas from our little family to yours.




Thursday with Fynnlee

We get out Fynnlee segment a bit early this week due to the big holiday tomorrow.  

I’m going to do a big Christmas holiday wrap up post next week. But here’s a sneak peek of everyone’s favorite little squish. 

She (and her brother) have been rockstars on this trip. I’m pretty proud of them. She mastered the art of the hotel bed nap on day one.  

We played games on the floor at the airport. I know….ew.   

And we’ve played with jingle bells for hours. 

We’re having a a pretty great holiday! I hope you and yours are surrounded by love tonight. 
Merry Christmas Eve!



Tuesdays with Greyson

We finally were able to get our pictures with Santa over the weekend. As you can see, it was worth the wait….

The whole process was pretty ridiculous. We had an appointment so we got to jump the whole line of 30+ people…and that was pretty great. But they basically say “It’s your turn” and rush you into the pictures. Poor Fynnlee was asleep and I basically just woke her up and plopped her on Santas lap. Greyson was awake but he was so confused that he refused to smile. They give you about 15 seconds to get a reaction out of the kids and the picture above was the best of the 5 they took. We’re not going to Ross Park Mall next year.

In other holiday news, we are in full celebration mode! Most of our gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Scootchie McScooter can worm his way right over the tree and loves to crinkle the paper with his little fingers.

We celebrated Christmas with Grandpa Jim & Grandma Anna on Saturday and the kids are already spoiled. Of course I didn’t take any pictures but they got this fun walker toy, a Baby Einstein Activity table, some books and a fresh pack of boogie wipes (bc you can never have too many packs of boogie wipes!).

We hung around the house on Sunday, cheering on the home team and packing for our big trip. We are pretty much taking 1/2 of our house to Rhode Island.

Seriously, we have a suitcase for the Beans, a suitcase for Jerry and I, a carryon suitcase for presents, two diaper bags for the plane and a tote bag of my extra junk. Ya know, because they don’t have any stores in Providence…

It should be interesting. I never did post about our experience flying with 2 month olds (which was a piece of cake). But I definitely plan on doing one about flying with 8 month olds. It should be an adventure!

Poor lovebug only had 3 days of school last week because he was sick. But they were fun ones!

Painting is always a good time 

Hmmmm, not so sure about those bubbles 

Pinecones are cool. And Greyson is cute. 

See you in a few hours, Rhode Island!


Fridays with Fynnlee

It’s the Friday before Christmas! FriYAY! Who is excited for some family time? Me, me ME! (Lots of shouting today).

We have so much fun stuff happening this weekend. We’re gonna celebrate Christmas with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Anna, we’re finally going to meet Santa, we have presents to wrap and a trip to pack for. It appears that our family is healthy so we’re taking full advantage. YAY!

It was a super fun and festive week at school. We started off on a high note. We played with…

BUBBLES!!! Weeeeeeee!

Fynnlee made the the cutest reindeer

And played with her favorite toy of the week. She’s very into toys these days.

There was painting with Bows. We LOVE bows!

And who doesn’t love a bucket of pinecones?!

I know these Beans don’t quite understand the buzz, but it sure it getting fun around here!


Tuesdays with Greyson

So I have a little confession to make. And what better place to reveal a secret than the internets. Ugh…this is painful. But here goes.

Greyson has been saying Dada (and all variations) for a couple of weeks.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not my little Mama’s boy.

Now, he has never said it in Jerry’s presence so that doesn’t count, right? RIGHT!?! I noticed during his playtime babble he has a preference for saying Dat Dat Dat over and over and then he said Dat Dee (very. clearly.) when he was reaching for his pacifier. So Jerry does not win until Greyson says Dat Dat when he’s LOOKING at his father.

And I also should mention that his favorite word is PPFFFFFTTTTTTtttt (accompanied by all the spit you would imagine that came with that word). So there’s that. But no Mum Mum Ma Ma sounds have even formed on his lips. I find this all completely unacceptable.

In other Greyson news, little dude was sick all weekend. My lovebug spiked a fever of 103.7 on Saturday so we cancelled our visit with Santa and just snuggled at home.

He most likely had the same virus Fynnlee caught a week or so ago. He was stuffy and just overall miserable. I haven’t heard this child cry like he did since he was 6 weeks old. It broke his mama’s heart.

I’m happy to report he’s feeling much, much better and we are very thankful for Grandparents who come over and help us out a bit (I was sick all weekend too with a wicked sinus infection and pink eye. WTH?). It certainly takes a village to raise these kiddos!

We’re all happier when Greyson is back to giggling.

And I know you all love to see scenes from school!

Snowmen make him smile!

Painting with tinsel is serious business.

Looking like a perfect little present

His concentration is on point right now.

Not sure what to think of all this sparkle

One week till we hop a plane to see GG, Grandma, Papa, Aunt Stephanie! There are lots of new family and friends to meet this holiday season. We’re all looking forward to getting healthy…it’s time to get this Christmas Party started!


Fridays with Fynnlee

We’re back!

So let’s talk about this little sickness that pretty much kicked our ass last week. We don’t need to dwell on the actual sickness part, really, but what came out on the other side of our first major baby cold. Stephanie wrote this beautiful (and very raw) post about putting things in perspective.

Someone is feeling better, btw.

Now I’m well aware that this sickness wasn’t real sickness. It was a baby cold plus high fever and pretty much every baby is going to be hit with it as some point. But it was a first for me. And it was a first for my baby. Fynn caught it on a Tuesday and I think she felt the worst on Friday. Based on the fact that she was inconsolable for most of the day. She didn’t want to lay down. She didn’t want to sit. She didn’t want be cuddled. She wanted to be held until she didn’t. And then she would flail around like a wild animal caught in a trap. And during all of this time she screamed and cried and screamed some more. After 4 hours, the screaming had sliced through my nervous system and basically made me feel like I was being electrocuted. I was trying every trick I could think of but at one point I yelled. Yes, I yelled at my sick baby. “Fynnlee, you’re ok. Fynnleeeee. Fynnleeee, FYNNLEE!!! I’M TRYING TO HELP YOU!”. I yelled loud enough to scare her a bit because her teary eyes got really wide and then she stuck out her little bottom lip and whimpered. Poor thing. Here she is, feeling like hell, with all of this new stuff happening. She can’t breathe through her nose. She can’t use her bink. She has to take breaks every 5 seconds when she eats to breathe. She’s hot. She’s probably achy. And now her mother is yelling at her.

So then I cried for an hour because I felt so bad.  But its funny how when you’re crying too, their crying is much more tolerable.

When you’re in the middle of it and it feels like all hell is breaking loose, it can seem like you’re never going to have another normal day. I was exhausted. More tired than I can remember being when they were little newborns. But here’s the thing (and why I’m happy I kept up with this little blog)…we had all of these long nights before. Many times. With all of the screaming and inconsolable babies and all of the “I’m never gonna sleep again!”.  But we do. Everything is temporary and eventually straightens itself out. We may never get as much sleep as we did pre-beans, but I’ll take my baby snuggles over sleep any day. Although, I’d prefer to have both.

And now she’s feeling better. The fever is gone and she’s slept through the night a couple of nights. She’s breathing better and is back to being my happy, feisty, sweet girl. And I will forget all about this week of hell. Until the next time.

But no more yelling at the sick baby! Lesson learned.

Ok, back to my 21 lbs of squishy love. She was so happy to be back at school! So many fun holiday themed projects.

All that glitters! Oh yes, she loves the sparkle.

Happiness is a box full of candy canes and paint.


Gimme ALL the bows!

Tinsel is my favorite

She’s got her Frosty purse and is ready to shop!  

Tomorrow we go meet Santa!! Ho Ho Ho Meerrrrrrrrry Christmas!

Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 7 Months

Yes, I know. This update is a WEEK late!  More than a week, actually. And we can chalk it up to this little cherub. Sweet Fynnlee Ann was hit with a wicked virus and to say we had a rough 5 days is quite the understatement. She was sent home from daycare last Tuesday with a temp of 101. I stayed home with her on Wednesday and when it climbed to 102, we decided to have her checked out at the doctors.

No ear infection, just a crappy virus that stuffed up her nose and made her as miserable as I’ve ever seen her. By Friday, her temperature was gone but she just wanted to be held all day. Poor baby. She’s still really stuffy and snotty (god bless you Nose Frida!) but I’m hoping we’re on the downside.

So let’s talk about how my babies are SEVEN. months. old. Almost 32 weeks. That is some craziness, I’ll tell ya! And just like every month…it’s proving to be pretty fantastic.

These two Beans are so in love with each other. (Heart explosion) They are constantly cracking each other up and sharing toys. When they see each other, they smile so big. I love that they are best friends. I feel like we are at such a sweet spot right now. They can occupy themselves for quite a while. They can sit up unassisted (ok, sometimes they fall over. Thank you helmets). They can roll around but can’t crawl. Life is pretty amazing with these beans right now.


These kiddos love to eat! We’re up to two solid meals per day, supplemented by four 6-7 oz bottles. I’ve been making a lot of our food purees…seriously, it’s stupid easy. I’m lucky that I already had the equipment (Nutribullet & Ninja blender are baby food making rockstars) and was gifted these amazing silicone freezer molds. The main purees I make are sweet potato, carrot, apple, pear, banana (with fresh fruit/veggies) and pea, blueberry, spinach, green bean, squash (with frozen food). It takes all of two seconds to blend up and then I have these perfect little 2 oz portions to play around with and make fun concoctions. Favorite combos are spinach/banana, blueberry/apple/carrot, pear/peas, green bean/apple, sweet potato/carrot & squash/apple. This month I’m going to add in yogurt, egg yolks and some meat to menu. And finger foods. Bring on the mess!


I hate you sleep! Sleep has not been our friend lately. We’ve had some good nights but I really don’t remember those. All that is fresh in my memory is the last week of 3 hours stretches of screaming from Fynn. I think she’s teething now (YAY!), but I’ve been saying that for 2 months. I started the bad habit of getting her out of the crib when she was sick (b/c what else was I gonna do) along with feeding her a bottle. But I guess all routine goes out the window when they’re sick. We are still super lucky that these babies put themselves to sleep by 7. And then we don’t usually hear a peep until around 1ish. If we’re lucky we have 1 or 2 brief moments of replacing pacifiers and if we’re not, we have 3 hours of screaming/crying/rocking/shushing. Whatever. It is what it is. Sleep when you’re dead, right?


Nothing new to report on the poop front. That is a good thing.

Fynnlee Ann

Current weight: 20lbs 10oz (as of 12/2)
Wearing size 6-12 months, 9 months
Size 4 diapers

Miss Fynnlee is up to so much stuff right now.

* can sit up unassisted. will catch herself 70% of the time if she starts to fall over.
* loves the jumparoo
* loves clapping and when you say Ho, Ho, Ho Merrrrrrrrry Christmas!
* sleeps on her tummy 100% of the time
* prefers to stand on your lap over being held
* scoots all over the place on her back but not really interested in crawling. Rolling machine
* favorite foods is spinach and bananas
* reaches up her arms to be picked up
* chatters non. stop.
* (still) has no teeth

My squish is so full of sweetness and sass. I absolutely love her cheeky attitude. This little girl loves with her whole body. She attacks her people with such passion and squeals when she sees them. She is so happy until she’s not. Then she lets you know it’s time to do something else. She’s already mastering the tantrum and we are in for it. Big time.

She is perfection.

Greyson Paul

Current weight (unofficial) 19 lbs
Wearing size 6-12, 9 months
Diaper size 3

My little man is a flurry of activity!

* loves, loves, loves books. He would let you read to him all day long.
* the grunts and growls just keep on coming
* sleeps on his tummy 100% of the time
* is thisssssss close to crawling
* can stand with assistance
* rolls non stop
* favorite food is blueberries
* has two bottom teeth
* can sit up unassisted

Greyson is still the most delightful child in the history of the world. He is always happy. Always laughing at something. If he cries…he’s tired, hungry or hurt. 95% of this day is spent smiling. He is into touching everything. His arms are always reaching out for something. He loves to grab your face, hair, the remote.

He is perfection.

I love these two maniacs more and more every day.