Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 7 Months

Yes, I know. This update is a WEEK late!  More than a week, actually. And we can chalk it up to this little cherub. Sweet Fynnlee Ann was hit with a wicked virus and to say we had a rough 5 days is quite the understatement. She was sent home from daycare last Tuesday with a temp of 101. I stayed home with her on Wednesday and when it climbed to 102, we decided to have her checked out at the doctors.

No ear infection, just a crappy virus that stuffed up her nose and made her as miserable as I’ve ever seen her. By Friday, her temperature was gone but she just wanted to be held all day. Poor baby. She’s still really stuffy and snotty (god bless you Nose Frida!) but I’m hoping we’re on the downside.

So let’s talk about how my babies are SEVEN. months. old. Almost 32 weeks. That is some craziness, I’ll tell ya! And just like every month…it’s proving to be pretty fantastic.

These two Beans are so in love with each other. (Heart explosion) They are constantly cracking each other up and sharing toys. When they see each other, they smile so big. I love that they are best friends. I feel like we are at such a sweet spot right now. They can occupy themselves for quite a while. They can sit up unassisted (ok, sometimes they fall over. Thank you helmets). They can roll around but can’t crawl. Life is pretty amazing with these beans right now.


These kiddos love to eat! We’re up to two solid meals per day, supplemented by four 6-7 oz bottles. I’ve been making a lot of our food purees…seriously, it’s stupid easy. I’m lucky that I already had the equipment (Nutribullet & Ninja blender are baby food making rockstars) and was gifted these amazing silicone freezer molds. The main purees I make are sweet potato, carrot, apple, pear, banana (with fresh fruit/veggies) and pea, blueberry, spinach, green bean, squash (with frozen food). It takes all of two seconds to blend up and then I have these perfect little 2 oz portions to play around with and make fun concoctions. Favorite combos are spinach/banana, blueberry/apple/carrot, pear/peas, green bean/apple, sweet potato/carrot & squash/apple. This month I’m going to add in yogurt, egg yolks and some meat to menu. And finger foods. Bring on the mess!


I hate you sleep! Sleep has not been our friend lately. We’ve had some good nights but I really don’t remember those. All that is fresh in my memory is the last week of 3 hours stretches of screaming from Fynn. I think she’s teething now (YAY!), but I’ve been saying that for 2 months. I started the bad habit of getting her out of the crib when she was sick (b/c what else was I gonna do) along with feeding her a bottle. But I guess all routine goes out the window when they’re sick. We are still super lucky that these babies put themselves to sleep by 7. And then we don’t usually hear a peep until around 1ish. If we’re lucky we have 1 or 2 brief moments of replacing pacifiers and if we’re not, we have 3 hours of screaming/crying/rocking/shushing. Whatever. It is what it is. Sleep when you’re dead, right?


Nothing new to report on the poop front. That is a good thing.

Fynnlee Ann

Current weight: 20lbs 10oz (as of 12/2)
Wearing size 6-12 months, 9 months
Size 4 diapers

Miss Fynnlee is up to so much stuff right now.

* can sit up unassisted. will catch herself 70% of the time if she starts to fall over.
* loves the jumparoo
* loves clapping and when you say Ho, Ho, Ho Merrrrrrrrry Christmas!
* sleeps on her tummy 100% of the time
* prefers to stand on your lap over being held
* scoots all over the place on her back but not really interested in crawling. Rolling machine
* favorite foods is spinach and bananas
* reaches up her arms to be picked up
* chatters non. stop.
* (still) has no teeth

My squish is so full of sweetness and sass. I absolutely love her cheeky attitude. This little girl loves with her whole body. She attacks her people with such passion and squeals when she sees them. She is so happy until she’s not. Then she lets you know it’s time to do something else. She’s already mastering the tantrum and we are in for it. Big time.

She is perfection.

Greyson Paul

Current weight (unofficial) 19 lbs
Wearing size 6-12, 9 months
Diaper size 3

My little man is a flurry of activity!

* loves, loves, loves books. He would let you read to him all day long.
* the grunts and growls just keep on coming
* sleeps on his tummy 100% of the time
* is thisssssss close to crawling
* can stand with assistance
* rolls non stop
* favorite food is blueberries
* has two bottom teeth
* can sit up unassisted

Greyson is still the most delightful child in the history of the world. He is always happy. Always laughing at something. If he cries…he’s tired, hungry or hurt. 95% of this day is spent smiling. He is into touching everything. His arms are always reaching out for something. He loves to grab your face, hair, the remote.

He is perfection.

I love these two maniacs more and more every day. 


2 thoughts on “Life with Greyson & Fynnlee – 7 Months”

  1. They are starting to look more alike now that Greyson’s getting chubby. 🙂 They are beautiful! Oliver took his very first “crawl” last night. Was short lived but still!! They will be getting into everything soon!

    I can’t wait to say “Ho Ho Ho Merrrrrry Christmas” until you physically restrain me, next time I see Fynnlee. 🙂


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