Fridays with Fynnlee

It’s the Friday before Christmas! FriYAY! Who is excited for some family time? Me, me ME! (Lots of shouting today).

We have so much fun stuff happening this weekend. We’re gonna celebrate Christmas with Grandpa Jim and Grandma Anna, we’re finally going to meet Santa, we have presents to wrap and a trip to pack for. It appears that our family is healthy so we’re taking full advantage. YAY!

It was a super fun and festive week at school. We started off on a high note. We played with…

BUBBLES!!! Weeeeeeee!

Fynnlee made the the cutest reindeer

And played with her favorite toy of the week. She’s very into toys these days.

There was painting with Bows. We LOVE bows!

And who doesn’t love a bucket of pinecones?!

I know these Beans don’t quite understand the buzz, but it sure it getting fun around here!

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