Fynnlee, Greyson, Roadtrips

Christmas in Rhode Island 2015

Our first Christmas with these beautiful, amazing babes. Wow…it was a good one!

Most of Jerry’s family lives in Rhode Island and those who don’t, traveled to the Ocean State this year for the Holidays. We all congregated at GG’s house for 3 days filled with family fun!

Greyson was so happy to see his Poppa again!

Grandma and Fynnlee had some deep conversations about jingle bells. They are so much fun!!!

There was extra lovin from Aunt Steph

And new cousins to meet. Fynnlee turned on the charm for L.J.

And got fashion tips from the always stylish Carmela

Meanwhile, Greyson had a heart to heart with Kaitlin about why boy babies are so cool. She’s due with her first son in May!!

We made a special trip to see Aunt Bette (who is also Jerry’s godmother) and look what Santa brought to her house!

Indian Headdress, tom-tom drums and a (rubber) hatchet!  Gah! The cutest little Indian Chiefs that ever existed.

We were able to get some loaner high chairs from Rhode Island friends and they were so helpful to keep the babies corralled. And made feeding time easy.

Jingle Jingle Jingle…

Carmela lent us this little activity jumper…and it was a huge hit.

Oh don’t mind my giant babies standing up, playing with all the fun stuff. Stop. Growing.

My Beans were such rockstars the whole trip. I am so proud of this handsome little guy.

And this little sweet pea.

They took meeting all the new people in stride. We passed them around from relative to new relative and they just went with it. They get their “go with the flow” attitude from their Father.

Oh my goodness…they got so many presents! Books and toys and clothes and blocks and tissue paper…

And the aforementioned jingle bells. So much jingling on this trip.

And Babyators! Coolest kids ever.

And the greatest gift of all? The Beans had a sleepover at GG’s house and Jerry and I slept for 11 hours straight!

We sure know how to party.

Merry Christmas to all…and to all a good night(‘s sleep!)

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