Traveling with Twins

When the Beans were 2 months old, we flew to Florida to visit Grandma and Poppa. We had a direct flight, albeit a 3+ hour one and were able to keep the babies in their car seats for the entire flight on the way down. At that age, they already slept a lot and it was really a piece of cake. I didn’t really take many notes as it all was pretty uneventful.

But this trip was a bit more complex so I wanted to document it for my brain. And for anyone else attempting to fly with 8 month old twins!

Our Travel scenario: 12/22 Pittsburgh to Providence. Southwest Airlines. Depart 6:00p land BWI @ 7:15p (1.5 hour layover) Depart 8:45p land Providence 10p.

We got to the airport at 3:30p. Jerry and I would rather be way early than run to the gate and being that it was holiday travel time, who knows what the airport might be like. Jerry dropped me off at the ticket counter with the luggage while he took the Beans to park.

Southwest lets you check two items for free and we took full advantage. Jerry & I had one suitcase and the Beans had one. You can check your stroller and car seats at the gate and we each carried on a diaper bag plus one larger carryon for presents and a tote bag for extra baby stuff should our luggage get lost.

Southwest is really fabulous to deal with. They let me check our luggage without Jerry being present. And as I had both birth certificates, they let me check both kids in as lap passengers. By the time Jerry arrived at the terminal, I had everything ready to go.

But first…coffee. Always.

Let’s do this!

The line for TSA screening was really long. But Pittsburgh is super awesome and the TSA agents must have been in the holiday spirit because they directed our caravan to the Preferred/First Class passenger line. Which had like, 3 people in it. We breezed right through, only stopping to answer a few questions (Yes, they’re twins. No, they’re not identical. Yep, a boy and a girl. You’re right, we sure did plan that well…). Between the baby stuff and our billion bags of junk, we basically took up the entire screening counter. The security check is a pain but we got there early and the babes were in good moods so it was really no big deal.

When we got to our gate, we found out the first leg wasn’t full so we could bring the car seats on the plane. Awesome. Then it was helmets off and time to eat.  Pouches are so nice for travel and I brought spoons, bibs and bowls with me. Cuz I’m a crazy person. But it worked out great.

The kids played a bit and then it was time to board. Southwest lets families board between the A & B groups so even though we were checked in as B16 & 17, we got to board pretty early.

I ended up with an entire row for Greyson and I and Jerry & Fynn had their own row as well. Two babies cannot be in the same section of seats due to the limited oxygen masks but we sat across from each other.

Greyson slept the entire flight.

So did Fynnlee. And she continued to sleep through the layover. Once we arrived at BWI, we fed Greyson his bottle and just let her crash until it was time to board. This flight was full so we had to take them out of the car seats and hold them in our laps. Fortunately we met up with Aunt Stephanie so Fynnlee got to sprawl out for most of the flight.

She woke mid flight and we fed her a bottle. She was a little fussy until we landed but it wasn’t omgscreamingbaby fussy so it was ok.

Oh, and here’s some more pictures of them in the airport because they’re super cute.

We asked for cribs in our hotel rooms and they provided pack n plays. Which would be fine except my kids have never slept in a pack n play before. And, that 1/2 inch of foam that masquerades as a “mattress” in those things is horrible. So I requested 2 blankets to make it a little more cushy. I was pretty shocked that they slept just fine in them for the duration of the trip. As long as we had our magic white noise going, all was good in our world.

They also napped in them when we were at Jerry’s Grandma’s house (we were able to borrow 2 extra from a family friend but they are portable and we could have schlepped them back and forth if we had to). Again, white noise is essential.

Our hotel room was pretty cramped. But we made it work. Thankfully we’re weren’t in it much.

We put a blanket on the floor and made a baby playground for them when we were in the room, getting ready for the day.

We brought several of their favorite toys from home. I also bought two new toys for the plane ride just in case we needed some distractions. They like things that light up and sing loudly so the other passengers on the plane loved us. Hey, it’s better than omgscreamingbaby!

The flights home weren’t much different. Except our flight out was 7:00 am. And Providence isn’t as awesome as Pittsburgh and we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get through security. But we made it just fine. Jerry had Fynnlee (who slept) for the first leg and I had Greyson (who didn’t sleep). And Jerry had Greyson (who slept) for the second leg and I had Fynnlee (who didn’t sleep). Naturally.

3 thoughts on “Traveling with Twins”

  1. You’re my hero!! I can’t imagine taking mine anywhere but a car ride and Target at this point!! Good for you guys – you make it look so easy!


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