Fridays with Fynnlee

According to Facebook, I hit it out of the park with Fynn’s fur vest. I recognize that I have zero fashion sense…and I’m trying not to pass that onto my child. But according to Jerry, I’m not doing as well when it comes to Greyson. Come on! All little boys need fair isle pants!

And where fashion meets function, I picked up a bunch of these little drool bibs from Amazon. They are fabulous! Kiddos are drooling buckets at the moment and these bibs have a nice, thick fleecy back to them. They’re really absorbent. And they look cute too!

So what’s new with my pretty Squish? Well, we’re still loving bath time. Rubber ducky is the one…

And we have some other fun little floating toys to play with.

Seriously, these kids are so happy now during baths. I’ve been laying them down (I support their head) to rinse their hair and Fynnlee kicks her feet like crazy! I’m dying to get to the pool with these Nuggets. 3 Weeks until we’re in Florida!!

I can’t even with those cheeks.

And while I’m posting half-naked baby shots…how is this for a modern day baby on a bear skin rug photo?!  She legit poses for pictures. Miss Mariann has taught her well.

Speaking of Miss Mariann (I’m just nailing these segues today, aren’t I?)…I had my very first “parent/teacher conference” this week! I know, right? At eight months. But I think it’s fantastic. I feel like I have a great line of communication with our teachers, but it doesn’t hurt to sit down and just chat about what is going on with my babies. And I really value their opinions so it was good to get some feedback. Because sometimes you just need a pat on the back and someone (other than your family…who are obligated) to tell you you’re doing something right.

So Miss Fynnlee Ann:
* She is social. She really enjoys playing with the other kids.
* She can be a bit possessive. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. . But she is not mean and is easily redirected.
* She is a bit stubborn. She will do things when she wants to do them and not a minute sooner. Which is why she hasn’t started crawling. She hasn’t figured out how it will benefit her. (And when she does, lord help us.)
* She has excellent fine motor skills.
* She is exceptionally loveable. She’s very affectionate. She takes to strangers well and hasn’t shown too many signs of stranger danger
* The mirror is her BFF. When she in a mood, she snaps out of it if you plop her in front of a mirror.
* She’s on a good nap schedule. It’s probably time to tweak her food a bit and get her on a 3 solid meals a day schedule. I need to keep trying to introduce textures and finger foods.

We will probably transition her to a Toddlers class (NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO !!) mid to late May. She doesn’t need to be walking but she needs to be interested in walking. They will not separate her and Greyson until they are at least 4 as transitioning from one class to another is very hard on the kids.

I think that’s it. In a nutshell, she’s perfect. But we already knew that.

I also recently found out that Fynnlee rarely sports her big bows anymore…because she pulls them off. And eats them. {{sigh}}

It was a fun school week playing with toys.

And making snowflake pictures with cookie cutters

She stacked cups

And painted with glitter. Mmmmmm, glitter.

Now it’s FriYAY and we have a jam packed weekend. Go STEELERS!!

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