Tuesdays with Greyson

Yes it’s Wednesday. I know. I kinda took last week off from the ole blog. I was recovering from my vacation! I’ll have a post up this week all about our trip to Florida once I sort though the 892 pictures I took.

But today it’s all about our favorite love bug. Mr. Greyson Paul is hitting a bit of a sleep regression this week. Two nights of 1:30-4 am wakings = two exhausted parents. I’m not sure what is going on. His 6th tooth poked through over the weekend so maybe that’s contributing to it but mostly he’s just awake. I hold him in the chair and sing “ABCD” 97 times and he just stares at me and grabs my nose.  Then I put him back in the crib and he crunts (that’s Greyson’s famous 1/2 cry, 1/2 grunt sound).

Let’s just hope it’s short lived.

I’ll admit I love holding my sleeping baby…but prefer it happens in the afternoon

img_1746 img_1745

In other Greyson news, we’ve graduated to some finger foods pretty successfully. Favorites are blueberries, peas, sweet potatoes, pear, pasta, watermelon and Grandma Soscia’s meatballs. Not a fan of broccoli, carrots, chicken, turkey or mashed potatoes.

(I know this is Greyson’s day but I thought I might share how many finger foods Fynnlee is enjoying these days. Her tray is full of them. The frog doesn’t count.)

Little man is also starting to pull himself up on things.

This toy bin at school is the perfect height to grab. He’s also using me as his own human jungle gym. Which is pretty cute. As long as Fynn isn’t trying to do the same thing.

Getting back to school was super fun!  We had some snow in the ‘burgh and the kids got to explore it indoors.  G.P. loves anything cold.

Painting on a tray was a huge hit!

He loves to bang on the tray like a drum (I’m telling ya…we have a little Dave Grohl on our hands)

This is one of his favorite toys…you press on the top and it spins!

And my little lovebug made valentines with cookie cutters.

Happy Hump Day!

1 thought on “Tuesdays with Greyson”

  1. So glad you are up and writing again! Your followers down here are missing your blogs! Then the questions come to me!!! Hope the sleep thing is short lived!
    L. aka Grandma Soscia


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