Tuesdays with Greyson 

Not to be outdone by his big sister, Greyson decided to show off his skills for his teachers this week.

Hey Miss Mariann…watch this!”

That’s right. I’m a big kid now” He’s so proud of himself. His Mom is so proud too.

These two little maniacs are in love with this Baby Einstein activity table. (Sidenote: Don’t put the legs on this thing until your kids are standing unassisted. They don’t come off once attached #foundoutthehardway). We keep it hidden for emergencies (i.e. when we need 10 minutes to relax) and when we bring it out, their eyes light up!

Such busy little bodies…

This little table it pretty cool. It talks in English, Spanish and French and the kids are learning about all kinds of instruments.

And it teaches them numbers and colors. Baby Einstein is a genius.

Speaking of geniuses…this kiddo had a great week at school last week. He loved PJ day!

He made some beautiful art with beads

and put flower petals on sticky paper.

Heart sponges make beautiful pictures

And reading books is his favorite!

Turning the pages is fun…but books make awesome drums!  (This picture is the epitome of Greyson!)

Looking forward to another great week!

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