Fynnlee, Greyson

Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 10 months

So yeah, the kids are 10 months old and doing great and in 2 months they’ll be a year old and I’m totally fine with them growing up so quickly and soon they’ll be going away to college and won’t need me anymore and I can’t stop this run on sentence because if I do I will burst into tears.

Can I just mention how difficult it is to take these pictures now?! Good grief! Not so much with Greyson, because he’s my little angel and thinks I’m really funny. All I have to do it make race car sounds or snort like a pig and I have his full, giggly attention.

But this one. This little blur that is Non. Stop. these days. She’s making things pretty difficult.

Oh she also thinks I’m funny. But her response is to squeal and flail herself all over the joint.

And now that she can sit up? Quickly, I might add? She sees no need to lie sweetly on the blanket for her photo op.

I guess Greyson has his crazy moments too.

These little turkeys sure keep me on my toes.

Fynnlee Ann

Unofficial Weight: 23.5 lbs
Size 4 diapers
Burning through the last of our 9 month clothes…12 month fit her best.

* has 5 teeth. two on top and 3 on the bottom. GAH…I die over baby teeth.
* She claps! It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.
* is a crawling machine. She’s a maniac. Leave her alone for 3 seconds and she’s in the dog’s water dish.
* can move from her belly to sitting. And loves to do it over and over again so she spins around the room. She looks like she’s breakdancing.
* will take lots of steps if you hold onto her hands. Once she gathers her balance, it’s all over.
* has started to cry when I walk out of a room. Part of me loves it. Part of me hates it. Most of me just runs over and picks her up. #shewontbelittleforever
* She says Dada all the time. Fine. But she said Ma last week and Jerry heard it. I don’t think she knows what either means though.

My sweet Squish is as spunky as ever. She grabs life by the horns and dives right in! Fynnlee is BUSY these days. Lots of places to go and things to do. FOMO is in full effect, more than ever. (for those of you out of the loop…Fear Of Missing Out is a big deal in Fynn’s world). She’s very indecisive these days, as well. Pick me up! Put me down! Pick me back up! Cuddle me! Stop cuddling! Scream! Giggle! Cry!…all within 30 seconds. She has become stingy with her snuggles. She will snuggle on her terms. Hug you on her terms. So when they come, I savor every second. This one makes you work for it…and I hope it always stays that way.

Greyson Paul

Unofficial Weight: 21 lbs
Size 4 diapers
9 month clothes. 9 month jams getting a little tight.

* has 6 teeth. Based on drool and sleep patterns, we’ve got a couple more coming in.
* Still not “crawling” crawling. He army crawls…and he is wicked fast.
* just started pulling himself to standing and can go from belly to sitting.
* He will shove 50 puffs in his mouth at one time if I let him.
* is obsessed with cords and strings. Obviously I’m cutting the strings off of everything & have become an eagle eye with cords.
* loves to stand up but has little interest in taking steps. His balance is getting really good though.
* favorites this month are Eskimo kisses, Old McDonald had a farm and my feet
* will turn any toy into a drum.

Greyson remains a little ray of sunshine. His days are filled with laughing and squealing and being happy 95% of the time. When he does cry, he gets my full attention because there is usually very good reason. He loves to cuddle and I take every single chance I get to snuggle him. He is still really good at occupying himself and loves to play. This child is also fearless. There is zero hesitation when approaching a new situation or object. He’s going to be our little daredevil. Jerry’s thrilled and I’m petrified. He’s also getting super ornery. Who knew!? You tell him no and he gets the most devilish look on his face and then does it anyway.


Greyson We’re still rocking the fruit veggie purees but Greyson is loving finger food. Puffs are crack. He’s really good with feeding himself and is getting annoyed with being spoon fed. He puts up with it because he has to (and loves to eat). At school, he is getting a taste of whatever they serve for lunch. He doesn’t eat it all but they encourage him to try. He loves yogurt and I just buy the big container of the plain, whole milk stuff and mix some puree in.

Fynnlee It’s baby steps with my favorite girl. She will open wide now and let you put a puff/yogurt melt/banana in her mouth. But then she laughs & spits it right out. She’s not gagging (or vomiting) so that’s major progress as far as I’m concerned. There aren’t too many foods that she doesn’t like. I thought I ruined their taste buds by adding fruit to pretty much all of their veggies early on. But she sucks down a spinach/pea/broccoli puree (that tastes like grass) in 2 seconds.

What’s missing this month is the spitting up. I’m not sure if it started last month or this month, but spitting up formula is a rare occurance. And when it happens, it’s a very small amount. They’re still drooling like St. Bernards…but I’m happy the spit up train has left the station!


Ok, the last 3 or 4 days have been a total shit show in the sleep department. One or both kids have been waking up…and staying up for over an hour…between 1 and 2 and then getting back up between 4-4:30. It hasn’t been pretty. I’m hoping it’s teething and perhaps a growth spurt. Pray for us!

But for most of the month, it’s been sleep by 6:30…up at 4:44. Pretty much every day (thank you fitbit sleep tracker.) And if anyone wants to give me crap about going to bed at 8:30, come on over and take the morning shift. Seriously, who can complain about their kiddos sleeping 10+ hours over night? Without waking up? I think I’m exhausted and then I get over myself. We have it pretty good! There were a few nights where Greyson was getting up a lot. And now Fynnlee has been hitting a salty streak of waking up screaming. Baby teeth are the cutest once they pop through…but while they’re coming in, HOLY GEEZ. They suck! I’m hoping once daylight savings time hits in a few weeks, we’ll get to keep them up until 7:30 and they will sleep until 5:44 (please please please please please). Fingers crossed.

Naps are unpredictable. On the weekends we generally get a good one hour nap in the morning and then another one to two hour car nap while we’re running around. At school, Greyson takes a good 1-1.5 hour snooze in the am and then another one in the afternoon. Fynnlee has recently decided that it’s way more fun to play all morning than to sleep. So she’s down to one nap around 2ish. Her teachers say she’s not fussy or cranky so we’re going with it. Once they transition to the toddler room (I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!) , they will only have one nap after lunch so she’s a little ahead of the curve.


I got nothin.

Helmet Update

We have a graduate!

The kids had their final scan at Union Prosthetics and a follow up evaluation at Children’s Hospital yesterday. Fynnlee’s growth was pretty much perfect and she was discharged from their care. The helmet is being replaced with new headgear!

The progress is pretty impressive. I’ve very happy with our decision to have her treated with the helmet. It really was no big deal to her and I’m pretty sure she’ll be happy with our decision too, one day.

Greyson still needs to wear his for another month or two (or three). They are very pleased with his progress and it’s so much better than it was. But the variation is still outside of the “acceptable” range so they feel he would benefit from additional time. He could care less.


So that’s what’s going on with our Beans. Things are so crazy/wild/awesome these days. New skills are popping up every time I turn around. It’s fascinating to watch them learn and grow. When I look back to where they were 4, 5, 6 months ago, it’s insane. I am so unbelievably proud of these two…I’m so lucky to have them in my life and look forward to every new adventure.

5 thoughts on “Life with Greyson and Fynnlee – 10 months”

  1. I can’t even believe how big they are. 10 months?! Crazy. Fynnlee’s head looks amazing. Definite transformation! I love seeing her in that little headband! And if it makes you feel any better, I’m usually in bed by 8.


  2. Beautiful!!! I love that Fynnlee is indecisive just like her mama. They are both adorable. The helmets are so amazing; just look how much helped Fynn! Miss you all! xoxo


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